fender antigua


Just in to Rock N Roll Vintage guitars is this super vibey and all original Fender Coronado Bass II from 1969! The clear coats have yellowed making this Antigua Bass a very cool amber sunburst. A one-of-a-kind for sure! Lots of nice details such as the lollipop tuners, semi-hollow construction and the original hang-tag. A nice find and currently for sale at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide.


Guitar shopping at Guitar Center on West 14th Street in Manhattan.

  1. My cousin makes a major faux-pas by wearing a Retrofret T-shirt to test out a very bright red sunburst mid 60s ES-125!
  2. 1964 SG Junior
  3. ‘67 Rickenbacker 365, 1958 Jazzmaster and 1967 Coronado II in a nicely discoloured Antigua
  4. From the High Line
  5. 1967 Fender Coronado II.

Sam Ash on West 34th Street…down the road form the Empire State Building.  Usually I’m more into used and vintage guitar shops, but this store had some awesome new guitars definitely worth seeing:

  1. Dig the Sparkling Burgundy Strat in “Competition” colour!
  2. The ESB.  No longer the tallest, but still the best looking 1930s art deco building!  Except for the Chrysler Building.  Oh, and the 30 Rock. And the Kansas City Power & Light Building.  And the Chicago Board fo Trade Building.  And that apartment building Hercule Poirot lives in… 
  3. ANTIGUA!!!
  4. It’s a miracle!  A miracle on…
  5. Rory Gallagher Stratocaster.  Costs a lot considering how little paint there is on it!  :D
  6. It’s not a busy city at all.
  7. Lefty Custom Shop Strat in Candy Apple Red
  8. Sparkly green Jaguar!