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SanversWeek - Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

Summary:  Alex has a nerdy secret that Maggie finds out about and it leads to an entertaining evening.  
Tags: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @secretgaygentdanvers @queercapwriting @auduna-druitt @whatif-animagineblog
Author’s note: This one was incredibly fun for me to write, as I’m a huge World of Warcraft nerd myself.  Thanks to @outside-the-government both for betaing, and intentionally killing her WoW toon while I was writing so I could add what was on the death pop-up to the story, kek. 

If you would like to be added to my tag list, please send me an ask or a message! <3  (I haven’t added all of the people on my normal tag list to these fics, because I’m not sure if you guys want to be tagged for Supergirl.  Please let me know if you want to!)

             It started out casually, when Maggie started staying over more.  She’d bring her laptop, and for an hour or two in the evenings, they’d sit across from each other at the table, doing their own thing on their computers in amiable silence, occasionally playing footsie and tossing the odd comment back and forth, usually sharing some kind of snack.  

              It became a regular thing after Maggie had moved in.  Several nights a week they’d sit, their laptops back to back, doing their own things.  Neither of them really asked what the other was doing, each content to absorb themselves in their various activities.  Neither was aware that the other quickly minimized a certain window when the other walked by, or brought them food, or came anywhere near them during these times.  They both had perfected not making a sound while doing their thing, no matter how happy or frustrated they became.

              One night, Maggie was scowling darkly at her computer. Alex kept glancing at her, eyebrow raised, but Maggie never looked up.  She was typing furiously, and seemed angry, but she didn’t offer an explanation and so Alex did not ask for one.  Alex could have sworn she heard Maggie muttering “fucking noob” at one point, but thought her mind must’ve been playing tricks on her when she looked up and Maggie looked like she hadn’t even spoken.

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a fox hux fic for @heyitsemeraldorbs, i hope you like it! ✨ (also on AO3 here).

If Kylo weren’t so used to being followed around by a fox, he would’ve made more of an effort to turn around and look at the one that’s currently trailing a few steps behind him rather than thinking it’s Hux and carrying on with his walk home.

It’s only when he gets to his apartment building and turns to allow Hux to trot in first that he finds that the fox has disappeared, but having had a rough day in the office, Kylo merely shrugs, guessing that his mystical lover has some kitsune business to deal with. With Hux now on his mind, Kylo makes his way up to his top floor apartment, absently wishing that Hux would be at home and not wherever he’s ran off to.

Key in the door and a sigh on his lips, Kylo enters his apartment, only to be met with a fierce hug as soon as he’s over the threshold.

“I missed you,” Hux whispers, his bushy tail wagging back and forth quickly, his breath warm against Kylo’s cheek before he kisses it.

“Weren’t you just following me home?” Kylo asks, enamoured by Hux’s affections but confused nonetheless.

“I haven’t left the den all day,” Hux frowns. And by the mess in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, Kylo knows Hux is telling the truth. “Why?”

“There was a fox following me home. I just presumed it’d be you.”

Hux’s demeanour changes suddenly, eyes flashing with something darker and more primal. His ears flick and twitch for a moment before darting to the window in their bedroom to where there’s a stunning view of the city skyline but the fox’s sharp gaze darts to the street below, growling lowly when he obviously spots something he dislikes.

“Hux,” Kylo calls out, following him. “What’s gotten into you? It’s just another fox. It could probably just smell you all over me and wanted to know why.”

Kylo reaches out and rubs Hux’s back before kissing his cheek, ushering him away from the window and towards the bed.

“Mm. Yes. Another fox,” Hux says in a trance-like tone, eyes locked on the window despite Kylo’s efforts to get his mate’s attention.

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I was walking around the woods this morning and found this feral hog jaw. It’s a great example of algae staining and rodent gnawing on bone.
The exact same changes occur in human bones that are left outside in these same conditions, and we learned about these taphonomic changes in my forensic anthropology class. I tried to do a brief visual analysis of this similar to what I would do on human remains, just for practice. I believe this jaw was outside for at least 2-3 years based on the extreme weathering and rodent (probably squirrel) damage, and the individual was a juvenile, since the third molar had not fully erupted. Any other thoughts or observations?


she was free in the wilderness
she belonged to no man and no city

rowaelin-"dive in"

hey guys! this was requested a bit ago for me to write a fanfic on that scene in HoF, near the end, when Rowan threw Aelin in that lagoon pool? people wanted the details because that scene didn’t have many. so,,,,,,,,,,here’s my version! yes, I did change a couple details around, but hey this is fanfiction ay


Aelin snorted. “I dare you.” Rowan raised his brows, and sitting right next to her, he planted his strong hands firmly on her waist. She looked at him in mock surprise. He smirked. They sat at the edge of the miniature hot tub-they were on the chunk of land right above it. You would simply have to scoot forward and you’d fall into the murky baby blue water. Rowan didn’t think the water was hot though, and Aelin trusted him. “Are you actually going to throw me in? Or are you going to simply sit there staring because you are too afraid to do it?”

