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haru: *takes a deep breath*

haru: maybe it was my inescapable fate to meet Rin that day.

haru: if it was our destiny to meet during winter break of my first year in middle school, then it must’ve been fate that we meet again for the second time in the abandoned Iwatobi SC clubhouse.

haru: we were both trapped by fate, firm and unyielding.

haru: we-

anyone who has ever spent five seconds around him ever: yes, meeting Rin was your destiny, we know, yours was a fated meeting, he’s the dazzling light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Rin and you were fated to meet him, we KNOW, your meeting with him was destiny it was fucking destiny ok we know, we get it, YOUR MEETING WITH RIN WAS DESTINY. WE GET IT.


Updated sports anime maps! The first one is more of current popular sports animes and the second one has older sports ones too! I considered putting them all on the same map but that’d be way too messy on one picture ;((

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***Edit: Saisei is from Kanagawa, not Tokyo

Japan prefecture map from wiki

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Do Japanese people understand the meaning of soulmates? Because I saw some tweets and people were confused and even disappointed. Like wtf? Anyway can you please write your own understanding of being soulmates?

I’m probably not the most qualified to answer this, so maybe @fencer-x wouldn’t mind chiming in a bit? But from what I know and have seen it looks like the concept of soulmates in Japan isn’t that different from the West. I don’t really feel comfortable getting into how extensive the Japanese understanding of soulmate is.

For what it’s worth, I have seen zero negative response on my TL. So, I’m not sure where those people are coming from.

As for me, personally? I feel fandom, as a general whole, not just any specific fandom, has sort of taken the idea of soul mate and made it something concretely romantic. However, the concept is that of someone who perfectly completes you, is your other half, and while that often has a romantic end, it’s not in the definition. A soul mate can be a romantic partner, most often the concept is used romantically, but it can also be a best friend.

Have you ever heard the What’s A Soulmate? audio? That’s basically my perfect definition of a soulmate.

As for Kubo’s use of soulmate and it being related to the rings Yuuri and Victor exchanged, that’s a pretty heavy romantic implication. The ring exchange scene itself is already clearly romantic and to try and say it’s just friendly is pretty ignorant, imo, especially with the knowledge that there is no discrimination of love in the YOI world. To say, on top of that, that those rings are a symbol that Yuuri and Victor are soulmates? That’s the romantic concept. Flat out. They are two pieces of one whole, souls meant for each other, a perfect union.

A Rant About Age Shipping

I don’t know if this is a rant anyone even wants, but you’re getting it. It’s been brewing for a while, and this morning @fencer-x posted a frustrated text post about people being freaked out about Yurio being shipped with “adults,” which is to say, Otabek, who is as she points out a handful of years older than he is, and IIRC is still a teenager himself. 

I will grant that Yurio at fifteen (though isn’t he almost 16 by the end?) feels young, though as a character he also feels old, and since this is, you know, fiction, it’s not hard to mentally jump him up in age a bit and comfortably ship him with Otabek, the most popular ship. The point, though, is that no matter whether or not people are uncomfortable with Yurio being sexualized, is that a nearly sixteen-year-old male is sexualized or has the right to be so, especially if he’s gay/bi/pan in these theoretical ships.

I’m not sure when we got this weird ban on sexuality for kids, but it can stop anytime. Who took the Judy Blume out of schools, and all the other books from the damn school library where heterosexual couples in fucking high school had sex in books I could order from Scholastic? Kids. Have. Sex. With each other, with people slightly older than them.

LGBTQIA kids also have sex, and it deserves to be shown, though there seems to be far more resistance to showing these pairings than anything else. I write new adult LGBT romances, and one of the reasons it’s new adult is because getting YA gay romance published is trickier. Far, far trickier. All the publishers I’d been working with when I started writing NA had a hard and fast rule: no one in the romance could ever be younger than 18. I had a character in one new adult I wanted to be seventeen for part of the book because I wanted his youth to be a factor, but all I could do was have him turn 18 on the opening day of the novel. 

