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Bed Peace.

A/N: Since I haven’t updated for y’all yet, I figured you would enjoy a random short to hold you over until then. It took me four months to write and I’m satisfied with it. I hope y’all will be, too. Enjoy. 😊😘

P.S., WARNING: you may experience extreme Chrianna feels. 🙊😻😏

Tick, tock, tick, tock….

The clock on Robyn’s wall constantly tick-tocked back and forth. Her body decided it was time for her to wake up. She groaned softly as she ran her fingers through her long ginger hair. She rubbed her eyes and stretched as she yawned. She looked around her Los Angeles apartment before her attention went towards the clock–2:30 p.m.

She finally had a day to herself. No photoshoots, no studio time, not a thing. She grabbed her phone and logged into Twitter before sending a tweet to her 47 million followers.

@Rihanna: Finally, a day to myself. Gonna take advantage of di$

She chuckled, tickled by her tweet. She hopped out of bed and walked into the bathroom to clean herself up.

Freshly showered, free of makeup and wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, Robyn climbed up on her California King bed bed and reached in the nightstand drawer for her Swishers and weed. Didn’t take too long before she had her head back against the headboard, exhaling clouds of smoke. There was only one thing on her mind and one thing she wanted to do. Well, rather, someone she wanted to do–him.

He’d been on her mind for the longest and every time she felt the urge to call him, text him, FaceTime him, direct message him or just anything to get in contact with him, her pride wouldn’t allow her to. After that bullshit with him and his foreign exchange student and then he had the nerve to get a girl pregnant?

Every time she saw a picture with him and that little girl, it made her smile because she knew he’d make a great father. But it also hurt her that he gave away the seed meant for her to another random. That cut deeper than anyone could ever imagine. Something somewhere inside of her still didn’t sit right about that whole situation, though. But she thought it’d be best to keep her thoughts to herself.

In the eyes of the fans, she was too good for him. Too high above. She’d be a fool to go back to him. She didn’t need him or any other man. She had the fame, the money and them. Granted, that was true, but those things didn’t keep her warm at night. She wanted marriage, a family. Many men would love to take her up on that, but none of them were him.

Her fans tried their best to push her in the direction of countless men. Even trying to revive “Aubrih”. That thought alone made her laugh. While Aubrey was great to work with music and performance wise, nothing romantic ever sparked between them. He, like the fans, took the songs and performances too seriously.

Main reason she decided to keep her life a bit more private. She appreciated her fans, but too many of them thought they knew better when it was her life, not theirs. Many of them had to be too young to understand or know what it’s like to be in love. What love makes you do, how it makes you feel. How only one person can make you feel so alive, yet so dead. So happy with bliss and joy, yet so angry and frustrated.

She decided to push her pride aside and grabbed her phone, scrolling through her contacts until his name popped up. She took a deep breath and pressed his number.

She looked down at her red colored nails as the phone rang once, twice, three times, four times. Just when she was about to give up and hang the phone up…

“Hello?” His sexy VA accent rang in her ear.


“Robyn? What’s up? You ok? Something wrong?” He asked, causing her to smile at his concern.

“I’m fine. Look….are you busy?”

Chris couldn’t deny that he was a little surprised to hear from Robyn. After their last talk, he figured she was completely done and over him. From what he saw from the pictures paparazzi took of her and the pictures she posted on Instagram, it seemed like she was having the time of her life. Traveling all over the world, on every magazine cover, laughing and smoking it up with her homegirls. She seemed perfectly happy without him.

He, however, was the complete opposite. Granted, his probation being up after six long, tortuous years, being able to travel anywhere he wanted, making music, performing for his fans and of course, the visits from his daughter definitely made him happy. But he always felt like something was missing. Or rather, someone.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Robyn calling his name.

“Sorry. What was that?” He asked her.

“I said, are you busy?” She replied.

“Um, nah. I ain’t busy right now. What’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering if….you wanted to come by my place. We could smoke a little and just, you know, chill out.”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Let me put on some clothes and I’ll be right there.”

“Oh, if I interrupted anything-”

“You didn’t, Robyn. I had just got out of the shower, that’s all.”

“Oh.” She chuckled slightly, which made him smirk at her jealousy.

“I’ll be there in 15, aight?”

“Ok, see you soon. Try not to get caught by paparazzi.”

“You already know.”

He hung up and rushed upstairs to change his clothes. Putting on a pair of Polo boxers, he dressed himself in a white wifebeater, black basketball shorts and a pair of black and green Jordans. He covered his curls with a Los Angeles snapback and grabbed his keys and his phone. He covered himself in a black jacket and threw the hood over his head. Didn’t take long before he was in his car and speeding over to Robyn’s apartment.

