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Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel where there is no pre-existing totalitarian government. Where there is no nuclear war that wiped everything out and the descendants are forced to live in a dangerous urban radiation filled landscape. Where there is no class system based government that separates people based on personality traits.  

Instead, imagine a novel that starts off with the world slowly descending into madness. Where governments across the world are collapsing and pure anarchy is running wild. Where there is no laws or structures at all, and its pretty much a free for all. 

And instead of a plucky main character who is the ultimate chosen one and is destined to overthrow the system, there is just a bunch of street kids. 

Street kids who grew up in this lawless world and witnessed countless atrocities. Street kids who are becoming fed up with this survival of the fittest bullshit and set off on a journey to change everything. 

Street kids, who everybody thought would amount to nothing, begin to plan and establish a new government.  A tougher, militarized government, one that restricts people because at this point people are acting more like feral savages. The street kids gain followers and establish their version of a proper society, one with laws and harsh punishment. The street kids mold their chaotic and violent world into a neater and ordered one. And throughout the years, the government seems to be working. And if people are protesting about their lack of rights, well hey what can you do about it? After all it is for the greater good. And the street kids rule with a iron fist, until years later a plucky brunette heroine dares to challenge them and leads a revolution that sends their hard work crashing down.  

And as they stand in the rubble of their established society, with nooses around their necks, and the shouts of relief and happiness from the people who are elated to see the brutal dictators executed for all their crimes against humanity. The street kids make eye contact with the elated heroine who is basking in the glow of the rebellion. And the street kids are no longer kids but adults who only wanted to make a better world. And they tell the heroine to enjoy the praise and the power for now because it won’t be too long before some one else comes along and destroys everything with one touch. 

Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel that fully reveals the origins of a government and it’s founders.  

Found this on Max’s Character page on TV Tropes.

Apparently, the actress playing Cheedo was only 14 when filming began! I guess the same thing goes for Cheedo herself in-universe, considering what TV Tropes has to say about how Max treats her compared to everyone else.

And hey, this is the same guy who lost his own kid; in Road Warrior, he bonded with the Feral Kid, and in Beyond Thunderdome, he clearly hesitated punching Savannah in the face. 

In fact, it reminds me of Kill Bill, Vol. 1, where, after losing her unborn baby, The Bride does not kill Vernita’s daughter (even after saying that she would), she spares the youngest of the Crazy 88s by just slicing off his sword & giving him one hell of a spanking, and simply tells the 17-year-old Gogo to walk away before they engage in battle.

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I have a character who did not have much interaction with others during her childhood. Would this have any lasting effects on her?

Being around other people is CRITICAL for a child’s development.

Okay. So I’m going to talk about two levels of isolation here.

The first level is going to be the Romanian Orphanage level of neglect.

The backstory is a bit complicated, but the upshot is that Romania suddenly had a hell of a lot of unwanted children, most of which had to be raised in institutional orphanages. There were not enough caregivers for the amount of children they had to deal with.

So what ended up happening is that babies were left in their cribs, 24/7, and fed and changed on a strict schedule. The babies learned not to cry, because it didn’t make a caregiver come running any faster. They didn’t have toys; all they could do is stare at their hands or the ceiling.

That lack of stimulation was found to have pretty significantly negative effects as the kids grew up. These kids are often physically stunted – they’re not as big as they should be for their age. Their brains are often actually physically smaller. They have lower IQs. They struggle with language. They also have problems with attachment.

Things do start to get better if the character is put into a foster home quickly, but they may still have emotional and psychological problems (there are some links below for further research).

Now. The other level of isolation I’m going to talk about is, for lack of a better term, the horror stories. These are children who were raised in extreme isolation by severely abusive caretakers, if they had caretakers at all.

Most children who are completely isolated or severely deprived of interaction have not learned, or have extreme difficulties with, language.

They also have difficulty with basic motor skills. There’s something in our brain called “mirror neurons.” @scriptbrainscientist will be able to elaborate more, but basically it boils down to “Monkey see, monkey do.” We learn how to do things because we mimic the behaviors of people around us. If there’s no one around the character, they won’t know how to do things. The character won’t know how to put on clothes or tie their shoes. They won’t know how to use a fork or knife. They may not even know how to walk.

