Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.


Fenris remembers standing in his room shortly after they met, stomach roiling before the incongruity of a mage scrubbing his floor while her brother grumbled, carrying the splintered remains of a table outside. He stormed out then, some strange alloy of shame and dread burning through him, and almost left behind whatever had been started there, in fear of the day Hawke would claim her due.
But that day never came, and when she let her mouth fall against his, he knew that it was not a test, not a game, that were he to say no, there would be no lash, no leash, no collar—but he did not want to say no, and so he took what was freely given, and took her.
And then the dreams began.

Commission done for wonderful and very patient @aban-asaara​ :)
I had a interesting task to draw Hawke and Fenris as an illustration for her story - “For What Binds Us”