fender jazz bass special


Appetite For Destruction (first album)
Barbie Von Grief (GN’R friend, ‘Rocket Queen’)
Civil War (last song played in AFD lineup)
Doug Goldstein (GN’R manager)
Erin Everly (Axl’s first wife)
Fender Jazz Bass Special (Duff’s longtime main bass)
Gibson Les Paul (Slash’s favourite guitars)
Hell Tour (first GN’R tour)
Indiana (U.S. state, where is placed Lafayette - Izzy’s and Axl’s hometown)
Jack Daniel’s (Slash’s favourite drink)
Knocking On Heaven’s Door (the most famous GN’R cover)
Linda Johnson (Duff’s second wife)
Michelle Young (GN’R friend, ‘My Michelle’)
Nancy (Slash’s snake, called by Duff)
One In A Milion (the most controversial GN’R song)
Paradise city (the only song on AFD to feature a synthesizer)
Quickie (only explanation: sex, drugs, rock n roll)
Right Next Door To Hell (first song on Use Your Illusion I)
Stoke-On-Trent (Slash’s hometown)
Tom Zutaut (discovered GN’R)
Use Your Illusion I&II (albums released in 1991)
Vicky Hamilton (first manager)
Welcome To The Jungle (first song with music video)
Xiphium iris (flower which is as beautiful as GN’R boys)
You Could Be Mine (song used in Terminator 2)
Zippy (Axl on stage, he’s really zippy)