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Zie/hir pronouns for my Marian Hawke, please (and they/them for Anders as far as I’m concerned).

elvhen pantheon ask meme
  • elgar'nan:have you ever sought revenge? if so, why?
  • mythal:do you prefer to be protected, or to protect?
  • falon'din:do you think about death?
  • dirthamen:what's more important; compassionate dishonesty, or brutal honesty?
  • andruil:do you have a temper? what provokes you?
  • sylaise:do you want children?
  • june:what type of art do you prefer?
  • ghilan'nain:have you ever had to flee from something/someone?
  • fen'harel:are you a very private person?

The Delinquent (Fen Nu Qing Nian) (Chang Cheh, Kuei Chih Hung, 1973)

As a narrative, The Delinquent is all over the place, bouncing from grimy, slice-of-life melodrama to heist movie to violence revenge picture all within a matter of breaths, but it feels far from uneven because it is grounded by well-crafted characterizations.  In particular, at the center of the story, there’s Wong Chung as John, the titular anti-hero.  John is not always likeable, and far from always right, his angry more than often overtakes his common sense, but he’s a compelling character to watch, coiled with rage but his anger tinged with hope,  We see him skulking through the streets of Hong Kong, not looking for trouble, but never backing away from it.  We see him fall under the spell of a powerful gangster and briefly enjoy a few moments of opulence and excess.  And we see him pushed to his absolute limit, hell bent for revenge, in scenes that are literally feverish (as he enters one room in a nightclub, it suddenly bursts into flames) in their violence and brutality.  We get a full spectrum of experiences with the character, and as such the film’s shifts in tone aren’t especially jarring, but rather grounded in the reality of John’s perspective.  Not exactly a hard hitting expose on the real lives of Hong Kong street young, but hard hitting nonetheless, both in terms hand to hand (and to stomach and face and beyond) combat, filmed primarily with a handheld camera, forsaking the elegance of period Shaw for the urgency of their more modern and low budget films, and in terms of emotional content, as John and other characters are given complex reasons for their actions.  The Delinquent comes on strong and, like it’s main character, doesn’t stop until it’s knocked you on your ass.


SO! You’ve all probably noticed the sheer number of wolf effigies in Mythal’s temple. These three are just the ones I remembered to screen cap, but one of the penitent rituals is literally covered in wolves, the statues liter the Arbor Wilds, not to mention every other Elvhen Ruin. 

I remember playing Origins and being intrigued by the fact that the Dalish placed statues of their trickster god outside the camp to ward off evil spirits. Placing a trickster in a protective role is something one doesn’t see often, and so it caught my attention. 

In Inquisition we learn that Fen’harel could be more accurately described as the God of Rebellion, rather than the God of Deception. A simple mistranslation of “God of Rebels” to “Rebel God”. 

The wolves in the Emerald Graves and Exalted Plains can be explained as the Dalish paying homage to the God of Rebellion immediately after freeing themselves from Tevinter. It’s possible that Fen’harel’s true aspect was remembered until the burning of Halamshiral, rather than lost with Arlathan.

But this temple is older. Given that Abelas and the other sentinels do not age (which means it does make sense for Abelas to refer to inquisitor Lavellan as “shemlen”, as Lavellan is a “quick child” (mortal) in comparison. It’s still rude though. But I’ll cut Abelas a break on that one, we did just sort of break into his home) it can be assumed that the temple dates to Arlathan’s time. 

And Fen’harel’s statues are bloody everywhere. 

So, what his his connection to Mythal? Mythal is the consort of Elgar’nan, yet there are comparatively few effigies of Elgar’nan in comparison. I actually didn’t see any other than the mosaic, but to be fair I couldn’t remember what his effigiy is. There are also a lot of Hart statues reminiscent of Ghili’nain (given as Ghili’nain became a God after a great injustice, this makes sense). 

Mythal is the Goddess of Justice, and there can be no Justice without willingness to Rebel (I swear, I could get into the Anders/Justice thing here,but I won’t).

anonymous asked:

So you think Fen'Harel wouldn't want to bed someone who didn't give consent? But that he would try to seduce them into it? So what do you think he feels about asexuals -is he the kinda guy that would "change your mind"?

