You know what, Victoria’s Secret should be embarrassed.

Savage x Fenty proved how absolutely incredible, fun and effective an inclusive and diverse runway can be. Rihanna went out of her way to include women of every shape, size, colour, ability, sexuality, and even gender. Anyone and everyone was in the show and it proved that anyone and everyone can be a part of the world that VS has previously cornered off into ‘super skinny, sexy unattainable women’.

The show was a huge success because the lingerie and the models were both beautiful, and inspiring; they made everyone feel a part of the show, seeing someone up there who looked like them.

Instead of moving forward with the times, and bettering themselves, VS have decided that they can’t be bothered to do that, and have just decided that if they can’t have their exclusive runway then there won’t be one at all.

Even one of VS’s own angels couldn’t help but take a dig at them - Bella Hadid said in an interview that she “never felt powerful on a runway” until she modeled for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty runway show.

Rihanna’s strived to create an inclusive and attenable brand, and her runway really proved that’s not only is it perfectly possible, but is also wildly popular.

VS should have been taking notes, instead of shooting themselves in the foot. Good riddance.

Models: @ashley.india x @keishkeyz x @brown.beingg
Mua: @kimoramulan
Hair: @jesstamazing
Ph: @shaunandru