He made sure to park his car down the street and put sunglasses over his face. Luckily, none of the paparazzi were out and his “disguise” worked for the most part. He walked inside and headed towards the elevators. He got on and pressed the button to her floor.

When he reached her door, slight feelings of nervousness  came over him. He shook his body slightly to snap out of it.

“Come on, man. This is Robyn. The woman you’ve been knowing for over ten years. Just be cool and act the way you always do.” He reminded himself.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. In a matter of seconds, Robyn opened the door looking comfortable and sexy as hell. She had her ginger colored hair in a low ponytail and he could see the nipple piercing peeking through proudly underneath her t-shirt. He had to fight the urge to stare, but all he could think about was the countless times his tongue and teeth played with the metal bar.

“You made it.” Robyn smiled.

“Told you I was.”

“Well, come on in.”

She made way for him to come inside and he walked in, unzipping his jacket and letting it slide off of him.

Robyn bit her lip as she watched Chris slide off his jacket, showing his muscular arms and his tattoos. She watched him take off his Jordans and put them aside before sitting on the comfortable, fluffy white carpet, resting his back against the couch. She snapped out of her slight trance and got comfortable on the black leather couch, laying down on her stomach. She handed the rolling paper and bag of weed to Chris for him to roll it up.

He gladly obliged and began the routine. Pretty soon, smoke filled the room and the pair were smoking it up and vibing to Robyn’s R&B playlist on her iPhone. Chris took a long pull from the blunt and French inhaled the smoke as he passed it back to Robyn. She took a long inhale and held the smoke in for a few seconds before slowly exhaling it out.

Chris even took a long pull from it and motioned Robyn to come closer. He lifted up her chin and used the pad of his thumb to part her lips slightly as he exhaled the smoke into her mouth while she inhaled it.

When they were done, Robyn put the blunt out and Chris climbed on top of her, staring down into her emerald green eyes. Robyn stared back at him, reaching for his snapback and slowly pulled it off of him, throwing it onto the floor. Her eyes brightened at the sight of the blonde tips that sat at his brown curls. He leaned down and let his lips become one with hers.

Soon, the pair were devouring each other’s lips passionately while she rubbed his curls and his hands groped and squeezed her thighs as they were wrapped around his waist. This is how it was supposed to be. Nobody trying to tear them apart, no drama, no leeches, no attention seekers, no overly nosy fans. Just them. Only them.

She sucked on his tongue softly, hearing his low groans and tugged at his wifebeater. Chris pulled away for a mere second to remove it and planted his lips against hers again. Robyn’s hands roamed all over his tattooed body. She wanted him. Needed him. Craved him.

Chris pulled her t-shirt over her head and stared in awe of her perky, perfectly round breasts, her flat stomach and the Isis tattoo adorned below her breasts. She was always perfect and amazingly beautiful to him. He lightly stroked his finger against her skin, feeling her shiver under his touch. He was amazed that after all this time, he still knew how to touch her and make her melt.

Feeling as though he’s stared long enough, he took her pierced nipple into his mouth, alternating between licks, sucks and nibbles while his other hand squeezed the other breast. Gasps of pleasure escaped from Robyn’s mouth as her fingers ran through his curls. He gently tugged at the piercing with his teeth, causing her to squeal softly.

He showed attention to the other breast while his hands moved down her body to remove her panties. He tossed them on the floor and kissed down her stomach, dipping his tongue into her navel. He grabbed her thighs, pulling her closer and bent her legs back by her head before slowly dragging his tongue up and down her slit. A loud gasp escaped from her lips and she looked up at the ceiling.

Chris flicked his tongue against her clit slowly, torturing and teasing her. A frustrated moan came from her lips and she slammed her hands against the leather couch.

“If you’re gonna eat, fucking eat.” Robyn scolded him.

She heard him chuckle and felt his lips wrap around her clit, suckling it hard and firmly. She moaned loudly and gripped his curls as she arched her back. He sucked and nibbled her clit, causing her to squirm and wiggle her body against his mouth.

She felt his tongue slide into her and dart in and out of her wet canal. Soon, his pace quickened and he rubbed her clit with his thumb while curving his tongue, licking at her g-spot.

“Ooh….fuck! Chris, right there. Don’t stop.” She begged to him.