Rowan bared his teeth, lifted her slightly of the ground, still sitting himself, and launched the princess into the water. She yelped, and the small lagoon was deep enough she went under the foggy water. Aelin figured that if she went down even further, Rowan wouldn’t be able to see her. Let me finally scare him, she thought. It seemed near-impossible to do, unless she was in some sort of harm’s way.

She gripped a root when she finally swam to the bottom of the pool. Visibility was probably about 1 foot in front of her, but she was sure that there weren’t any predatory fish in here. The water actually was warm. Very warm…

Aelin found that crossing her legs, underwater, was not an easy task. She didn’t want to float up.

What was this? Nothing should be this hard, she thought.

It took less than literally five seconds for Rowan’s impact on the water to be felt.

Even underwater, Aelin smirked, showing all her teeth to the small fish that were scared and hiding.

Suddenly, an agitated, tattooed and tan face was in front of her, and hauling her out. Rowan was hugging her as he swam up. She sort of felt like a leech under him, from the way she had to hold on-gods above, he was a fast and hard swimmer.

He was holding her with one arm, a tight grip on her waist. Aelin could feel his muscles, and the solidness of his chest, this close to him. She could feel a couple of other things, too,

She couldn’t help but blush, and to conceal it, Aelin layed her head into the crook of his neck as the light on the surface of the water began shining, and untwined in her hair, creating streaks of what looked like liquid gold.

They had decided not to get out of the lagoon. It was warm, and Aelin refused to admit to herself that maybe she enjoyed being held tight in Rowan’s arms-even though they had emerged, he hadn’t let go, and both Rowan and Aelin simply lounged close in the water. She had wrapped her arms around his neck, and he had dedicated both of his arms to her hips. They stayed afloat by joined kicking power.

Now, looking into Rowan’s eyes, Aelin didn’t really know what to say. She didn’t have to say anything him, but she did think some light conversation would be nice.

Aelin gave him a quick smile. “I liked Varese. I wish i would’ve taken time to explore it.

His feral expression didn’t change. “I could take you there. We could start the journey later today if you wanted.”

She quirked a brow. “Seriously?”

Rowan quirked both.

Aelin sighed. “Maybe another time.” He nodded, sighing himself, through his nose. She rested her forehead against his, closing her eyes. Rowan studied Aelin’s calm face a moment before closing his eyes too.

Both of them were aware of each other’s wet skin, and the texture of it. Aelin dared swirling her finger in a circle on the back of his neck, and Rowan squeezed her to him a little tighter, absentmindedly. They both were basking in the moment, and angled their heads so they instead rested on the other’s shoulder.

For what felt like not long enough, they didn’t move. But Aelin had spotted a leaf-a beautiful leaf that seemed to be a mirror of what echoed in her heart.

The leaf seemed to have been inclined when the gods above crafted it. It was not one single color; no, it held streaks of all the colors representing fire. Yellow across it’s tips; red below that, orange below that, and finally, brown at the bottoms. The colors were like fingers reaching across the leaf. It was beautiful.

Aelin extended her hand, and the exquisite leaf floated down onto her palm. Rowan turned his head, so their temples touched, gazing at the leaf.

She didn’t know when, but suddenly she wasn’t looking at the leaf anymore; her eyes had found Rowan’s. Green, with a brown ring still barely visible-even this close to him. They suddenly shifted down; Aelin had the sense he was studying her mouth.

It wasn’t a lengthy amount of time before lip found lip and their noses rubbed. They turned their heads this way and that, letting teeth and tongue explore the desired territory. Rowan’s hands were massaging every inch of skin he could access, and Aelin’s gripped his face in a gesture that she would not let go.

She made the kiss pause. Aelin wanted to pull back, just for a moment, to see his reaction-Rowan looked in awe.

And more than a little bit hungry for more.


hey guys. This fanfiction, it’s now a goodbye fanfiction. think this is going to be the last fanfiction I write on tumblr-I think I’m going to switch on over to AO3/Wattpad!

so, what’s my reasoning?

first off, I’m not getting a very big response over here. And no one has ever told me what I’m doing wrong, save for one time. As much as I ADORE the praise, that can’t make me write any better. I need to know my weakpoints so I know what I need to study and practice.

I mean, you really never know-I may come back, if I decide I don’t like Wattpad/AO3. I should have a definite decision by next week what I’m going to do. But for now.

of course, when I release yet another fanfiction, I shall notify this community, as well as I do on my Instagram! I’ll simply be writing it, and publishing it, on AO3/Wattpad. I’ll let you know which one I go to, or bot. And when. Anyway…Thank you all so, so much for being so supportive and helping to motivate me, and gave me a real reason to write, a taste of the author life. The author style. I’ve loved it.

again: thank you to the moon and back, for simply giving me the time of day and night. I love you guys.

so let’s dedicate this one last fanfiction to you guys. To you, for being so supportive. To you, for taking your time to read it. To you, for leaving a like. To you, for leaving praise. To you, for leaving an ask. For you, being enthusiastic about the fics. To you, for requesting them. Thank you. It’s been amazing.

