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If a Chinese woman married a Japanese man, how would their surname be? I read that in China they mix their last names. For example (and im going with surname first, name last) Wei Qiang-Feng married Huei Lin-Yu, Their last names would be Wei-Yu, or Yu-Wei. However, what if, for example, Wei Qiang-Feng married Takano Ryu? Would they join their names too, or does it depend on what they want to do?

Combining Chinese Surname with Japanese Surname/Combining Chinese Surnames

We have a post on combining Chinese surnames here. These days, it’s not done so often outside those circumstances, so while it’s growing, it’s not necessarily the norm. However, if you were to combine the surnames, it would be [husband’s surname] [wife’s surname] for the wife, at least. (I’m going off of my maternal grandparents; my grandfather didn’t take my grandmother’s name. Chinese followers, feel free to comment if your experiences are otherwise.) 

Also, if you’re going with surname first, name last, the surnames you’ve given us should be either Wei-Huei or Huei-Wei. 

With Takano and Wei, it would simply depend on what they wanted, to the best of my knowledge. It’s not a requirement to combine surnames at all. 

–mod Jess