Schooling Pride

Explicit rating for smut, language, violence, some blood, and general youthful stupidity.  Incomplete, in progress.

Ellie Lavellan’s somehow ended up at Haine, a top-tier university that she’s underqualified for and uninterested in. But what’s she gonna do? A full-ride scholarship to arguably the best school in Thedas isn’t something that comes up every day. She’s there with a cadre of other Dalish Firsts and excellent students, out of place even among them. She never really wanted to be here, and she’s a fish out of water on every front, it feels like…

And then she meets the biggest asshole she’s ever seen in her life.

Solas, Fen'harel, whatever he feels like calling himself, she knows what he is no matter what name he’s going by. An entitled law school fratboy nightmare with a stick up his ass and a family from hell itself. She can’t stand him, and the feeling is mutual.

Too bad they can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other.

Full Fic @AO3

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Western Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

I can tell my plant identification skills are getting slightly better, because I took one look at these flowers covering an open area in the nearby wetland, and thought “that’s an orchid!” I couldn’t tell you why, exactly, I knew (I’m not a botanist, after all): I didn’t count sepals and categorise the leaf arrangement. Rather, it was the gestalt image of the plant that was so morphologically familiar.

A look in one of my books on Danish flora revealed it to be the a rather common temperate-zone species, locally-called Majgøgeurt. Growing in nitrogen-poor habitats like fens and marshes, these orchids are vulnerable to agricultural runoff.

This species hybridises within and without it’s genus, so my classification of the species is more of an approximation than a certainty.

As with many orchids, they require a symbiotic relationship with a root fungus, called mycorrhiza, to grow and germinate. 

Though still common as far as wild orchids go, they are protected, as they are part of a threatened habitat, and a good indicator species.