UF Papyrus can stop his feral state of his own will, his brother can’t. Though UF Papyrus won’t kill you, he can still torture you with his annoying zero damage punches. He doesn’t know better. Is a dangerous and fearful leader at first sight.

Before UF Sans changes into feral state he touches his single gold tooth out of anger. That’s an early warning for you to run away or hide. Because this guy WILL kill you when you’re not careful enough.

And he looks always tired, squinting his eyes like that. Sometimes he seems to have troubles to recognize your face. Is a cynical meanie at first sight.

Caught (in a Closet)

He has just enough time to hear their shuffle of their feet from the other room, mingling with low grunts and growls. By now he can number them in his head the way he used to be able to pick out how many people were in another room from the sounds of their voices and the heft of footsteps. Five, six, seven walkers maybe more, all headed their way.

Beth’s head had just begun to turn and her lips to part when he slides his hand over her mouth and pulls her back against his chest. She freezes like a doe caught in the sights of a hunter’s bow but only for a moment. That tension eases away, soothed by her trust in him, allowing him to draw her slowly backwards to the nearest door. He doesn’t care what room is behind that damn door as long as it’s not more walkers.

At least that’s what he thinks until he draws her back through it and shuts the door with the softest ‘snick’ of the latch only to realize that what they’ve stepped back into isn’t a room at all. It’s a closet.

He’s stuck with Beth Greene in a space so small that he wonders how it even contains both their heartbeats, if it has enough air to fill their two sets of lungs, let alone if they can even move.

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exolazarus  asked:

A chapter lost and found again. The Carnosaurs knew what that felt like. They had survived 7 thousand years completely separated from the Imperium. This separation was not without damage; what traits they had from Sanguinus had changed, becoming feral, almost Space Wolf-like. A squad of three was filled with unease, their bodies clad in armor black, orange and trimmed in red that was as red as blood in their veins. They had come to meet these brothers. They just hoped it wasn't a mistake...

The crimson transport settled on its landing gears, its engines winding down into rumbling silence. The two chapters had agreed to meet on neutral ground for the peace of mind of both parties, which suited Akil just fine. He had no idea what to expect from this meeting; he hoped for the best, but caution and wariness were deeply ingrained.

As the transport’s doors hissed open, Akil settled his emotions with a silent recitation of the lower Enumerations, then glanced over at his companion. +Ready?+ he sent telepathically to his battle-brother.

+As always,+ Zuberi returned. He was large even for an Astartes, and his Terminator armour made him even larger. He exited the transport first, moving with surprising grace despite the Terminator armour’s bulk, and scanned the area before looking back up at his brother. +Clear,+ he sent. +Though they are uneasy.+

+As are we all,+ Akil replied before exiting the transport as well. Zuberi let out a soft snort but didn’t bother replying, merely waiting for Akil to reach him before settling into place behind him.

They approached the trio of Carnosaurs at a steady pace, their hands empty and their various weapons safely holstered. Their armour was deep crimson trimmed with gold, their helmets adorned with modest nasal crests, and the crisp white eclipsed sun emblem of their chapter was emblazoned upon their left pauldrons. Winged scarabs of jade and gold graced their breastplates, white tabards hung from their belts, and armoured tomes swung from chains hung around their waists. As they approached, Akil removed his artificer armour’s helmet and mag-locked it to his belt, revealing deep green eyes, dusky olive-brown skin and short black hair that was greying at the temples. 

They came to a halt a few meters away from the waiting Carnosaurs. “Greetings and well met, cousins,” Akil said cordially, bowing slightly as he made the sign of the Aquila over his chest. “I am Akil Amari, Chapter Master of the Shadowed Suns, and this,” he gestured to the towering Terminator accompanying him, “is Zuberi, my honour guard.” Behind him, Zuberi politely inclined his still-helmeted head as he was introduced, but made no other sound or movement.

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  • an entire borzoi’s worth of hell

anonymous asked:

Ok, so your feral!hiccup AU is awesome, as is your feral!astrid AU, but have you ever thought of combining the two? Like a feral!hiccstrid AU?

So… when Valka’s taken, she’s holding onto Hiccup, and when she’s brought to the dragon nest she finds baby Astrid?

Hiccup and Astrid will likely regard each other as brother and sister (I mean, they now nursed from the same woman) and a relationship between them might not happen.  Under dragon influence, yes–you can imagine all the feral sexy times you want–but Valka would probably raise them as siblings.  (They’d also be much better travelled and meet a lot more people :)… OMG FERAL!ASTRID AND ERET HAHA)

That is, of course, assuming Valka raised them and didn’t return TWO babies home (two babies is a lot for a dragonnapped woman to take on).  Like in feral!Astrid AU, Astrid’s parents would have to be dead before Valka’s taken, and for her to deem Astrid’s uncles as negligent.  Also, with all the pressure of raising two babies, learning to live in the wild with dragons, Valka would certainly question the thought of returning to Berk and reuniting with Stoick.  If the Vikings are under the impression that dragons are taking people–babies–and eating them, then of course the war isn’t going to end any time soon!  But if they knew that dragons spared and cared for a baby… two… three people, including herself… that could really change things.