So my big projects for work finally slowed down for real after today, and I’m planning to get back into the swing of my personal projects (e.g. finish FR adopts and mail the things out to the winners and resume work on Connie) this weekend!
In the mean time I thought I’d post the skin I designed and colored up for my pretty boy Pheonyx on FR. Skins are expensive to make D’: but boy I’m so happy with the result, my boy is so pretty now <3

WELL….. This was just a doodle. But then it kinda got out of control and… yeah.

This is my baby Laika, grandaughter of my boy Pheonyx (formerly Fenyx, I changed the spelling of his name to read better.) When FR released the Feathered apparel of course I had to nab me some for this girl… Now shes a Seraph Wildclaw! 8D 

I swear mods of FR if you can see/hear me on tumbutts, PLEASE MAKE GLOWING ARCANE ORBS APPAREL. I WILL BUY THEM. I WILL BUY THEM ALL.

Today also marks my one year anniversary at my jobplace. HOORAY.