WIP - Elle & Nicolette’s Beach Cottage

This was redecorated in last night’s short live stream. It’ll be seen in Forever 21 before the series is over, possibly in Episode 8. Twin sisters Elle and Nicolette live here. They’re going for a “modern coastal” style.

It’s been forever since I opened my game and I feel so out of touch with decorating. *sigh* :-/


Forever 21 WIP - Coffee Shop Makeover

Makeover and expansion of a downloaded coffee shop for Episode 7. Next additions will be wall art and food/drink clutter. I can’t remember the original creator so please let me know if you recognize the lot so I can credit them. As I type this, it’s very late and I can hardly keep my eyes open and I’m queuing this. Meaning, I doubt anything I wrote was coherent.


Bloom WIP - Baranofsky Family Living Room

In 1982, Mikolaj and Edyta Baranofsky and their young daughters, Kasia and Julia, immigrated to Linton, IL from their town in Poland. Fifteen years and one son later, the Baranofskys are among Linton’s wealthiest residents. As a member of the Linton School Board, Mikolaj sees to it that his children receive nothing but the finest education, which includes the rigorous curriculum that Oak Ridge Gifted Center provides.

Julia, being the spotlight-lover that she is, couldn’t resist showing off her musical prowess in the last picture.

These photos, as usual, are completely unedited. For the first time, I’m trying in-game light rays and they’ve seriously taken my sets and decorating to a whole new level. They make interiors look so much warmer!


Coleman High aka Oak Ridge Gifted Center - 2nd Floor Photos - Part 2

[Part 1 here] These are photos of the Oak Ridge Gifted Center library, complete with older computers in keeping with the time period that the series is set. It’s still a bit of a work in progress. I’m not 100% sold on the wallpaper I used and the room needs a few more paintings. This is where Mabry and the gang will come to do research, work on projects, and plot world domination.

Threw in 2 photos of the stairwell just because.