Her eyes traveled down to her lover. Watching him become so focused in tasting her and so determined to make her come turned her on like crazy. It only took a matter of seconds before Robyn’s loud scream filled the spacious apartment and she came undone on Chris’s tongue. Breathing heavily, trying to calm down from her high, Robyn looked down into the eyes of her lover as he licked his lips of her nectar.

“Still so damn sweet.” He winked.

She blushed and pulled him closer to her before capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. They pulled apart for Robyn to help him remove his wifebeater and Chris slowly slid down his basketball shorts before letting his boxers follow suit, ending up in a small pile on the floor. She looked him up and down, drinking in the sheer perfection and sexiness that was Christopher Maurice Brown. She mentally thanked God, Mama Joyce and Clinton Brown for creating something and someone so unbelievably and unrealistically gorgeous.

From his smooth iced mocha skin that was heavily covered in tattoos. His bright chocolate brown eyes. His freckles that made him so adorable and boyish. His full, juicy, pink lips that made her own quiver–both of them. His body, which was beginning take on a more chiseled shape from his constant performing and dancing he’d been doing. Similar to how his body was in 2012. Ugh, how she wished she could have that year back. Then finally, her eyes settled on the monster between his legs, which rested against his abdomen.

The amount of orgasms, pleasurable convulsions and body draining squirting that his dick gave her…..whew. She couldn’t even keep count. All she could think about right now was how bad she needed it. Craved it.

“How bad you want this shit, Robyn?” Chris asked her.

She looked up at him. Lust, desire and need swirling in her eyes.

“You know how bad I want it.” She replied.

He shook his head, clearly not satisfied with her answer. “Nah, nah. I wanna hear you say it. How bad do you want this shit, Robyn?”

He grasped his dick in his hand and rubbed it up and down her wet center. He teased her mercilessly by just constantly slipping the tip in and out of her, enjoying the sounds of her moans and whines of frustration.

“All you gotta do is say what I wanna hear, Rihanna.” He told her.

“Don’t fucking call me Rihanna.” She warned him with narrowed eyes.

“Then tell me what I wanna fucking hear.” He demanded and tapped the tip of his dick against her clit constantly.

“I want it bad, Chris. I want it so damn bad, it hurts. I need it. Stop fucking playing with me and fuck me like you know you want to. You always talking about drowning in it, making somebody wet the bed, not stopping until 9 a.m. and how you gonna make somebody beg for it. Get to work then, nigga.” She spat, annoyed.

His eyebrows shot up and he smirked. In the blink of an eye, Chris pulled her up from the couch and turned her around. He held her arms behind her back in the prison guard position and plunged into her roughly, earning a loud moan from Robyn. He didn’t even bother taking his time. He stroked her walls hard, deep and rough–just like she liked it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ease up a little, daddy.” She begged him, trying to free her arms.

Chris scoffed obnoxiously and held her arms back tighter as he continued his pleasurably brutal pounding.

“Nah, you was talking all that shit earlier. Take this dick.”

“You’re so….fucking deeeeep, though.” She replied in a whining stutter.

“You can take it. You Bad Gal RiRi, remember?”

She turned her head towards him and narrowed her eyes again. He removed one of his hands from around one of her wrists, crossing her arms behind her back and holding them with one hand while moving his hand up to her neck, turning her head back forward. He kept a comfortably firm grip on her neck while he increased his speed.

“You know this is my pussy. No questions asked, no wondering. This is mine, you hear me?”

She nodded her head, drunk on pleasure. He released his hand from her neck only to move it into her hair, yanking it back.

“This…is…my…shit.” Chris told her through gritted teeth with each and every stab of his dick, “Let me hear you say it.”

She didn’t answer. She couldn’t. Her voice was just about stolen from her due to Chris’s unrelentless pounding. It felt too good for words. It should be a crime for this to feel so amazing.

“I told you to do something, Robyn. I suggest you obey.” He moved his hand from her hair down to her clit, rubbing it quickly and roughly.

She whined and whimpered, unable to handle the double sensations as she squirmed and wiggled against him.

“It’s your shit! Fuck, it’s yours, Christopher!”

“That’s daddy’s good girl. You gonna cum for me?” He cooed softly in her ear.


“Cum on my dick. Now, Robyn. Let big daddy feel you squirt all over him and soak his dick with your wetness.” He commanded in a deep tone.

In a matter of seconds on his command, she did just that. He held her close to his body while she convulsed violently in his arms and her juices soaked his dick and their thighs. She felt higher than a fan and the marijuana played only a small part in it. That’s just what Chris’s loving did to her. Had her feeling high and on cloud nine.

