fencing sabre


Miss Sanderson, aka Mme Vigny

Miss Sanderson also known as Mme Vigny taught fencing and she is known for teaching self-defense with a parasol. She was married to fencing master Pierre Vigny and along with him had many distinguished students.

“Queen Elizabeth of Romania (Carmen Eylva) is another royalty who has been taught fencing by Mme. Vigny. Her Majesty learned this art because she declared it gave her so much confidence in herself, especially when she was about to lecture. She has no fear whatever of assault, but Queen Elizabeth declares, that the self-possession which the knowledge of fencing has given her has proved to be an excellent antidote to stage fright and nervousness from which she used to suffer whenever she lectured.”

From the San Francisco newspaper “The Call”

when i, a foilist, try to learn other weapons
  • epee: ok hun this is an epee! :) and this is how you hold it! :) and here are some basic strategy tips about how to fence epee! :) a lot of these things are similar to foil so you don't have to worry about it! :) have fun!
  • sabre: this is a sabre. now go fence sabre.