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Soooooo I finally started watching ‘Nirvana in Fire’ (LangYaBang/琅琊榜) last weekend. Only on episode 6/54 but it’s already becoming my favourite Chinese drama of all time by the looks of it (and that’s a huge statement💯). I’ve never watched a more cinematically and aesthetically exquisite piece of work. Practically all aspects are of extremely high calibre… Plus I’ve never seen so many hot guys (of all ages) in one single cast ever so I dedicate this post to them!😍😍😍😍😍

Ding Feng had a made up title, and it’s amazing.

At Lake Chao, in Wei territory, the Wu forces had built a crucial dam. However the Wei forces didn’t exactly want this… No one wants people building shit on your land. That’s just rude. 

Sima Zhao led an army to go and destroy the damn thing. Get it? Damn… dam… :) 

Zhao fielded 70,000 while Zhuge Ke marched against him with 40,000. The Wei army saw great success initially, so much so that they simply believed the Wu forces were not going to bother trying to reinforce the dam and they grew lazy. God damn millennials… That has to mean something, right?

Terrible jokes aside Ding Feng decided to Sima Yi/Zhang Liao the unsuspecting Wei army, who at this point were pretty drunk, and they were slaughtered. Many tried to flee, however Zhuge Ke arrived and even more slaughtering took place. The Wei forces fled, with many drowning in the lake. 

After this battle, Ding Feng was awarded the most fitting title in human history. 

General Who Drowns Criminals.

Now if only Zhang Liao had the title ‘General Who Scares Children’.


I love the symbolism in this scene. Kuvira is taking the power from the Earth Kingdom ruling family, which has come to stand for egregious riches and a tyrannical rule over its subjects over generations. The previous Earth King was simply a figurehead for the corruption and control of Long Feng, and with Wu’s coronation the Earth Kingdom is about to see another reign of a patsy king controlled by his advisors. Zaheer severely weakened the power of the dynasty by killing the Earth Queen: the ruling family is left with barely anything of their previous riches and its power has been severely decreased, existing only really now in the support of other world leaders like President Raiko. The Kyoshi medal of freedom is literally the last symbol of this reign (I’m assuming that it and the royal earring brooch are basically all that’s left). Kuvira is not only stripping Wu of his power with her words, but by crushing the last vestige of the dynasty’s wealth, which is even shaped like the royal family’s seal, she is effectively crushing everything the Hou-Ting dynasty unjustly valued.

Disclaimer: The three pictures in the second row are not evidence of the actual wealth of the Earth Kingdom royal family, but just something an Upper Ring citizen was wearing in Book Three. However, I feel it is pretty good representation of the sort of things the royal family would have owned, seeing as Wu mentions the “seven sacred chests of exquisite finery” and “royal pinky rings” in The Coronation.


[TRANS] Lao Pao Er Summary

The Movie Lao Pao Er/ Fading Wave tells a story of an old Beijing ‘Lao Pao Er’ (a slang which means elder punks in the streets) (Feng XiaoGang) who spends his days living peacefully. However one day, his son (Li YiFeng) gets into a dispute with ‘二环十三郎’ (Èr Huán Shi Sān Láng; it doesn’t really mean anything and is just a nickname) (Wu YiFan) who is part of the 'new generation gangsters’. When he is trying to help them out, he realizes that there is a now a new generation of 'young gangsters’ and someone like him is no longer relevant to the street scene (despite once being a legend himself).

Now alone and forgotten, he, along with his group of brothers (friends who were also street punks) decides to ditch the street scene and live their own lives quietly. But after a while, his son gets blamed for a crime that he did not commit, which angers him to no end. To save his son, he and his gang of 'lao pao ers’ decides to teach the young generation gangsters a lesson they will never forget. 

The genre of the movie is action/comedy and will be released in theaters 24th December 2015.