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Chelsea Wolfe talks to Matt Sweeney about the American Professional Jazzmaster

wearwind replied to your post “Fenders makes the most sense!”

One thing I will always point out to Fenders shippers is how Anders *cheers* if you give Fenris to Danarius. I have seen that scene, and no damn amount of backstory-comparing rationalisation could ever wash off the absolute nausea.

I agree with you that the scene you are referring to is deplorable.  I will say that since Bioware has no official “canon” for Dragon Age, this scene is only canon if Hawke was terrible enough to sell Fenris back into slavery in the first place.  Why is it that this scene is brought out to invalidate Fenders as a ship while Fenhanders shippers get a free pass?  Why is it ok to ship Fenris with someone who could potentially sell him back into slavery, and not a person who could potentially agree with that decision?  The answer of course is that if you ship Fenris with anyone, be it Hawke/Anders/Isabela/whoever, chances are pretty good that you like him and therefore wouldn’t dream of selling him back into slavery.  If you are going to damn Anders for that scene you’ve got to damn Hawke right along with him.

I would also argue that Anders’ reaction to this scene is wildly out of character.  He has compared living in the circle to slavery.  Whether or not that is an entirely appropriate comparison isn’t the issue, what’s important is that Anders believes the experiences to be similar enough that he gets frustrated that Fenris “of all people” won’t see his point.  I don’t believe Anders would wish slavery on his worst enemy, which Fenris hardly is.  They have been traveling in the same social circle and fighting along side Hawke for years, they hang out at the Hanged Man together, and apparently play Diamondback together at Fenris’ mansion in their down time.  They don’t see eye to eye, but I don’t think they wish each other harm.

Then if you take Justice into account, the very idea of Anders being ok with selling Fenris back into slavery sounds ludicrous.  This was the same Spirit that was concerned that Anders keeping Ser Pounce-a-lot as a pet was a form of slavery!  

I firmly believe that Anders’ approval gain in that scene was a poorly thought out continuation of the exaggerated rivalries the game wants to shove down our throats in the name of gameplay mechanics.  If you do something that pleases Anders, you’re guaranteed to piss off Fenris, and vice versa, so better think about your party composition players! 

I’m not telling you who to ship or even who to like.  If you hate Anders you certainly aren’t alone and I doubt I’m going to change your opinion.  If you care to know the reason why I like Fenders as a pairing, it’s because (as OP said) there’s so much potential there for growth and character development.  I have always been a sucker for the romantic troupe of the two bickering opposites that are more alike than they realize and it’s only when circumstances push them together that they both start to listen to each other, which leads to understanding, respect, friendship, hot sex etc. etc.  It’s a type of pairing that’s been done to death in our love stories and romcoms, which obviously means it’s popular and it’s not just me that likes this dynamic.  The only difference is that Fenders is never framed as a potential romance.  They hate each other because they’re rivals, anit-mage vs. mage, black and white, cut and dry.  So it’s perfectly understandable that if that dynamic doesn’t do it for you and you might never seen what people are going on about, or even see it as unhealthy.  

But for those of us that do see a chemistry there in the grey area that Bioware isn’t always that great at portraying and want to explore it in fanart and fanfic, well isn’t that what it’s for?  Anders and Fenris were designed to be two halves of the same coin and it can make for an fascinating and engaging story.  I love reading and writing about these two surprisingly similar men having to put aside their differences to solve a problem or escape a trap, or maybe exploring what could have been had they met in under different circumstances, or simply playing out the moment many of us wanted but never got where they might find a piece of common ground between them.  Fenders isn’t a ship that’s laid out for you on a platter as a writer, it’s one you’ve got to work for, one you’ve got to uncover and cultivate with care if you want to keep them in character, which is what I find so captivating and rewarding about it.

Museum quality 1947 CJ2A.

Question: At what point is a vehicle too nice? Is there such a thing? I admire the level of time, money, and commitment that bringing a Willys back to this level takes, but I’m not sure I’d want to own one like this! I can’t imagine the first puddle, the first rock, the first ding on a Flatty this nice. So for me, this would become a car show, parade queen type jeep and that’s not the spirit of what a Willys is for me. Notice I said for me, I’m interested in hearing what you all think…

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