fenton phones

“Sorry, Danny Phantom can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause he’s dead.”

“Tucker, give me the phone.”

Kinda spamming art rn, LOL

This could be potential phone wallpaper

I got into the Danny Phantom Fandom kinda late (last year?) and I really love the concept behind a boy with ghost powers. He’s half dead! There’s so much to explore!

It’s a shame the show ended so early…

btw, please message me with requests and all the like. What cool AUs do you think I’d have fun drawing? Pls I have art block



Goth Princess. I love her.

I wish she kept all the accessories she picked up as part of her usual outfit. She’s good with them, and they always end up being useful to her. She’s almost never affected by ghost spells because she’s usually wearing the Fenton this or that.

She should wear the Fenton Phones, Specter Deflector, and Wrist Ray all the time. They suit her.

DP AU - The Apprentice & The Engineer (pt 1)

“That’s the last of ‘em!” Sam said, wiping her brow and charging down her blaster. She locked her Fenton Thermos and secured it to her belt with a little flip.

“Good.” said Maddie. She picked up the Infi-map where it had been dropped in battle and handed it to her son. “I think your large, fuzzy friend will be glad to have this back.”

“I think so too, but…” Danny was sure to keep the map rolled up, “I dunno. This is the fourth time someone has tried to use it for some crazy ghost scheme.”

“Well, we can’t keep it here!” Tucker’s voice rang out over the Fenton Phones from back at HQ. He had been watching the fight and operating remotely while Technus had tried to bring ancient 80′s gear back into the present, eliminate modern technology, and give rise to a nostalgic era over which he would have ruled with an iron power glove.

“It attracts way too much ghost activity to Amity Park!”

“I agree, Tuck. It wouldn’t be safe, but…”

“… But what if Frostbite and his clan’s protection isn’t enough anymore?” Jazz finished for him, also on monitor duty at HQ. She crossed her arms, deep in thought.

“What do you want to do, son?” Jack Fenton said, finally having made his way over to the field group. Danny eyed his father who had just last year lost his leg in a ghost incident. ‘I put them through enough here as it is.’ The ghost hybrid reflected privately. After another moment to collect his thoughts, Danny made his decision.

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mahimahi713  asked:

DP Headcanon: the trio has nicknames for when they tease one another. Sam is Little Miss GreenPeace, Danny is Buzzlightyear(or Invis-o-Bill) and Tucker is Geek Squad

oh my god this is great hahaha but even though Little Miss Green Peace is great I can imagine Tucker getting bored with such a long title and cutting it down to Queen Green or something stupid like that especially after the Undergrowth incident (but he’d still use the longer title for special occasions)

Danny would like Buzz Lightyear too much for it to be effective hahaha Tucker’s more likely to come up with something god awfully stupid that Danny will hate to no end… like Inviso-buzz

and Geek Squad is great until Tucker points out that in order to be a ‘squad’ there needs to be more than one person which means Sam and Danny are part of his geek squad by default, and now every time they go somewhere Tucker will lead them with a super cheesy ‘ONWARD GEEK SQUAD’ and won’t stop doing it no matter how many times the other two try to change his nickname

they probably also use these as code names on the Fenton Phones, Danny will take Inviso-Buzz over Clueless1 any day

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“Sam, no!” he begged, his voice breaking as he weighed his options.

His enemy had grabbed her from behind, locking her in a choke-hold and using her as a human shield against any of Danny’s attacks.  The ghost’s sneer made his blood boil, and he wanted to blast it clear off of his face, but he kept holding Sam precariously in front of him so that Danny couldn’t attack properly.

“If you shoot me, you shoot her,” the gravelly voice reasoned.  Then, Danny watched in panic as the ghost built up a sickening green aura around his hand and held it to her throat.  “Then again…if you don’t, I could just shoot her.”

His mind was reeling, and his usually uncanny ability to act quickly was draining with every dreaded moment. 

“Danny,” he felt an intense heat pricking at the back of his eyes when he heard her weak voice whisper his name.  “Don’t worry about me.  Stop him before he hurts anyone else.”

“Silence, girl!” the ghost spat, tightening his grip on her neck.  Danny clenched his fists harder and took a step forward on pure instinct.  He gulped dryly, panting.

“Ghostly wail, Danny,” she pleaded, her voice constricted by the hand crushing her windpipe.  ”It’s the only way.”

“Sam,” he whimpered, his own voice barely audible as he felt a stinging sensation fill his eyes.

The ghost had had enough, and as soon as Danny saw him move to strike, he knew he had no choice.  He shut his eyes, unable to watch whatever decimation he might cause, took a deep breath, and unleashed a devastating cry.

After what felt like hours, he finally devolved into a heaping mess of sobs as he fell to his knees, transforming carelessly back to his all too human counterpart.  He kept his eyes closed, unwilling to see the havoc that resulted from using his deadliest power with his best friend in line of fire.  It had been a strong attack, forceful and with purpose.  He’d had to stop the ghost.  It was going to hurt people – more people than just…


He found himself whispering the syllable over and over again, unwilling to believe what he’d just done.  He felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned instinctively away from it, hiding his tears of fury and praying that whoever – or whatever – it was would just leave him alone in the wake of his destruction.


Though the voice was soft, it startled his eyes open at last, and he turned breathlessly to gaze at the impossibility of her behind him, unscathed but for bruises around her neck.

“Sam?” he breathed.

She nodded, smiling as she reached for him.

He grabbed her a little too roughly, pulling her to him and holding the back of her head tightly.  He blinked several times, working his jaw as he fought to find words.

“How?” he managed shakily, turning to breathe in her scent and ruffle her hair only to notice something he hadn’t before.  A crooked grin spread across his face as he pulled back to look her dead in the eyes.

“The Fenton phones?” he laughed, holding her face in his hands.

She shrugged.  “Good thing they matched my outfit today.”

And he shocked them both by kissing her hard on the lips.