feral birds

Mar 31, 2017 -The flock of feral turkeys that has adopted my place as their home. This is less than half the usual flock. -taken Mar 10, 2017

Science has now proven that birds are living dinosaurs, and when the whole flock of turkeys is moving fast, they really do seem like a herd of velociraptors racing across the yard.

March came in like a lion, and instead of going out like a lamb, as the saying goes, it is roaring out like an angry lion. This last day of March the Island is under a winter storm watch tonight with freezing rain, sleet, and snow expected through tomorrow, the first day of April. Spring seems to be nowhere in sight, only hinted at by crocuses and daffodils pushing up through the cold bare ground, and the enthusiastic singing of the wild birds, who have more faith in the coming of spring than we humans do. A wild wind has been howling outside, and will continue into tomorrw, no doubt causing the canceling of the ferry. It apparently has been the coldest March here since weather records began in the late 1800’s. I can certainly attest to it having been an unusually cold, and miserable month. I am hoping a change is coming soon.

I finally finished it! 🐺🐺 I hope my mom will like it ☺ This is a mix between a wolf and a bird. That’s why he has feathers on the chest. And yes you’re right it’s a double exposure 😊well.. I tried.. ! I really love colorful and creative feathers , that’s why I drew so many of them on its head 😆 I’m currently working on another digital artwork! (Arttrade ) and I’ll upload a speedpaint of it on youtube!! I already worked 3 hours on it and not even the head is done 😂 🐺 .

References used for wolf anatomy, the bird (kingfisher) and the orchid ☺ (all real life photos, no art from others! )

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Jenny and the Ghost: She is able to stay in the church, but Jamie is not able to continue with the wedding (Claire is too strong), even for Laoghaire´s girls sake´s. I would like to read the confrontation/argue between Jamie and Jenny about his denial. „I was, I am and I ALWAYS will be Claire´s and no one else!“

Pacing through the thin branches of the thicket to the left of the kirk, Jamie ran his sweaty hands through his cropped locked, his heart pounding in time with his feet as he tried to shake that irrepressible feeling.

She had been there, Claire, her ghost hovering by his side as he’d entered the church, ready to take his vows to Laoghaire. Ashamed of his fugue like state, the same one that had led him here, he tried desperately to rid himself of the vision.

He *should* go back in there. He *should* fulfil the promise he’d made to his sister. To Marsali and Joan. But he couldn’t.

Somewhere, still, Claire lingered, the presence of her clouding his already fractured judgement.

“I canna believe you, James Fraser!” Jenny huffed, her harsh whisper cutting through the silence and pulling Jamie from his internal fumblings. “You canna–” she continued, her cheeks flushing red in anger as Jamie cut her off mid flow, a simple rise of the hand towards her face as he turn on his heel towards her.

“Dinna tell me what I can and canna do Janet Fraser!” He spat back, his own ire increasing at the -not so subtle- intonation of his sisters’ furor. “This is wrong and I willna do it, no’ for you and no’ for Laoghaire.”

“Why?” Jenny returned, stomping her foot in the detritus and placing her hands angrily on her hips. Her eyes were trained on Jamie, unyielding and unforgiving as she challenged his logic. Never one to back down, she was readied for battle, ready to win. Whatever the cost.

“Because of–”

Now it was Jenny’s turn to interrupt, her vision narrowing as she sensed the next words to fall from his lips, “…and dinna ye dare say her name, Jamie. I’ve lived wi’ you these years, I’ve seen what’s become of you in the aftermath of that horrid battle. The scars you’ve acquired that arena visible to human eyes…she…is…gone!”

Jamie’s fists clenched as the words pummelled his chest as if she’d thrown rocks directly at him. But something in her voice wavered, and in that moment Jamie kent that she’d felt something too. Something that had shaken her very own confidence in the marital proceedings she’d pushed so hard for.

“Ye saw her…you did,” he accused, seeing a flickered behind her eyes as she tried to hide whatever she’d been privy to from him. “Tell me, Jenny. And be honest now.”

His words left no room for argument and Jenny dropped her hands from her hips in acquiescence.

“Aye. I did…see her I mean.”

“Dhia,” Jamie cursed, the breath leaving his lungs in one swift gasp.

