I talked to my uncle/3rd-best-friend about how is Danny Phantom and how is the Phandom, and this is his opinion:

About the show:

“Vlad is right. Fuck the Fenton parents.“

“Wow, they reversed the popular-girl-and-poc-character by making Paulina the most popular girl whilst the blond-white-blue-eyed is her minion.”

“Ember is hot.“

“Sam is cool. I like her.”

“This could be so cool if DC put it’s hands on it and made it officially a dark show.“

On ‘Shades of Grey’ “Wait, she canonically tortured him?!”

“The parents want WHAT?!“

“WAIT, all of his enemies know hid secret identity BUT not his parents?!”

On Danielle “Well, fucking hell, that girl is gonna grow up with a lot of traumas and seeking male aprobation. Which member of the animation staff was letting loose their own traumas?“

On Cujo “Hey, the puppy’s story is sorta cute…”

On Poindexter “Wait… did he commit suicide…?“

“This has a lot of potential for a children cartoon.”


Now, on the Phandom:

“The creator provoked a Shipps War? Didn’t he know that you can’t decide how the fans shipp?”


“Oh, forget the traumatized little girl, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“This is way too much gore for a children cartoon.“

“You are all crazy.”

“Ok, yes, this show has dark potential, but you are way too much.“

After some phanarts “Oh… what is wrong with you?”

“And you are part of all this?“ “A little part, but yeah.” “Ok, I’m paying for your therapy.“

You ask, you receive.

HDL haven’t really met their family outside of Donald and (probably) Daisy, so when they meet everyone, they soon find their favourite.

Huey loves hanging with Fenton and Gyro. They… just… you know. Nerd. After a while Gyro decides to teach him simple robotics, which turns into advanced robotics, which turns into various butler bots rolling around. Fenton and Gyro were okay with Huey going on adventures, but one time it got really dangerous and Huey almost died. Obviously they coddle him, but they mutually agree they need to protect the kid. Gyro begins building a robotic suit, with Fenton programming, that could make them strong enough to help. It’s decided that Fenton should control the suit, since any absence could be easier to explain if needed. Gyro names it after Huey’s first bot - Gizmo.

Dewey begins to stick around Launchpad. Yeah, he might not seem to be the best guy around, but Dewey thinks he’s awesome. Like, come on: chill attitude, can fly a plane, total surfer dude voice? They were meant for each other. Launchpad decides to let Dewey fly the plane after a few months, which, knowing the ducks, does Donald no favours. Dewey’s surprisingly good for a tiny duckling, and both of them are having a blast. On the ground however, Huey, Louie and Webby are applauding, Scrooge’s shouting at Launchpad to land and Mrs. Beakly’s trying to revive Donald. Dewey does eventually land, but not without showing off a little.

Louie almost immediately attatches himself to Gladstone. There’s just something that pulls them together. Maybe it’s the green, maybe it’s the laid-back attitude, maybe it’s the garden, but they get along like a house on fire. Louie mostly enjoys either going out or staying home and working on the garden; Gladstone really sees something of himself in Louie. As expected, Gladstone gets dragged off on an adventure, to Louie’s glee, but it goes severely wrong. They get stuck in a set of traps, with their prize and the exit on the other side of the room. Gladstone’s in no fit state to do anything, and no one else has the guts to try anything, until Louie has a revelation. He tells everyone he has and idea, and everyone says it’s to dangerous probably, but Gladstone realises in that moment that… he really believes in Louie. He cares for him, and thinks that he is a really able child; he buts in to let him know that, whatever he has in mind, he has completely faith in him. Before anyone can object, Louie straight up walks across the room, grabs Artefact of the Week #83, disables the traps and leaves. He later explains that he found a loophole in Gladstone’s luck: you know how his luck does what’s best for him? Louie realised that - considering that Gladstone cares for him - the best his luck could do is protect him, essentially allowing him to bORROW HIS LUCK. Later, the ducks realise this is why Donald and Scrooge haven’t died by now, Gladstone still loves them, and therefore the luck keeps them alive.

Hope these were to your tastes!


From his grades to his ghost fighting to hanging with the big time superheroes, Danny never thought he would make it.

Four long years and one big high school jump later and there he was, wearing a white robe and cap, his tassel on the right, and several cords hanging around his neck.

Danny not only was graduating, but he was in the middle of graduating at the top of his class, and as Valedictorian. He has scholarships from some of the most famous colleges in the U.S. and an internship at NASA. And the couldn’t be more happier.

As the walked up to the podium to give his Valedictorian’s Address, he looked out into the crowd.
They made sure they were easy to find. His parents in their jumpsuits. His sister in her best looking blouse and a huge, proud smile on her face. His best friends, Sam and Tucker were in white robes as well, waiting for their name to be called so they could get their diplomas.

Right behind his parents in the sea of people were the Avengers, a few of his friends from the Xavier Home, and Mr. Lancer, who has traveled all the way to New York just to see him graduate. He looked almost as proud as Jazz.

“Friends, family, and guests,” the started. He hated public speaking, but at this moment he was perfectly calm. His voice didn’t waver at all. “I would like to thank you all for coming.” He paused for a moment, scanning the crowd. Next to his dad, Logan huffed.

“Now, when they said I had to write a speach, they told me to speak from my heart. And the only way I can do that is to tell you all what I would tell myself.

In a world full of heroes, you all, the class of 2017, are the real world-changers. You are all going to go out into the world and you are going to have this great power in your hands. That power is to be whatever you want to be. A doctor. A police officer. A marine. An artist. A musician. And that is the greatest power of them all. Not super strength or metal claws or invisibility.

But with that great power comes an even greater responsibility. Use that power to lift people up and help them. And I have never seen a group of people who are more willing to do just that.

Over the years I had been mercilessly bullied. For how I look, how I sound, and how much I care. And what I would tell myself, what I have told myself, is that just because you are struggling now, it is not the end. Success comes with hardships. And all I ask of you now, graduates, is to keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. ”

He stepped down from the podium and the crowd erupted into cheers. After his address was the principle’s, then the super intendant’s, and then they all had their names called for their diplomas. Danny was third. The senior class president and vice president were before him.

It took maybe an hour to get through everybody’s names before they did the cerimonial tassel change. Caps flew through the air, and Danny didn’t know he was grinning until he realized his cheeks hurt.

There was only one way for him to move now, and that was forward.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!!!!!