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I ❤️ Kyle Edwards! #theacademy #vanityfair #dci2014 #colorguard #fenixindependent


Trying to do the simplest thing… And yes I do have a bruise. #fenixindependent #rifle #tryingtorecordthenewwork #guard @cassideeanne0

Guard Contemplations

Ive marched a few places and every season I just felt called back to my highschool program. I felt like it would possibly be the only place I felt I truly fit in and I felt like a contributing member of the team. 

After one season of ASU fall, however, and the beginning of a season with Fenix Independent A, I realize that this is truly where I belong. I am being pushed to do things I never thought I could do and to be better than I thought I could be. And not only do I feel myself getting better, I feel myself wanting it again. The passion is back thanks to the staff and members and overall environment created by the FenixFam. I love you all and hope to be here for a while(: 

Long story short, Fenix Independent: 10/10 would recommend.