“Stood by ye in the aisle,” Jenny continued, unable to stop now she’d begun. “In a wee off-cream gown wi’ leaves on.”

“Her wedding gown,” Jamie clarified, certain now that his decision to flee had been the correct one. “She’s it for me, Jenny.” He said, his words ringing out clearly in the desolate forest surrounding them both. “It doesna matter that she’s gone, that she isna coming back and that I have to live by myself wi’ that knowledge. None of it matters because she was mine…is mine.”

Sashaying forwards, her dress catching some of the dead leaf mulch at her feet, Jenny walked towards Jamie and placed her solid warm one of his large clammy one. “Jamie, I’ll ask ye one last time to reconsider. Ye dinna have to be alone.”

“No.” He replied, his confirmation disappointing Jenny, but there was no more room for argument. “Da lived out his days wi’out mam. She was his only just as much as Claire is mine, Janet. Do ye ken that?”

“Aye,” Jenny whispered, her tone airy and light as she twined her palm with Jamie’s now, their thumbs meeting awkwardly as their pulses thrummed against one another soundlessly.

“Would ye consider anyone else if ye lost Ian?”

“I…” Jenny began, contemplating a lie and then dismissing it just as quickly, “no. I dinna think I would.”

Nodding, Jamie pulled his well-meaning sister into a hug, his arms wrapping around her waist as he sighed deeply.

Pushing herself away only a moment later, Jenny chuckled lowly as she wiped fresh tears from her eyes. “I guess I’d better go and break the bad news to her, aye?”

Dipping his head in apology, Jamie nodded, his eyes focused on his feet as he crossed his arms and burrowed his hands under his armpits, trying – in vain – to keep the anguish of Claire’s sudden memory at bay.

“Better make yerself scarce lad, ye dinna want to be close by when I do, ken?”

Parting ways, Jamie skittered off into the forest, his keen senses detecting the way to home, and to safety. In the distance, as he rounded the last of the dense underbrush, a piercing wail echoed through the highlands, Laoghaire’s feral anger chasing the birds from the trees even as far as the edges of the woods. Clenching his eyes shut, Jamie buried deep the feelings of regret as he took the reins of his horse from the pommel where he’d been tied only hours before, hoisted himself up and rode off towards Edinburgh, far away from Laoghaire’s painful wrath.

– — –

Closing the book, Claire placed her hands into her lap to still the shaking. Her heart, beating as it was, seemed to be pounding at the base of her throat, trying to make a bid for freedom as the words jumped and danced before her eyes.


Alive and so very nearly…

“Mom…” Bree clicked her fingers impatiently in front of Claire’s eyes, her voice cracking on the one word as she tried to bring her mother back into the present, “did you find it? The story?”

“N-no,” she answered, her eyes suddenly re-focusing on Brianna’s, her whisky irises trained on those vibrant blue ones. Fraser eyes. “No, darling. Sorry. I didn’t. But I’ll keep looking, promise.”

Smiling shakily, Claire placed her hand on Bree’s cheek as he daughter returned her tentative smile, nodded and left the study.

The pages of the forgotten letter had been placed haphazardly between the pages of an old storybook. Frank had obviously been in some sort of rush when hiding Reverend Wakefield’s correspondence to him and it had since been abandoned. Left for anyone to find.

“Jesus. H. Roosevelt. Christ,” she cursed, her foot tapping nervously against the plush carpet that lined the busy study.

How many times had she felt him by her side? How many times had his ghost appeared to her? And now, it seemed –though could an ancient folk tale be believe, she wondered rather belatedly– he’d had similar visions of her as well.

If what she’d read was true she only had one option. He’d waited for her, Jamie, he had declined to wed, abandoned his *duty* to that foul witch in favour of withering away on his own. But he *was* alive…

“I love you, Jamie,” Claire sighed, her eyes watering at the prospect of her next almost-silent confession. “I-I have to go back.”

Came to the conclusion that my fantasy work lacks body variety, and so I’m adding quads and feral birds to my roster.
So here is a fuzzy canid sort of quad.
I would like to make them into a fairly common race in my fantasy work.
I don’t know what sort of cultures I’d like for them to have yet.
But I think they look very cool.

