Desert Foxes

The Desert Foxes actually refer to a collective subspecies of Ninetails and Delphox that have lived very closely over the years.


Live up to 1200 years if evolved. If not evolved, vulpix only live to about 50 or so

have larger ears, typically swirled fur on the inside of them.

fur is generally lighter/brighter in tone.

Drought ability is much more common

Highly skilled in both fire and psychic abilities

The ‘tail hands’ are made and maintained from psychic power. they draw off the fox’s power and are somewhat hard to maintain but get easier with age and practice. vulpix can have a max of three fingers. ninetales can have a max of four. they are very flexible and versatile, and can be strengthened by the fox putting more psychic power into them.

Vulpix are only allowed a firestone after they completely master their powers, as to avoid more destructive tendencies. they evolve right after exposure to a firestone.

in turn, vulpix learn and master their skills at an excellent rate, provided they are trained properly. Training tends to start very early due to their much shorter lifespan


live up to 900 years

Use bones of their ancestors instead of sticks. This has an effect on their skills and abilities. In addition, they also craft many bone tools to assist them in tasks.

Have lighter shorter fur coats that are more fluffy than thick

Ear fur has swirls on them.

Tail tends to split as they age, starting at braxien and will usually end up with two by the time they evolve into delphox.

Can also use the tail hands thing! they normally do not bother since they already have paw hands it is commonly used by the fennekins though!

AAaand here’s a handy dandy height chart!

Both species live in a single large and well organized clan, typically consisting of one leader, who is marked as such. this leader is traditionally the strongest fox in the entire group, and remains in power up until their death or renouncing of their title at which point there is a contest held amongst themselves to decide a new leader. Breeding between the two species is common, but outside breeding is also a thing, with there a high chance of it being a desert fox no matter the gender of the parent. child is more likely to have some attributes from the non fox parent show up.

This is a closed species unless you want to talk to me about it first! ovo But I hope you enjoyed it.