Kids are not chaste. Kids have sex. Also, sex is not the devil. Americans in particular are so warped and weird about sex. We will let children watch horror movies and witness beheadings on the news, but one tit flies out during a football game and all the poor children who saw that must be protected. Why?

If you don’t want to ship Yurio, don’t ship Yurio. I haven’t shipped him mostly because he’s not my jam. But I support people who do and I am 100% behind their right to do so. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s that simple. But there’s zero call to carry placards around tumblr and make speeches against it. Nobody needs protecting. Not virgin eyes, not the children, not the poor orphans, and certainly not Yurio.

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⚠️ Warning: spoilers ahead

Now, I can get on board with people shitting on 50 Shades for representing problematic situations as romantic, but not CaPri, because (at least what I’ve read so far) the narrator doesn’t paint the problematic themes as romantic in any way. Instead, like you said, it presented exactly as problematic as it is.

Laurent is a total sadistic jackass at first, and they have no relationship other than the one forced on them. I include Laurent in on not choosing the master/slave relationship, because he’s expected to keep Damen as his pleasure slave (since he was gifted to him as such) even though he doesn’t want pleasure company. Plus, it’s a slap in the face to him to be gifted such a slave (Damen talks about how ironically sick it is at length in his interior monologues) from a country that caused his father and brothers’ deaths. Laurent almost kills Damon through the torture he orders, and he probably would have outright killed Damon had he not been ordered to keep him alive. And Damon has more than one instance where he fantasizes how he might kill Laurent. The only reason they both don’t kill each other in the first book is simply out of self-preservation, and there is nothing remotely disguised in that as being romantic.

It’s not until the second book that they even begin to build a relationship, not because Damen pities and romanticizes Laurent’s traumatic past (I can feel that building, something beyond his father and brother’s deaths, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be screaming about it if I find out my theories are correct ;A;) but because they have to work together and defeat a common enemy, and through that, they’re learning (very slowly, yet, organically) that they actually kinda really like each other 😍

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Sayo YAMAMOTO and Misturo KUBO at Japan Expo

Hey guys!
Yuri on Ice’s creators will be (or are already) in France (Paris) to intend the Japan Expo 18th Impact!!!!
There will be :
- One masterclass
- 3 signings sessions
- One Live drawing

And Sayo will attend another event : Animé 100 (100 years of animation)

I’ll try to ask them questions ! Soooo if you have any questions for them, please send them to me!!

For the people that may be interested ???

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Let’s get super damn real about representation/education and coded protection

So this is a series of asks I just got, which is actually one ask, which I can’t answer publicly without only answering one, so I just screenshot the whole mess and now I’m “answering” by using this as a jumping off point and going from here. And when I say GOING I mean fucking going, because JFC do I have some goddamned thoughts. There is so much to unpack here, both the stuff said and the stuff which is unsaid, which the asker may or may not have been thinking, but I know other people are so I’m just going to say it and everyone can either listen or leave. I don’t really care. The title of the blog is Just Here For The Ships and it is true. Please skip this and go back to the pics of Victuuri being awesome if you like.

I am not 24. I am 44. I am the author to over 25 published novels of LGBTQIA romance, many of which have won awards and have been translated into…I’ve lost count of the languages. Like, five? Lots. I’m not Big Shit but I’m not some peon who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I write about sex, though, and sensuality. I have written an asexual romance, and BDSM romances, and moderately sexual romances, and a romance with an autistic hero, several with heroes with anxiety/depression, May/December relationships, and a great number of new adult novels, which is basically the next step away from young adult, and often features 18yos so basically I write, often, teenagers having sex. And as I have said, I am 44, so I guess from the perspective of a 24 year old I am an ancient old creaky person perving like fuck. But we will cover this more in a moment.

I am also by identification a queer woman. No one has any right to that information whatsoever, it is none of your business. But I am public about it and I volunteer it for a specific reason which I will also underline later in this conversation. Now to the answer to the ask.

