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sashimiphile  asked:

hi, hope this ask isn't too much of a bother, but I've just stumbled on your name dropping posts and am VEry curious about what thatshameless** and fence** said in particular that drove you to block them, considering they've been on the more vocal side of the fandom and on Tumblr in general. could you spill the beans to this pour clueless soul if you don't mind?

hi, it’s fine! i mean i talk about it a bit in those posts but


long story short - they both actively encourage the fetishization and commodification of gay men (and women), have shown frequent refusal to acknowledge the role mlm and wlw fans have played in yoi’s success and how we interact with the show is necessarily different from how straight fans do, ns/fw fanart reblogged featuring a minor (this was f//encer specifically) while being generally just pretty obnoxious

fencer///x said that victor and yuuri aren’t gay bc homophobia doesn’t exist in their world, so the fact that she’s straight doesn’t matter re: how she deals with them; thatshamelessy*oishipper said mlm and wlw fans have to thank fujoshi for yoi’s popularity (both untrue and hurtful)

they provide translations and information from jpn side of fandom but i find both of them so grating and don’t want either of them near my posts, especially as a wlw blogger


These past 2 days I have holed myself up into a Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai novels reading marathon. Just finished the 6 volume novels as well as the extras and short stories. I might be years late into reading them (I just learned about them a few days ago) but after reading these novels Yokozawa and Kirishima’s story won me over. Their story is now a favorite of mine in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi world. I’d like to express my gratitude to fencer_x of september scanlations for translating these to English. It gave non-Japanese readers like me a chance to read and appreciate Yokozawa no Baai story. Once I visit Japan again I’ll be sure to look for and purchase these books and maybe someday be able to read it in Nihongo.

The story behind this end card, from the High Speed! movie message postcards (the upper message):

“Geez, it’s been raining nonstop! We can’t do any club training at all. Since there’s nothing better to do, I thaught Haru how to collect rain water using an umbrella! Haru was like, totally shocked! Real cool, yeah!? You gotta be careful though! Cos if you break the umbrella, Mom’s gonna be so pissed, y’know? She’s like, super scary!” - Shiina Asahi



its been about a year since my last follow forever,,, time passes by so fast jfc lol. since then, i’ve met lots of hella nice people and as well almost hit my goal of 10k followers which is fuckin unbelievable (for me) lmao. thank you to all my followers, mutuals, people i’ve talked to… you guys are all gr8 and have made my time on this website fun :’D 

I hope everyone has a great holiday, and that 2017 will treat them well>:^)

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I KNOW there’s ALREADY been A LOT of HEATED DISCUSSIONS about this particular scene, and what Nagisa was going to reveal, BUT I would like to know that DESPITE the MakoHaru fangirl inside of me screaming that ‘YES, Nagisa was going to spill the beans on their relationship,’ the reasonable side of me is arguing that perhaps he was JUST going to relay how Makoto and Haruka couldn’t fire at each other…

So, your thoughts on the subject? Has any official Free! spokesperson addressed the issue in any way, or its simply fanservice?

VIDEO CREDIT: fencer-x

Small Giant = Time traveler KageHina lovechild

Originally posted by unravel-you

After having this sort-of conversation with @fencer-x about how the Small Giant looks like a KageHina lovechild, it was decided that the boy is in fact a KageHina lovechild from the future who traveled back in time so he’d inspire his future dad Hinata to play volleyball and join Karasuno where he’d meet his future dad Kageyama (ala Harry Potter inspiring his three-hour-ago past self to use the Patronus in PoA). And I’ve been agonizing about stupid headcanons that I just felt horribly compelled to share

