Cobain Guitars #17: White Fender Stratocaster

Kurt famously used this guitar during the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards show on September 9, 1992.

This white Fender Stratocaster showed up in Kurt’s arsenal in late 1991. It was most likely Japanese, featured white finish, rosewood neck, and two stock single-coil pickups. The original bridge pickup was replaced with a white Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. The guitar survived the 1992 MTV Music Awards and appeared once again at the end of a show played in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October of 1992 where Kurt smashed it. It was then repaired (new neck, pick guard, etc.) It’s last appearance was on 9/11/92 at the Seattle Center Coliseum show. It’s currently on display at the EMP’s dedicated Nirvana exhibit in Seattle.


Cobain Guitars #8: 1990’s Fender Stratocaster

This black Stratocaster is most notably known for being played at the Reading Festival in August of 1992. The guitar was a left-handed model, most likely made in Japan. It featured a black Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup in the bridge position, and it was fitted with a Kramer neck in mid 1991. It first appeared in very late 1991, and survived all the way to the Reading festival when Kurt used it for couple of songs. After the gig ended, Dave Grohl picked up the guitar and smashed it. The pieces were later collected, and the guitar ended up encased in a glass frame at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.