fennekin water you doing up there

For my sins I got tagged in the eleven questions meme THREE TIMES so here I am. The madness ends here, though.

Will post the other two soon but @kixboxer can’t read readmores so I’m doing hers separately

1. What is your favorite kind of soup and why?

TOMATO BISQUE CAUSE I’M FIVE AND LOVE GRILLED CHEESE except work can’t do it without somehow managing to make the milk curdle and I lift the soup lid, sigh tragically, and slump off again.

2. What’s your starter Pokémon type or do you change it up?

Going by averages probably Grass but honestly I just pick the cutest one of the three, which means I think I went Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Piplup, Snivy, Fennekin, and Rowlet. Hmm, so a tie with Grass and Fire and one Water? Honestly usually Amy picks one she really likes and I pick one of the other two?

3. Can you make an omelette?

In theory, but not like, a fancy one.

4. Would you rather be a vampiric tree or a vampire that feeds on trees?

Aren’t trees kind of vampires anyway? I guess it would be okay to be a tree vampire, if you could be a maple tree vampire, and not a pine tree vampire.

5. What are your thoughts on eels? Make some up if you don’t have any.

They’re ugly in a cute way also who among us has not yearned to create electricity and zap a motherfucker.

6. What is the longest consecutive amount of time you’ve gone without sleeping?

I feel like anywhere from thirty to forty eight hours. I was real bad in college.

7. Do you like your tea or coffee sweetened?

Depends on the tea - like a green or white tea that isn’t too strong is one thing, but I like strong black tea with sugar and milk. Coffee, nine times out of ten, I sweeten, unless it’s hospital coffee, which in my unfortunately wide experience is best just slammed down black before you taste it.

8. Are you working on any fic/art/meta right now? Share a sample?

Hmm I don’t have anything I haven’t shared lately? I don’t think I’ve posted this though:

The thing about Victor is that he always eventually gets what he wants, even if it’s stupid. Which is why Yuri is lying on his stomach reading one of the triplets’ magical girl manga from Nakayoshi and Victor is using Yuri’s ass as a pillow. Makkachin is lying across Yuri’s knees, as if Victor wants to make sure that Yuri will definitely not get up.

It should not be this comfortable.

9. What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

Any way but au gratin, which is a terrible thing to do to a potato. I’m Irish, I will eat a baked potato plain without salt or butter.

10. Have you ever planned the perfect murder? Feel free to share. I am a slubby 20something and definitely not the cops. I am definitely not a 4-person task force with something to prove.

I definitely have never plotted a murder but if I had it would definitely not hinge on planning far enough ahead to make sure Amy and I have the same hair length and matching glasses

11. How many times have you listened to yolo? Give a rough estimate if you don’t have a playcount somewhere.

At least fifty times, probably more