Even if the character does have some social interaction, if they are mostly isolated, the level of interaction they get isn’t enough to foster normal development.

Now. That’s not to say that the character won’t ever be able to develop language and learn those skills. This kind of thing is not seen often enough for psychologists to make that kind of a conclusion. But every report we’ve seen so far says that feral or isolated kids never reach the level of functioning of same-age peers.

The best-studied case of a child being raised in isolation is that of a girl who was nicknamed “Genie.” 

I’m putting the rest of this post under the jump because what was done to her is nothing short of horrific.

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Listen, guys, I see a LOT of misconceptions going around clownblr right now - and it makes sense! There’s been a massive upswing in public interest! Nobody’s born with a copy of Bozoldi’s Taxonomy in their hands! But I can’t stand the thought of clowns getting hurt because of this, so here’s some quick points.

  • First of all, clowns are NOT obligate dulcivores!!!! YES, they do enjoy sugar, YES, a healthy diet should include plenty of cotton candy to give them energy to caper, but they’re still omnivores!! ALL extant clown breeds descend on some level from the Greater Fool, which feeds mostly on carrion and rodents. Post-Colombian clown husbandry leaned heavily on the sadly extinct Least Clown (and yes, “clown” was once a specific breed!), which was primarily fructivorous with a supplementary diet of natural legumes. BOTH were omnivores, though their respective environments had forced a diet shift. Modern clowns are capable of eating just about anything, and they should! They’re not well adjusted for rough fiber, so stay away from grains and greens, but next time you put a bowl of candyfloss out for your Bozo, give him a mouse too! Don’t be alarmed by the mess - clowns do like to toy with their prey.
    • THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR MIMES. Mimes are PRIMARILY carnivorous! They were never crossed with the Least Clown - you can tell by their coloration - so a mostly dulcivorous diet is terrible for them! Now, generally people don’t get a mime and feed him taffy, but mime feed is almost as bad. Mimes on dry feed need iron supplements, their blood pressure goes down, and their pelts fade until they’re just grey. Please, PLEASE give your mimes raw meat! Give your mimes live prey if at all possible - your local pet shop or shelter should be able to direct you to their feed mice. Whenever I really want to treat my Pierre chanceux I’ll get him something bigger, like a rat or a garter snake. The pellets are kind of a pain to deal with, but your mime will thank you. Silently. Because he’s a mime.
  • Mimes are NOT dangerous!!!! They can be scary before you know them, but their claws are fully retractable, and you’ll never find a more caring species. What’s DANGEROUS is mime/fool hybrids. (IMHO, any fool hybridization should be ILLEGAL. They’re wild animals! You’re combining the body mass and predatory instincts of a fool with the clown/mime’s comfort with humans - how the hell do you expect that to go?!) I GUARANTEE that whatever scary story you heard about some feral mime eating somebody’s kid was actually a hybrid.
  • Speaking of which? Don’t get a fucking fool. They’re endangered. And they’ll kill you. Get a jester if you want capering, they caper just fine and they won’t try to kill you.

Ugh, this turned into Yelling At Fool Breeders Hell Hour. But seriously, feed your clowns right. I’m gonna go see if Jacques wants to chase an invisible laser pointer.

TF High School AU

Cause I’m trash


Short kid who suddenly grew a heap over Summer holidays

Used to be a small weeny who couldn’t play sport

Now is a tall, lanky weeny who still can’t play sport

Most people think he’s annoying and obnoxious

Talks a lot in class

Has one friend (Drift)

Dies his hair outrageous colours

It’s against school rules but he somehow gets away with it

Skips class a lot because he thinks it makes him cool

Drift would too but he’s on the road to a better start and he must keep his record ‘clean’


Studies way too much

Has strict, asshole parent *cough* Tyrest *cough* who expects straight A’s and nothing less.