He planted sweet, loving kisses on her bare shoulder and the back of her neck. He let her arms go free and grabbed one of her hands. He kissed the back of it tenderly and sucked on one of her fingers. He turned her towards him and stared into her eyes, caressing her cheek. He leaned in and planted a slow, tender and passionate kiss upon her lips. She returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Chris laid her back on the couch, never breaking the kiss. Breezy/Thugstopher was gone. This was Christopher. Christopher Maurice. Her Christopher. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist as his lips traveled to her neck. Kissing, gently sucking and nibbling the skin lightly. He entered her once again, this time slowly and carefully. She gasped and moaned softly into his ear as he took his time and worked her body into his first orgasm and her third.

Christopher was a man that knew how to fuck and make love. She loved how he could be dominant and challenge her, but he could be loving and gentle. The bull and the fish–two complete different things that meshed together so perfectly well when it came to them.

When their wonderful session of passion and heat died down, they laid together in each other’s arms–neither wanting to leave each other. And they didn’t. They deserved this. It was nothing but them and the undeniable love they had for each other.

They could worry about everything else later. Right now, this moment was the only thing that mattered. Ironically, the perfect song filled the room from Robyn’s playlist.

Wake up, wake up, bake up

Gotta heat the vape up, let’s get faded

Gotta call your job, tell em you won’t make it

Ain’t nobody here, baby, let’s get wasted

We should just get naked

Cause I’ve been working hard and I know you be on that same shit

Every other day’s a different game that you just can’t win

I just wanna ease your mind and make you feel alright

So go head, tell ya baby mama you gon’ be with me tonight

What I am trying to say is

The love is ours to make, so we should make it

Everything else can wait

The time is ours to take, so we should take it….

1LOVE (THE SEQUEL) - Chrianna Fan Fiction: Chapter 1

Robyn POV

I was up, bright and early on this Monday morning to get my baby girl ready for her big day. I can’t believe it’s my princess’ first day of Kindergarten. Already? They grow so fast. If only she was as excited as I was..
“Reneè, come here.” I sternly stated, rolling my eyes. Any time I would look away for a second, she wanders off. She ran towards me at full force with her hands covering her face, almost knocking me over.
“Jesus!” I shouted, quickly regaining my composure.
“What’s wrong with–” I began to scold, stopping just as I heard the sniffling. I slowly got on my knees, facing my daughter.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” I questioned worriedly, gently trying to remove her hands from her face.
“You gonna move your hands so you can talk to mama?” I pouted, resting my hand on her arm. She shook her head, crashing into me even more. I opened my arms wide, giving her the warmest hug.
“I d-don’t w-w-wanna go mama.” she finally croaked, sobbing uncontrollably. I rubbed her back slowly, smothering her with kisses.
“You’re becoming a big girl now and this is what big girls have to do. You’re gonna like it baby, trust me. You’ll meet friends and have fun. It’s going be okay, okay? I love you.” I assured her, wiping her wet face with my hands. She nodded, recovering from her cry.
I moved her away from me, admiring my baby girl from afar. She looked so cute in her navy blue uniform skirt, white collared button down top with a navy blue tie, navy blue knee socks, and black school shoes. Her long, dark hair was packed in a nice bun. The only thing ruining this perfect picture was her sadness.
“Babe, bring her downstairs for breakfast! I don’t want her to be late!” Chris hollered from the kitchen. I hoisted her pink backpack unto my back, walking her downstairs.
“Good morning beautiful Princess. Why the sad face?” Chris frowned, serving her 2 small pancakes on a plate alongside eggs and two sausages. Reneè remained silent, sitting at the table.
“She doesn’t wanna go to Kindergarten.” I told him, kissing his cheek.
“Why? You’re gonna enjoy yourself. You’re a big girl now.” he reminded her, feeding her a piece of her pancakes. In the mean time, I made her a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch at school and packed a Caprisun, small bottle of water, Welch’s fruit snacks, and mini Oreos.
I heard noises and stumbling from the stairs, to look up and see my baby boy.
“Reyhan, I keep telling you to open your eyes when you’re climbing down the stairs! You can fall! It’s dangerous!” I exclaimed, zipping up Renee’s lunch bag. He groaned, clutching my leg. Every move I made, he was on my back.
“Cawwy me, Mommy.” he whined, opening his hands in front of me.
“Ever seen a 3-year old boy still wanting Mommy to carry him?” I asked. He nodded, doing an impatient dance. I gave in, carrying him while he wrapped his arms around my neck for protection.
“Good morning my love. You slept good?” I kissed him on his cheek. He nodded, closing his eyes.
“Mommy, I finish!” Reneè cried out, gulping her juice. I examined her plate, seeing just a little eggs and a half of one pancake remaining.
“You not finished.”
“Yes Mommy, I full. Where Daddy?”
“I think he went to get ready.” Her face softened and her nose was flaring.
“Don’t cry Reneè, please.” I said, cleaning up her mess.
“Mommy, where sister go?” Reyhan wondered.
“She’s going to school. She’s a big girl now.”
“I big boy. I go too?”
“Not yet.” He moaned sadly, sliding off me. He ran to the living room, pulling his sister along.
Just then, Chris jogged down the stairs with gray sweatpants, a plain with t-shirt, and white Nike Air Forces on. He found his hoodie, throwing it on.
“You’re not gonna say good morning to me? Your queen is invisible now?” I joked, seductively. He smirked and I pulled him towards me, resting my hands on his sides.
“Come here.” he whispered, using his index finger to lure my face closer to his. Our lips met and we kissed three times but it looked like once.
“Daddy! The TV not on!” Reyhan dashed in the kitchen, and we quickly disbanded.
“Your sister not even s'posed to be watching TV! Ren, come here!” Chris demanded.
“But Daddy..” she groaned, stomping to us.
“I don’t wanna hear it Ren, let’s go.” he urged, collecting her backpack from me for him to wear.
“Bye Mommy.” Renee murmured, blowing me a kiss. They walked out and I closed the door behind them.


