feral cat coalition


Did a hard day’s work last weekend with the Feral Cat Coalition, helping to spay/neuter 82 feral cats. (And that was a SLOW day for them! 82! Slow!)

I was at the post-anaesthesia station, so we watched the cats fall asleep in their cages, watching them for signs that they were going to vomit (in which case we’d remove them from the cage and hold them upside down, so they could vomit without choking and dying) and signs of breathing (if we didn’t see breathing we had to try to knock the breath back into them, and if it didn’t work immediately we took them to the waiting hands at the emergency table)

When they went under, or were at least incapacitated, we took them out of their cage, took their tongue out while checking for any injuries or issues, weighed them, sexed them filled out ID stickers and toe-tags, then passed them to the next station to further prep them for surgery. Assembly line style. It was very busy work, but very rewarding helping out so many cats, especially when we spotted health issues that would have gone untreated/undetected were it not for this volunteer orginization.

It was really fun getting to hold them and carry them around, knowing they were all feral but pretending they were snuggly anyway.