To clarify - my version of Fen’Harel (when he’s young) enjoys a bit of a challenge. If he got the sense that someone was rebuking him and yet they were genuinely interested, he would continue to pursue. For example, if Isii had laughed off his initial attempt, giving the clear message that she wasn’t going to make it that easy for him, then he would see seducing her a bit like a game that they would continue to play. If, on the other hand, she seemed offended or said a firm “no”, then he’d drop the issue. He might still be flirtatious, but he would not openly proposition her unless something changed. If he felt he had to force her, then that means she doesn’t want him. He’d want a partner who expressed desire for him, not just a warm, attractive body to sate himself with. The fun of seduction is getting someone to give into their desire, not simply coercing them into spreading their legs. 

Which is also why he would have no interest in trying to seduce someone who was disinterested in sex altogether. He wouldn’t really see the point.

Sinnoh Champion - Cynthia

Cynthia makes her first appearance in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, where she meets up with the player at various points during their journey. She will first meet the player in Eterna City, where she will give them HM01 (Cut) when first met. In Platinum only, she will give the player a Togepi Egg after the player has defeated Gardenia and earned the Forest Badge. She is also found on Route 214 after the player has defeated Crasher Wake and received the Fen Badge. OnRoute 210, gives the player the SecretPotion to get past the Psyduck group to get to Celestic Town. After the player has cured the Psyduck, Cynthia appears again and gives the player the Old Charm to deliver to her grandmother. Later, she appears at the Pokémon League as theChampion.

In Platinum only, Cynthia also appears at the Spear Pillar once Cyrus has been dragged into theDistortion World by Giratina, and will guide the player through the said world in order to confront Giratina. During the post-game, she will appear at the Celestic Town ruins and tell the player about them.

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Cynthia makes an appearance in the Sinjoh Ruins, doing further investigation on the origins of Arceus and the creation trio. If the player has an Arceus with a fateful encounter marker, when the main character visits the Ruins of Alph, it will reveal theSinjoh Ruins. Inside, Cynthia is found, and will tell the player that Arceus will let him/her obtain a level 1 Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina. If the player returns with an Arceus caught at the Hall of Origin, which has not yet had its event item released, they will be informed she has returned to Sinnoh and the event will run without her.

In Generation V, Cynthia appears in a house in Undella Town, where she can be battled. She leaves after being defeated for the first time and afterwards reappears during spring and summer. During spring, she can be rebattled once a day. After defeating her, Shauntal and Caitlin can be seen visiting this house in the spring, and, in Black and White only, Lenora, Elesa, Iris, and Skyla visit in the summer. In Black and White, she speaks about a young Trainer who defeated her, and mentions that Trainer defeated Giratina, referring to the events of Platinum. In Black 2 and White 2, Cynthia can also be battled in the Champions Tournament at the Pokémon World Tournament.

Cynthia is very interested in mythology and history, and spends her time researching and exploring various sites associated with Legendary Pokémon of the Sinnoh region. Her family lives in Celestic Town, although her own hometown was not mentioned. She is implied to have helpedProfessor Rowan with his Pokédex and embarked on an adventure as a child, similar to the player.

akaiba replied to your post: jus some scribbles

okay… now i can’t stop thinking about randy, unpossessed anders from Awakenings meeting Fenris and being so flirty and smitten with the grumpy elf. Your art is beautiful. <3

Hehe yeeeah that is srsly one of my favorite things, honestly. Overly flirty Anders and grumpy, scowly Fen being pushed too far; finally shoving him roughly against a wall to threaten him if he doesn’t stop, and Anders is just like, “Maker, yes.” and Fen just gets more scowly and blushy haha. He has no idea what to do with an Anders like that. (best if he just fucks him tho right?? Riight.) ((Also thank you, you sweet thing <<33)) 

beginnerfanartist asked:

I just realized there are TWO OF YOU! Why are there two of you!? Are you guys the same person? OR different? Mind: boggled. This is too confusing for my dead brain to handle. Which one is the REAL Ar lath ma vhenan? Are there more? How many are there?!?

HA! You mean ar-lath-ma-vhenan? Perhaps we are the same person, and yet different at the same time. Maybe I am the Fen’Harel to her Solas.

There may be many more. Different Ar lath ma vhenans, each one of us unique and yet the same. Like how Wisdom was reborn in the fade as a new spirit, and yet it was still Wisdom. Or how there are many forms of the same spirit, all serving the same purpose despite different entities.

We are all here to make Solas posts and reblog Dragon Age stuff while we are stuck in Solavellan hell.

But no seriously, we’re different people. The similar URL was a coincidence and tbh it’s the initial reason I followed her and why she followed me back! Her blog is amazing!

I’ve thought about changing my URL because of the similarity, but I’ve grown so attached to it now.