Chris POV

After a 15 minute drive, I pulled up to the huge school building. There were  flocks of children that looked Renee’s age, dashing into the school  with their parents.
I sighed, getting out of the car to open the door for Princess. She jumped down, clutching my arm for dear life.
“You scared?” I whispered. She shook her head, but I knew she was lying.
“I be ok.” she added, entering the school with me. I dug into my pocket  to retrieve a slip the admissions office gave us when we applied. On the slip, it said her class and the name of the teacher:
              Room: 12a
              Teacher: Ms. Stewart
I scanned the door numbers as we strolled through the halls, to find her class.
“Aha!” I exclaimed to myself, standing in front of the room. The door was open and a pretty Caucasian lady in her 20s approached us.
“Hello! How are you?” she greeted excitedly.
“I’m fine, and you?”
“Good, thank you.” she smiled, extending her hand for Reneè to hold.
“She’s a little scared. She doesn’t wanna go.” I informed her, with a half smile on my face.
“Oh ok. It’s really normal. A lot of kids are terrified on their first day but as time goes on, they get accustomed to it.”
“Totally. I keep telling her that but she doesn’t wanna hear it. Do you mind if I walk her inside?”
“No, it’s fine.” I entered the spacious classroom, and made my way to the back where the cubbies were. I found her name, getting on my knees in front of her to help take off her coat. I hung her coat, then stared at her. Her head hung low and she couldn’t look me in the eye.
“Look, it’s your first day and I know you’re scared. It’ll get better, I’m telling you. Whatever happens, promise me that you’ll work to the best of your ability. We been doing those practice books all summer and you’ve improved. Remember, "b” faces the front and “d” faces the back. You have to write your capital and lowercase letters properly so the teacher can be able to tell the difference. And if you need to add or subtract, you use your fingers to help you. Ok? Behave yourself and stay from these raggedy boys. Stay away Ren. I’m proud of you and I love you so much. You’re daddy’s angel.“ I pecked her on the cheek and wrapped her in a tight embrace.
"I wuv you daddy.” she smiled.
“Can I go now?” I stood up, handing over her backpack to her. She nodded.
“It’s in your bag. Don’t eat until it’s lunch time. Make sure you’re full before you start sharing, if you decide to share.”
“Ok Daddy.” I escorted her to her table, where she sat with 3 other kids: two girls and one boy. The boy was on the other side of the table, thank God. He looked quiet so I didn’t have to worry about him. Well, you never know, ‘cause it be the ones you never expect.
“Bye baby. I love you.” I waved, leaving the class. As I left, I heard a kid whisper, “Chwis Bown!” I poked my head into the class and waved at the little boy who said it.
“Thank you Mr. Brown.” Ms. Stewart grinned.
“No problem.” I jogged to my car, speeding off to the house.

Reneè POV
“You baby. Why you need your daddy to come in here?” One of the girls at my table said. I glared at her, keeping quiet.
“That’s all the students. Ok, good morning, my name is Ms. Stewart and I’ll be your teacher.” I looked up to see this pretty white woman.
“Today, we will practice writing our letters and our numbers, have lunch, nap, and read aloud.” she explained. This sounds quite easy. Daddy and Mommy have been teaching me how to write nicely all summer long.
“I will give you your workbooks and a pencil.” she announced. I dug into my bag, getting out my own pencil to use. As Ms. Stewart handed out the books, she helped turn to the page we’d be working on. I began as soon as I got to the page, tracing the letters the best I could.