  • That time Saeko saw the Small Giant getting intense about being benched, he was actually panicking that if he was benched he wouldn’t play in Nationals, wouldn’t appear on TV, Hinata wouldn’t see him, Hinata would never go to Karasuno, never meet Kageyama, and Small Giant would never be born.
  • When KageHina lovechild was born, Hinata named him after his idol, the Small Giant. Small Giant is his own namesake 
  • Hinata doesn’t remember which was the game in which he saw the Small Giant, so Small Giant gives it his all  to look cool in each and every one of his matches hoping his future dad is watching 
  • Small Giant is very intense about taking the spotlight because he’s afraid future dad Hinata won’t see him.
  • Pretty much every time he screws something up, he gets terrified that he’s just ruined his future birth.
  • Small Giant already knows Karasuno won’t win the Nationals and he’s afraid if he tries too hard and changes the past, it will somehow affect the future, but it also breaks him when he plays a shitty final game so the team will lose.
  • Small Giant fell in love with volleyball when he saw the poster that Yachi made with Hinata. Small Giant really wanted to learn to fly like that too.
  • Small Giant never spoke to Saeko in the past because he was afraid she’d recognize him in the future and what the consequences of that could be.
  • Small Giant wishes he could tell his parents how terrifying Coach Ukai (grandfather) is.
  • Small Giant meets Coach Ukai’s grandson a couple of times, but like with Saeko, he keeps his distance. The one time they do speak, Small Giant suggests that Keishin would look good with blond hair.
  • Small Giant had to change his last name when he traveled to the past. Otherwise, future dad Hinata would’ve pestered future dad Kageyama about why he shared the Small Giant’s last name forever.
  • Hinata and Kageyama never actually realize their child and Small Giant are the same person. Small Giant just left one day with a note that said he was going on a self-discovery journey and that he’d come back in three years.
  • Every time Small Giant feels alone and just wants to go back home and be comforted by his parents, he has to remind himself that if he gives up, his parents might never meet.
  • Small Giant used to wear his hair shorter, but when he traveled back in time he decided to style it like Hinata so he’d feel closer to home when he looked in the mirror.
  • Small Giant realized he was the real Small Giant the first time he watched a video of himself playing with Karasuno, at age 11. The moment he saw himself, he just knew, and he spent the following four years finding a way to travel back in time, because if he didn’t, he would never be born.
  • Small Giant felt tempted many times to go check out on Hinata and Kageyama and all his uncles from Karasuno when they were kids, but after meeting Saeko he realized how weird that would be and decided not to.
  • When he finally travels back to the future, he’s terrified, thinking he may have done some horrible mistake and ruined everything, and he’s almost too afraid to go back home. 
  • When he finally gathers the courage to go back home, his parents are waiting for him and they greet him with big smiles and teary eyes. He cries too and hugs them, and he’s just happy he’s home at last.
(Fic) Shirt; Victuri

Title: Shirt

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki

Warnings: None

Summary: Yuuri wears one of Victor’s shirts, and Victor rather likes it.

Note: I’m actually writing a smut fic (that turned out to be very lengthy smut) and @fencer-x actually said something about Yuuri wandering around in Victor’s apartment in one of his shirts. So this happened. The post in question can be found HERE.

Yuuri yawned, stretching his arms above his head, his feet shuffling against wood, his nose leading him towards the smell wafting from the kitchen. He passed through the sliding door, that separated living and resting spaces, taking in the flood of light coming from the bay windows. A smile stretched across his lips as he took in the Russian morning. It had been nearly evening when they arrived the previous day, not allowing him the chance to see the city. Now, however, he had a full view of a snow covered city, that looked like it belonged in a museum. Peaceful, serene, undisturbed. Soon there’d be cars out, people rushing to work or for errands, children playing in the snow, but right now the world was asleep and it was perfect.

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Hey there, guys!
I just wanted to make a quick personal post and thank everyone who defended me/stood up for me or just agreed with me in regards to my post on the possible meaning of  愛す in the title of Yuri on Ice.

I wanted to thank all the native Japanese speakers and the non-native Japanese speakers who weren’t afraid to back me up and call others out on being rude and unnecessarily correcting something that was not incorrect. I also want to thank people who don’t speak Japanese but were willing to trust me and my knowledge of Japanese with the meaning of the word 愛す and the entire post itself and didn’t leave me or didn’t start considering me unreliable when I was wrongly called out by a certain someone which triggered a number of negative responses.

Yesterday was a long and stressful day for me and it would be a lie to say that @fencer-x had no hand in it, because admittedly her unfair accusations of spreading misinformation shook and scared me. I respect her and her years of work with Japanese and translation, so naturally I think it’s understandable why I was afraid of being targeted by someone with a lot of experience in the field who is trusted by many people who know nothing about the language, but have faith in her authority and the idea that anyone who she calls out must definitely be wrong. The situation got pretty ugly and mentally exhausting when multiple people suddenly jumped on the bandwagon of her being correct and my being “wrong”.

That’s why I appreciate every single bit of support I got in regards to that post (especially from the people who said I was correct - you don’t know how much that means to me). I am very very happy to have such faithful and helpful followers who are willing to listen and understand me and my side of the story/my explanations. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. I’m really grateful to have all of you. I just wanted you to know that.

Sorry if this is random but I just wanted to have a sense of closure on the issue and wanted to highlight how much I appreciate your help. Thank you for sticking with me and your patience. ^^

(Also, if you’re here for analysis/meta and shitposting then don’t worry, this is probably the end of the drama.)