fenway stadium

Training Class

Butch winced as a recruit went flying off the mats and into the wall. The cop was leaning against the far wall of the gym, well away from where the new recruits were training. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a button up shirt, sleeves rolled up his forearms, decked out in some slick loafers.

Butch had taken to coming down to the gym when it was Nalla’s turn to train the new recruits. Having gone through her transition two years ago, she decided to take a hand in helping out with the recruits since Zsadist had put the hammer down on her going out into the field. Although the brothers verbally sympathized with her when she voiced her dissatisfaction over her father’s decision, they were secretly relieved. All of them having had a hand in raising Nalla, they knew she would be more of a distraction then any sort of asset in the field. They would be more worried about keeping her safe than the task at hand.

Nalla was dressed for class, dark gray crop pants, a matching sports bra that was covered by a hunter green tank top that set off her coloring beautifully. It was hardly a surprise she caused heart palpitations of some of the post-transitioned males, she was such a beauty, but she would never know it because all of them were smart enough to understand what kind trouble they would be asking for from the brotherhood if they approached her.

Butch gave another wince as the same recruit went flying towards the group of boys and girls that were standing at the edge of the mats watching the demonstration. All of them scattering to avoid being hit by the flying body.

“Nalla’s in a mood.” Phury said as he came to stand next to Butch. His blonde brows lifting as he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. Butch glanced at Phury, admiring his clothes  before looking back to Nalla. Phury and Butch were clothes whores so Butch appreciated the tailored slacks, button up shirt and suit jacket Phury wore so well. Not to mention that knockout lions mane of blonde, red and brown hair. The same knockout maine that Nalla had. Only hers was curlier and in a high ponytail.

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Fallout 4 New Details (UPDATED)

  • Mr. Handy’s internals have been modeled, as you can see his parts if he’s destroyed.
  • A large number  (over 1,000) of character names have been recorded, and will be spoken, including “fuckface.”
  • The dog “Dogmeat” in the game is modeled after “River,” belonging to the the Lead Level Designer.
  • Preston Garvey is the Leader of the Commonwealth Minute men. He has only five men left to lead.
  • One of the environments of the game is Diamond City, built in the ruins of Fenway Park (the stadium of the Boston Red Sox).
  • Preston Garvey can be a companion, alongside the female Piper, Dogmeat and Mr. Handy. There will be twelve different companions in the game.
  • Companions can be romanced regardless of gender (but there’s no info on whether you can romance companions that aren’t human).
  • The terminal hacking and lock picking systems are included in the game. They look similar to Fallout 3and New Vegas.
  • The strength stat will allow the player to carry more items.
  • A series of videos will be released showcasing each stat.
  • There are perks, chosen by the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menu (that looks like a poster), and you can pick one every time you level up. There are seven categories and ten rows of increasingly better perks.
  • Examples of perks are “Attack Dog” and “Intimidation.”
  • Looting works with a smaller list view that pops up and can be scrolled through.
  • More environments of the game are the town of Lexington, the Corvega power plant.
  • The laser musket reloads after each shot by cranking a lever on the side.
  • It’s possible to check out the cover of books and comics books by zooming on them and rotating the view.
  • There are battles between different NPC factions, and the player can stand back and let them kill each other, or intervene.
  • The Fallout Brotherhood power armor is back, alongside the Fat Man launcher. There are also airships. The Fat Man was used in the demo to blow up a Behemoth mutant.
  • Gore is included, and heads can be blown up.
  • Ghouls can climb through windows.
  • You can look at the Pip-boy in combat. It pauses the game.
Pietrangelo could be next to wear ‘C’

A month ago, Alex Pietrangelo took time out of his wedding preparations in hope of salvaging another dear partnership. He spent several days lobbying Blues captain David Backes to remain in St. Louis.

Pietrangelo and his wife Jayne had become extremely close with David and Kelly Backes, spending countless hours off the ice together. Backes was even in Pietrangelo’s wedding party on July 2. Pietrangelo was still in bed the morning after his rehearsal dinner when Backes called him with the news that he was headed to the Bruins.

“When those words came out of his mouth I knew it wasn’t going to be what I wanted to hear,” Pietrangelo said. “We kind of understood the situation. As much as I wanted him back, life goes on.” 

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Come watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Hiccup!

So I’m gonna do this thing on June 13th where I go to the movie theaters two hours early as Hiccup. I’ll be seeing it in iMAX (RPX) and 3D most likely at the  Regal Fenway Stadium 13 & RPX here in Boston, MA.
(the showing time is yet to be known, I’ll post that closer to the movies release.)

So if anyone is in the area, please come by hang out and watch the movie with me! 

I’m a little nervous because this will be right after a big doctors appointment and I’m hoping that I’ll be healed by then. I’ll be cutting it close but this is something that I need to do because I’ve been planning it before I even made the costume. 
Also if you plan to meet me there, you should totally let me know. :P 


Come watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 at Regal Fenway Stadium with Hiccup! <- (original post)

So I’m gonna do this thing on June 12th where I go to the movie theaters two hours early as Hiccup. I’ll be seeing it in 3D at the Regal Fenway Stadium 13 & RPX here in Boston, MA. I’ll be showing up two hours early to wait for the movies release! 

So if anyone is in the area, please come by hang out and watch the movie with me! 

please feel free to message me for any questions you may have :)

-jii @ dragonmeet.tumblr