Chris POV

“I SPIDER-MAN!!!” I heard Reyhan exclaim as soon as I stepped into the house.
“What muscles you got, huh?” Robyn chuckled. Their voices were coming upstairs, from the bathroom. I shook my head with a grin, dropping my keys and phone on the table then washing my hands at the sink before joining them upstairs. As I walked up the stairs, I heard Robyn being stern with him.
“Reyhan, remove your hand from there. That’s nasty.” she commanded.
“No Mommy, it’s mine.” he protested. Reyhan is a nice and happy kid, but he can be really stubborn. I bet Robyn was telling him off for the thousandth time about the disgusting habit he has of playing with his private part.
“REYHAN.” she raised her voice. I heard splashing sounds from the tub then I saw his nude little body dash out of the bathroom and into the room him and Chanise share.
“Fuck. This little boy gets on my nerves.” I heard Robyn mumble, slowly getting up.
“Stop cursing.” I told her. She gasped when she saw me.
“Oh my, when did you come in? I didn’t hear the door.”
“Just now.”
“Oh wow, how was Ren?”
“Better.” She nodded, grabbing Reyhan’s teal Ralph Lauren towel, following behind me into the kids’ room.
“What the hell? And you’re still doing it! You’re still doing it!” she screamed. “Now, when I spank him Chris, you know why.” she turned to me, adding.
“It’s mineeee.” he sang, running to the other side of the room, all annoyed. He let go, desperately looking at me to side with him.
“Robs, he’s a child. They get really curious about what they have. Just leave him to it, that’s all.” I intervened.
“You’re encouraging him? Ok Chris, ok.” she spat, dismissing me. She went to his dresser, pulling out house clothes for him to wear.
“Oops!” he squealed, picking up the pull-up that dropped on the floor while Robyn was shuffling. He tossed it on the dresser, getting ready to go back to where he was standing but Robyn grabbed him.
“Mommy.” he groaned, twisting and turning in her hold. I shook my head, going to our home to lay down and relax. With having kids, there comes a great responsibility, especially when you have two energetic and naughty ones. Three years ago, Robyn got pregnant a little after I traveled to NYC to establish my first Black Pyramid shop over there. I was happy, especially because I’d be there this time rather than what happened with Renee. Right then and there, I knew I needed a boy. On May 15th, I received the best present I could ever ask for: Reyhan Rashad Reuben Brown. He was a little on the chubby side.. weighed more than Reneè when she was born. But he grew out it, and now, he’s skinny and barely touches his food.
Removing me from my thoughts, Reyhan jumped on the bed and climbed to sit on my chest.
“Daddy, I stay with you?”
“Of course.” I smiled, placing his hands on my face.
“Ooh, it tickle!” he chuckled.
“When sister come back?”
“You miss her?”
“Mmhm.” he nodded. Reyhan loves his sister. We had him move into her room because he couldn’t handle being alone in his room. He said he was scared and he was wetting the bed frequently. It was so much work, having to change and wash the sheets over and over again. Plus, we hated that he was really uncomfortable and moved him into hers.


Reneè POV
“It’s lunch time! Eat first and then you get to go play!” Ms. Stewart announced. This is so easy, I think I can get used to this. Today, we traced, wrote our numbers, did addition, and listen to a read aloud. The girl at my table, Bria, is making me feel so uncomfortable. Why does she keep watching me? The other people at my table are cool, but none of us have really talked. Bria is bossy and rude, I don’t know what her problem is.
I opened my lunch kit, and unwrapped the sandwich Mommy made, to eat. Mommy makes great food, even though I’m not a huge food person. Sometimes, it’s so good that I can’t help but to ask for more. I ate half of my sandwich, three of the fruit snacks, and my juice. I placed the leftovers in my lunch kit and zipped it up. Looking up for the first time after a while, I notice that Bria is still mean-mugging me. What did I do to her? All I did was come to school today.
“What? Yes? I help you?” I finally said, rolling my eyes hard.
“Don’t tawk to me.”
“Don’t wook at me. You been look-look all day.” I replied. My two classmates at the table smirked, sipping on their chocolate milk. Bria no longer answered, looking away from me.
Lunch time was over in 20 minutes. People were playing, except me. I
had nobody, so I just put my head down on the desk unto it was over.
“EWWWWWWW!!” everyone screamed. A little boy threw up on the floor. I covered my nose, trying my best not to look. Smarty pants.. He thought it would be a smart idea to jump and run around just after he had lunch.
“Oh my goodness, I’ll call the janitor.” Ms. Stewart whispered, leaving the room. I shook my head, burying the odor as best as I could. I hate seeing vomit. After the incident, the boy was sent to the nurse and no one was allowed to play. It was back to work. The teacher walked by, giving everyone a sheet of paper.
“We’re going to do an activity. I want to see where everyone is at with their spelling.” she explained.
“Uh oh!” half of the class complained. I wasn’t that good at spelling myself. I have no idea how I’ll do on this activity.
“Write from 1 to 10 on each line. So on one line, you write 1.. The next line, you write 2.. and so on.”
I understood, and did what was asked of me.
“First word I want you to spell is "SHOE”. Shh-oo.“ she slurred. I shook my pencil, thinking hard about this. I managed to write what I heard, which was:

