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Do Japanese people understand the meaning of soulmates? Because I saw some tweets and people were confused and even disappointed. Like wtf? Anyway can you please write your own understanding of being soulmates?

I’m probably not the most qualified to answer this, so maybe @fencer-x wouldn’t mind chiming in a bit? But from what I know and have seen it looks like the concept of soulmates in Japan isn’t that different from the West. I don’t really feel comfortable getting into how extensive the Japanese understanding of soulmate is.

For what it’s worth, I have seen zero negative response on my TL. So, I’m not sure where those people are coming from.

As for me, personally? I feel fandom, as a general whole, not just any specific fandom, has sort of taken the idea of soul mate and made it something concretely romantic. However, the concept is that of someone who perfectly completes you, is your other half, and while that often has a romantic end, it’s not in the definition. A soul mate can be a romantic partner, most often the concept is used romantically, but it can also be a best friend.

Have you ever heard the What’s A Soulmate? audio? That’s basically my perfect definition of a soulmate.

As for Kubo’s use of soulmate and it being related to the rings Yuuri and Victor exchanged, that’s a pretty heavy romantic implication. The ring exchange scene itself is already clearly romantic and to try and say it’s just friendly is pretty ignorant, imo, especially with the knowledge that there is no discrimination of love in the YOI world. To say, on top of that, that those rings are a symbol that Yuuri and Victor are soulmates? That’s the romantic concept. Flat out. They are two pieces of one whole, souls meant for each other, a perfect union.

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“#then again you spell Victor’s name wrong so I guess maybe you decided you’d change how she pronounced the cat’s name too? :/” 

how about you ask me /first/ instead of assuming shit about people like you always do and block them because they made a slight mistake and because you suddenly don’t like them for it, how about that eh? :))) 

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Is there a link to the whole YOI event thing everyone's talking about (the one where Viktor gets naked and shit LMAO)

Nope. It was a live event in Japan, but if you go back through my “yoi event” tag, you’ll find a link for the DVD version that’s coming out. If you live outside of Japan you’ll probably have difficulty buying it (damnit avex) but you can still get it through a middle man service like Tenso, WhiteRabbit, and I believe @fencer-x will be selling it on her store eventually.

The story behind this end card, from the High Speed! movie message postcards (the upper message):

“Geez, it’s been raining nonstop! We can’t do any club training at all. Since there’s nothing better to do, I thaught Haru how to collect rain water using an umbrella! Haru was like, totally shocked! Real cool, yeah!? You gotta be careful though! Cos if you break the umbrella, Mom’s gonna be so pissed, y’know? She’s like, super scary!” - Shiina Asahi


Oh! Oh! Oh! … WAIT! Christmas is already past … welp I was supposed to post this earlier but not with a lazy ass like mine ㄟ( ▔∀▔ )ㄏɥǝ ɥǝ ɥǝ…

Anyway! I hope you are all doing well, I’m sending you good vibes and …

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*LUCK』 for the new year~ (because 2016 … u kno)

I’m not good with words so I’ll make it short: thank to you, for the fifth consecutive year, I was able to enjoy this shitty website. You are my MVPs! ALL OF YOU!  ಥ⌣ಥ Please, take good care of me for this new year. 

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"Let's sleep together" becomes kind of a running joke with Victor and Yuuri once they get more comfortable around each other, though Yuuri keeps turning him down. It evolves from flustered rejection to a fond shake of the head to a more flirty "you wish", and though it's lighthearted, Victor does start to feel like Yuuri honestly doesn't want to. But then when they finally end their formal coach-student relationship, Yuuri puts a hand on his arm and says, "Ask me one more time?"

This is beautiful and I love you.

Yuri on Ice Opening + History Maker Remix

For @fencer-x for putting up with my subpar Japanese and the anxiety I cause for myself because of it

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