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@tophatlass I’m suddenly interested in the feral 76 AU, for reasons relating to the fact that I’m researching psychological conditioning, have wrote a few dissertations, and am interested what could invoke that state to begin with because neuroscience is COOL and I’m really really passionate about this kind of thing!!! So! Talking about brainwashing, with real science! Because theoretically, yes, it is possible. But it’s long to do, and even longer to reverse, in fact a victim of that kind of shit would definitely never recover in the full sense. There’s just too much damage that would be done in the process of turning them into a feral killing machine that still had the psychological complexity to problem solve and be effective, but here’s some theory.

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anonymous asked:

I want to go into medicine but I'm lazy any tips on how to balance studying and being proactive with just having a lazy personality?

Not everyone who pursues medicine is a near-feral competition machine who mainlines caffeine into their femoral artery and would draw a rusty blade across their mother’s throat for an acceptance letter into med school. We got our fair share of personalities and attitudes.

That said, people who call themselves slow, laid-back, chill, easygoing get into med school.

But. A lazy person never gets into med school. Laziness, by the dictionary definition, is  “averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion.”

And getting into med school, as well as pursuing a career in medicine, is all about work. Don’t confuse ‘cushy’ doctors like dermatologists, ENT, ophthamologists with laziness. No matter the specialty, all of us work hard and play hard.

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Doesn’t mean that lazy doctors don’t exist. I know lazy doctors. They do minimal amounts of work, have a poor reputation amongst peers and patients who know them to be lazy, and endanger patient lives with sloppy work. 

The moral of the story is: 

You can be laidback. You can be a relaxed person.

But medicine demands dedication and passion, the vulnerability to try at something difficult, knowing that you may not succeed. And there’s no other way to make that happen without working hard and getting out of your comfort zone. 

Don’t be lazy about anything that is important to you. Work and fight for it!