1. sHu

"The next word is: KITE. Ch-eye-t. KITE.”
Oh my goodness, is she trying to kill us?

2. KaYt

“Spell, "BLUE”. Bl-oo. Blue.“

3. bLu

"Spell, "SING”. Sss-in-ga.“

4. senG

"Spell, "LAUGH”. Llll-aaah-ff.“ What kind of nonsense is this? What did she just say? I thought long and hard, writing the best I heard:

5. LaF

"Spell, "DOG”. Dd–aw-ga.“

6. bOg

"Spell, "CAR”. K-ah-rrr.“

7. KaRr

"Spell, "CAT”. K-ah-t.“

8. KaT

"For the last two, you will write your first and last name.” For #9, I’ll be ok but for #10, I’m not sure. I don’t pay attention.

9. ReNeE
10. BrAwnn

“I’ll give you a few seconds to finish and you’ll pass me your papers.” I glanced at my paper one last time, handing it to the teacher. After that, my head hurt. I’m more than ready to go home.
“Stand up, push in your chairs. Go to your cubby and get your things for nap time.” she instructed. I did as she said, finding a pink blankie and bed sheet that Daddy must’ve brought. I didn’t even see him carrying this. I patiently waited for my bed to come and when it did, I spread my sheet and laid down.
Once everyone settled, it was so quiet. You could hear what was going on outside. I toyed with my one my braids while putting my two middle fingers in my mouth for comfort.

The lights turned on and Ms. Stewart woke all the students up. I carefully stood up from my bed and stretched. I balled up the sheets and stuffed them into the plastic bag, and back into my cubby.
“EWWWWW!” my classmates sang in disgust. What happened this time? Another boy peed on himself. I just, what’s wrong with these kids?
“Stop it!” he complained, his eyes filling with tears because everyone was staring at him. He ran out of the class.
“Mark!” Ms. Stewart shouted, chasing after him. This is crazy.
“We didn’t even nap so long. How he pee?” I laughed, glancing up to see how said that. I saw a boy beside me, folding up his sheets.
“Hi pretty. What’s your name?” I smiled, trying to place my bed on the stack that was now formed. Daddy said not to talk to boys but it would be mean for me not to respond. How else would I make friends?
“Reneè. What your name?”
“Calvin. Let me help you.” I dropped the bed, watching him do it.
“Thank you.”
“It cool.” Ms. Stewart entered the room with Mark, telling us to wear our shoes and grab our things then stand in line to go outside and play. I wore my school shoes and shoved my sweater into my bag. I wish Daddy was here to pick up my bag. He always does.
After Ms. Stewart handled Mark, she escorted us to the playground and let us loose. I placed my belongings down, reaching for the monkey bars. I held on for a while, and when I felt ready, reached for the next one.
“Huwwy!” someone urged behind me.
“I coming!” I snapped, jumping down. I don’t like being pressured while on the monkey bars. I raced for the slide, joining the line. We started chasing after it other and it was so much fun. Who knew I would like school like this.

