For @damnedapostate ☺️ Breathtaking Kiss with Fenders~ hope you like it!


They weren’t sure how exactly it ended up like this. Chest to chest, one hand on a cheek, another on a neck, and the other two holding on for dear life with lips a breath apart. They were panting, both of them, bloodied from the battle with every moment before replaying over and over in their heads. Their eyes met, and it was like they finally saw each other.

It was only moments before that Anders noticed a rogue sneaking up behind Fenris, happened to notice the shiftiness of shadows and the glint of the dagger. His casting was quicker, it had to be, and he threw a protective shield that blew the rogue back.

Once Fenris killed the warrior in front of him, he turned, frowning, only to find Anders locked in a battle with the rogue, throwing spell after spell. Lightning, fire, ice, and the rogue was dancing all around them and getting increasingly closer and closer to Anders.

Knowing the mage would be useless close range, and since it was right at that point, Fenris moved quickly, making up his mind to thank Anders for the save by felling the rogue with a hand through his back.

The battle was dwindling around them as the rogue falls to the ground, and Fenris was met with Anders staring at him, eyes wide and frantic. Neither of them were sure who moved first, but within a second, they were pressed against one another with hands fisted in robes and tunic and breath mingling between lips as they kissed, desperate and relieved.

It was all the words they could never bring themselves to say, all the pride they both held dwindling, and all the pent up tension finally breaking through. It was mindless, and it felt like it lasted for an eternity, but when they finally broke apart, it wasn’t long enough.

When green eyes met amber, there was no longer any hate, no contempt, no frustration, only awe at themselves and the other. It almost didn’t feel real, but the way their lips tingled and their hands ached with how hard they gripped the other, as if they would break away and run without a look back, they knew it was real. It did happen.

And after several long, silent moments of understanding, their lips met once again.