I’d also like to make a note here for future me.
I want to make small, average looking birds. Almost totally lacking in humanoid traits.
They’ll be merchant folk, perfectly normal. Just very birdy.
Probably carrying around luggage far larger than themselves.

Nightblood//the violets

                                                        and feral              


                                         I have spilled birds



the sounds


                                                               of places              

I used to weave crowns for//    

The longest cat fence in the U.S. was just built on a Hawaiian volcano
The five-mile-long barrier is meant to prevent felines from preying on endangered birds.
By https://www.facebook.com/karin.jacobsonbrulliard

This is way more efficient and cost-effective than simply removing an invasive species that preys on threatened, endemic wildlife! Let’s attach tiny helmets to all the petrals next! A bell collar for every feral cat!

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Packstuck!Dave: Do you miss your Bro? What about when you were younger... was he around much?

ps!Dave:  how can i miss him when he wont go away

ps!Jade:  dave!!

ps!Dave: what

dude literally has like feral packs of birds following me around

busting into my sleeping places leaving notes

im supposed to be the bird person here dude is harshing my deal

ps!Jade:  >:(

ps!Dave: ok fine i miss him sometimes

call me old fashioned but avian stalking details just feel so impersonal

where is the human touch

where is the meaningful eye contact

where is the soul

nm its in the bird i forgot next question

when i was younger the level of stalking was comparable but there were many less feathers involved

also mostly he skipped the stalking and just stared from across the table or the campfire or inn feeding trough or wherevs

near as i can tell my mom dropped me off as a baby and bro attempted to sew me to his side in some sort of horrific abomination of tailory from that day forth

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There's literally nothing wrong with letting your cat be an outside cat. I mean as long as you don't force them into it

Indoor Cat Life Span
Cats that spend time indoors only, will have a longer life. Indoor cats are less exposed to bacteria, diseases, traffic accidents or the danger of chewing on toxic plants. Indoor cats may live between 12 and 15 years of average. However, the record age of an indoors cat is 25. This is the official record cat age that appears in the Guinness book of records, however, unofficially, some say that the record age is close to 36 years.

Outdoor Cats Life Span
Outdoor cats live less as they are exposed to viruses, bacteria, accidents and fights, which can endanger their health.
A pet that spends more time outdoors may live on average 2 to 3 years less than a cat that lives exclusively indoors. In addition, unexpected accidents may end an outdoor cat’s life at any time.
Stray and feral cats live significantly less. On average, a stray cat lives 5 years if he is in a community of cats and 2 to 3 years if he lives by himself. This is due to unbalanced nutrition and lack of veterinary treatment and vaccinations. In addition, feral cats may get killed while fighting other wild animals.
—> Source

Pros of Keeping a Cat Indoors

The first valid reason to make a cat an indoor pet is traffic.  Busy highways, roads, suburban streets and country lanes all present a life-threatening danger for cats.  One accident can be fatal or cause serious injuries.

Indoor cats are not exposed to the host of poisons that many outdoors cats encounter.  Pesticides, home garden products, car and motor products, discarded trash, spoiled foods,  poisonous plants and intentional poisonings are among the poisoning dangers for cats that roam.

Danger of contracting an infectious disease rises for the outdoor cat.  Many feline diseases including Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) are transmitted from an infected cat to another.  Cats who roam at will encounter other cats and can contract either of these fatal diseases. 

Parasites are another health issue for outdoor cats.  Fleas are prevalent through the world and can be carriers for disease.  Some diseases can be transmitted to cat owners. 

Outdoor cats face other dangers.  Dogs and wild animals such as possums and snakes often prey on cats that wander into the wrong territory.

Outdoors cats are more prone to becoming lost.  Less than 5% of cats taken to animal shelters are reclaimed by owners.  All outdoor cats should wear either safety collars with identifying information. However collars often become lost.  Microchipping is the only permanent way to identify a cat. Theft of animals to be used as lab animals, for the illegal fur trade or in satanic rites is another threat for outdoor cats.
—> Source

Do you want your cat to be able to have time outside? Try a leash and harness, or outdoor enclosure

How to help an outdoor cat adjust to being indoors

Outdoor cats kill somewhere between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds a year, and 15 billion small mammals a year. This includes threatened and endangered species.

There is no reason to let your cat outdoors. It is bad for them, bad for your wallet, and bad for the environment.