Not long got off the phone to Kaan. There’s a Fenerbahce VS Galatasaray match on tomorrow night, 7 till 9, and they’re taking the boys out of the army base to go and watch it at a cinema. Fenerbahce is my baby’s team so here is hoping they win! The army training sounds pretty easy to me, I could do it lol :) On the 18th, Kaan has told one of his friends he has made in the army, that he will go and collect him, then take him to the airport because he doesn’t know where it is so he can go home on his break…so I get to go with him, because obviously I’ll be there, and I’ll get to see Narildere, the place he was doing his army training for this month. Exciting times! Just can’t wait to get back with Kaan though, and he was being in such a sweet mood tonight, telling me he misses me so much and stuff like this…I mean, he does every night anyway, but normally I’ll say it first, so when Kaan says it first, I’m like aw! I love him so much! Just 11 days :D And I’ll still say it to him everyday, even though he doesn’t want me to, because now we’ve started counting down to his holiday, he feels it’s going really slowly! But it’s exciting…and I really can’t wait! :D