Probably part of a math club

And a chess club

Keeps the school rule guideline pamphlet thingy in his pocket

Follows school rules way too closely

Short af

Hasn’t grown since like fourth grade

Locker is actually neat

Name tags all of his things

Including underwear


Gets in trouble /so/ much

Lives in detention

Most teachers don’t like him

He’s a little shit

But he and Sunny have shitty parents who are in jail

They are currently living with foster parents

*cough* shitty foster parents

Always wears a red cap

Literally never seen without his red cap

No one has ever seen him without the thing on

Except maybe Sunstreaker

Red converse™


Trying to hide how actually fucking smart he is

Usually just hangs out with Sunny

Injures himself a lot cause he does reckless shit all the time

*how the twins meet ratchet and future adoptive Dad*


Gets in trouble like his brother but for different reasons

Has hella anger issues and will snap pretty easily

Not too well liked

Art is his coping mechanism

Only lets Sideswipe view his art

Hates the cafeteria

Pretty quiet

Hella antisocial

So is Sideswipe kinda but in like a destructive Louise Bob burgers kinda way

Will shove you really fuckin hard if you’re in his way in the halls

He and Sideswipe are little shits if they’re in the same class together

But they have the best time together


Recently adopted by your friendly neighbourhood spiritual Wing

Grew up on the streets and didn’t have much of an education

(Wing homeschooled him for awhile)

He used to be a feral kid who was vicious and getting into trouble with the law a lot

Wouldn’t listen to anyone

Now he’s trying to do better at this shitty public school

Has one friend (Rodimus)

Is terrible at math but he likes art and history

Tries to get Rodimus to jog with him early in the morning before school


Carries one of those Nike water bottles everywhere with him

Fan Theory: Mad Max Fury Road - Feral Kid is Max.




I have a theory that the Max we see in Mad Max: Fury Road is actually Feral Kid from Mad Max 2.

Here it goes:

Feral Kid grows up and ends up in a tribe of people that is safely hidden from the outside. He’s not the leader but among those considered leaders of the tribe. He still has no name. He learns to speak but prefers not to. The only time he ever talks is when the children successfully talk him into sitting around the fire with them and telling them of The Road Warrior. His story ends with the monologue from Mad Max 2.

Then the Old Nomad appears. It’s Max, the Gibson version, he’s about 55-60 now, injured and driving a badly damaged Interceptor. Feral and Max fix up the Interceptor together while Max heals. One day, the Old Nomad is gone, his footsteps lead back into the wasteland but he has left the Interceptor behind.

When the movie opens, we see Feral Kid staring into the wasteland because he’s preparing himself to enter the madness of the desert and find the Road Warrior. So when he’s captured it’s because he is still learning how to handle the Interceptor.

Edit: I forgot to address this the first time around but when he says “I was a cop” in the voiceover in the opening, it isn’t him repeating a fact about himself to himself for no reason. It’s a memory of something Max said to him.

Then the big moment where he says “Max. My name is Max.” he is symbolically giving himself a name and realizing that HE has become the Road Warrior.


Babyjoys? Babyjoys.

I drew the Killjoys as kids!! Here’s my origin story headcanons for them:

Jet Star: raised in a Neutral Zone Town by loving parents, who’d originally fled Bat City when he was a small child. He, like his parents, has a big heart, and is the sweetest child, doing errands and such.

Party Poison and Kobra Kid: siblings raised in the confines of Battery City, who run away in their early teens. I hc Poison as a dmab nonbinary person (they/he) who likes boys, and Kobra as a trans boy (hence, the significance of his haircut, as well as being one of many reasons they tried to escape the city). In the drawing I did, Poison’s trying to dye his hair in a Lobby bathroom, in case you’re wondering about the red stains. He’s still learning.

(When the two of them get lost alone out in the desert, Jet’s family takes them in)

Fun Ghoul: born in the Zones to Killjoy parents, but kinda neglected, until he’s eventually left out in the desert to become a feral kid for like a year. Jet Star finds him in the bushes, and asks his mom if they can take him in. Dr Death Defying, having been an actual doctor during the Helium Wars, takes Ghoul into his studio for a while, to nurse him back to health.
I imagine Ghoul’s childhood personality as being something like Laura from the film ‘Logan’: he doesn’t talk a lot, he just SHRIEKS.

Anyway, eventually they all obvs realise they’re gonna be A Squad.

they’ll be at each other’s throats again later, but for now, it’s nap time