Robyn POV

“Don’t wear no damn sandals Chris!” I hollered from downstairs, holding Reyhan’s hand. We were all going to pick Reneè up from school, then do a little shopping after.
“Aight, I won’t.” he groaned, coming down the stairs with a fake attitude. Him and his son had on matching Jordans. I had on sandals.
“Let’s go please. I wanna get her early so we can run the necessary errands.”
“Aight, I’m coming. Sheesh.” Chris rolled his eyes, opening the door for Reyhan and I to exit.
“Reyhan, calm down. You too hyper.” He kept speaking gibberish, spinning around and making noises. Eventually, I got him to sit down in the car and put his seatbelt on.
“Mommy, where we go?”
“To get Reneè.”
“Yay Mommy! She come home too?”
“I so happy.” he cheesed, before going back to pretending he was in an action movie. I rustled his hair, stretching to peck him on his cheek.
“We eat when we get sister?”
“I just asked you if–” I began, but to be interrupted by Chris.
“You hungry, buddy?”
“Yeah dad.”
“When we pick up Ren, remind me. What you want? Chicken or burgers?”
“I 'on’t know.” he shrugged, playing with his hair.
“You know I offered him food at home.” I whispered, playfully hitting Chris.
“He either wasn’t hungry then or he didn’t want what you offered him. Besides, we’re gonna be going shopping.”
“Whatever.” I sighed, locking my fingers in his free hand, as he used his left to drive.
Moments later, our car stopped outside a clean brown building with a playground outside that kids were frolicking in. The kids looked my daughter’s age but I couldn’t see her anywhere in sight. Chris and I stepped out of the car at the same time.
“What about me, mama?!” Reyhan cried.
“Calm down baby. I’m coming for you.” I laughed, removing his seat belt and carrying him out of the car. I shut the car door, holding Reyhan’s hand. Chris, Reyhan, and I walked to the playground gate and pressed the buzzer for us to be allowed to enter. One thing that gravitated me towards this school was its superb safety. Safety and security is everything to me, especially when it comes to my kids.
The gate opened at request of the security desk and we entered to see the teacher trying to round everyone up. I checked my watch and it was 2:50.
“I see sister!” Reyhan hollered, pointing in her direction. I couldn’t see her until the rest of the kids were actually listening to the teacher and standing in the line, but she continued to play “Monkey in the Middle” with two boys and she was the monkey.
“Ha, look at your daughter Chris.” I smirked, wrapping my arm around his waist.
“I told her to stay away from boys.” he seethed.
“Oh please, leave my babygirl alone. It’s not even like that.” I defended her.
“WENAY!” Reyhan called, ready to run for her. He cannot say her name correctly to save his life. He loves his big sister so much. People are surprised that they both get along really well because they say at this age, they tend to dislike each other. That’s totally the opposite for my kids because Renee is Reyhan’s little mama. She tells him what to do and he does it.. well, sometimes.
Eventually, she got her belongings and got into the line. Parents started coming in from all directions.
“PARENTS, SIGN YOUR KIDS OUT HERE!” their teacher waved a clipboard in the air and I tapped Chris’ back for him to sign. I followed behind him, greeting the teacher.
“MOMMY!!” I heard Reneè squeal, running to me.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Ms. Stewart.”
“Hello, Ms. Stewart. How was she today?” I hope she was behaving because Reneè knows she’ll get in trouble by me if I sent her to school and instead of learning, she went to go act up.
“Very lovely. I gave them a little test to see where they’re at with their spelling and to see where I’ll need to start from with them.. and this is hers.” Ms. Stewart handed me a sheet of paper and when I saw that atrocious handwriting, it had to be my child’s.
“On the left is the words she spelled and on the right, I wrote the words she was asked to spell.” she informed me.
“Oh my..” I muttered. She got only one word correct and that was her first name. Chris was standing next to me, reading along.
“How you spell your own last name wrong?” Chris mumbled. I looked down at Renee, and she looked shook as hell.
“A lot of work needs to be done.” I said, and the three of us chuckled.
“Alright bye. Thank you.” I waved, giving Chris the paper. We settled into the car, speeding off to the nearest food joint.
“If you eating that, how you gonna eat a burger?” I stretched to watch my son, eating Renee’s leftovers.
“I could!” he insisted.
“Don’t tell me your tummy hurts later on.” I warned. I turned to look at Reneè because she was awkwardly silent.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Mommy, I tried my best. I sorry.” she burst into tears. Where’s this coming from? I never said I was angry.
“We’re not mad, baby. This was just to see where you’re at and we’ll help you. Don’t cry. How was school?” Chris explained, looking from the rear view mirror. She couldn’t answer, wiping her tears frantically. Reyhan looked on in shock and confusion.
“Did I say I was mad? I didn’t say anything Reneè, so why are you so upset? I’m not mad. Stop crying please.” I begged, drying her tears with my hands. She probably feels she failed us, but we’re not even viewing it in that light and she’s here bawling. I’m always proud of her, no matter what. It breaks my heart to see my children cry for any reason whatsoever. Oh, the struggles of parenthood..