‘Fly me to the brink then let me play amongst the stars’

Football is cruel, yet it can give you highs that are hard to find outside of real love. This is because an allegiance to your team is love and when things go wrong you suffer, but when you ride the wave of highs you are in ecstasy.

A love affair with Arsenal is not an easy one to maintain, this beautiful entity with all this promise and class has now refused to wear make up and has started to act in a manner that is far from elegant. Just when you feel that this graceful creature you once knew is now about to embarrass you in public in what may be your greatest shame, she emerges in all her splendour and takes you from the depths of depression to a state of exaltation.

This in all it’s forms is still cruel, for when back in London and on a trip to South West London this weekend which version will present itself. She hasnt bought any new clothes, in fact all you know is that she has found something she had 5 years ago in her wardrobe. It’s better than nothing but your not sure what condition it’s in.

All you can do is hope and believe in the promises even though you have heard them all before. Perhaps she will go out and have confidence again, is it your fault for not believing in her? So many questions. Still you will stick by her and continue to ride the rough swells of emotional turmoil. Otherwise what is the alternative? Anyone for Tennis?