The incredibly short answer to this ask is, if you don’t like what other people are doing, don’t look at it. Don’t read their shit, don’t read their blogs, don’t engage. I keep quoting @fencer-x in this discussion because her opinions and mine align, and I respect her way of dealing with frustrating topics: she blocks people when she knows their views and hers clash and interactions with them will only make her angry/frustrated. My god, what an adult reaction. She doesn’t chase people down and harass them (not adult). She simply says, “This will make me ranty. I’m going to end this before it can start and go on with my happy ways.” Incredibly proactive because she has high-volume interaction on Tumblr.

But this ask isn’t a harassment, it’s an honest ask: why would an adult want to read about two teenagers having sex. I find it a frustrating ask, but I’ll honor it because I’m in a waiting-for-email loop and anyway, I’ve been seeing this go by my feed for months, Fencer keeps hammering at it and why should she have to keep saying the same thing? I’ll take an axe swing for the team. Just be ready because I am here with some fucking receipts.

Answer A: Assuming that adults people are reading about teenagers having sex because they are getting off is incredibly juvenile and reveals shallowness of comprehension of literature in general.

I don’t have hard sales on YA romance in front of me, but I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and could probably get it pretty quickly with a few emails; what I do know is that YA romance is doing fine, more than, and it’s not being read by only teens and whatever magical cut off is considered not-gross in legal adulthood. I don’t have any comprehension over what moment that is, when an adult human becomes old enough and now reading about teenagers is gross–is it simply always someone younger? Am I not allowed to read about thirty-year-olds fucking?–but whatever this is, I don’t care, because I don’t subscribe to it, largely because I know that readers of romance in general but especially young adult romance are rarely reading for sex alone. There are some people, yes. There’s nothing wrong with those choices, but they’re rare in any event, and we’re not talking about them yet. 

My new adult novels, however, while they are read by some college age people and some high school students, are largely read by adults, many of them my age or older. For the queer identifying reader especially, the books featuring young protagonists starting out in life often move them to write me passionate letters which in turn make me cry. But the heterosexual readers will often feel just as strongly. 

Why? Because it will possibly surprise (or depress?) a number of twenty somethings to discover that when people hit their thirties or especially forties/fifties, they look back at their twenties/youth and feel nostalgia, regret, and sadness over possibilities lost, time slipped away, and in the case of many women and queer youth, opportunities never granted. For many bi/pan people in particular of my generation, we quietly slipped into a heteronormative path because it seemed like the only choice, and while we may have made happy marriages, there are parts of our selves which never got to see the light of day, and that hurts. These books, these explorations, are ways to have those moments. 

Writing fiction is an even more empowering way to explore those same themes–and not everyone wants the hell of chasing down a publishing career, so fan fiction is a nice alternative. 

Perhaps you’re about to say, “But Heidi, those straight women are FETISHIZING!!!!!!!!” Oh, sure, maybe some are? I don’t know. I imagine you’d like to point them out to me? I suspect you have a list prepared. I bet you know who alllll those bitches are, eh?

Let me tell you a story. 

In the publishing world, people do the same thing. Readers and published authors alike loooove to play that game, imagining who is entitled to do what, and every so often someone decides to go on a witch hunt. Now sometimes there are truly people who have been deceiving others and the betrayals are horrible to see unfold, and they always break the community. And then sometimes–several times in my tenure–I have watched people go after “straight” women who have “dared” to step wrongly in queer romance…and all the while I have known that these women are in fact not straight, but rather are simply not out. I have done what I can to help, but there isn’t much to do, except that I keep a list–a real list–of the people carrying torches and I do not engage, do not highlight, do not give oxygen in any form, ever. So be very careful when you make your judgments of shippers FETISHIZING!!!!!!!! because you might be completely wrong, even if the bio on that person’s blog says they’re straight. If you don’t like what someone is doing, you should probably take Fencer’s approach and simply block them.

One of the reasons I am out–though only one–is because it is more uncomfortable for me to think about being jumped by assholes from my own team wanting to accuse me of appropriation than it is being accosted by an antigay bigot. I would like you to think about that for a long time before you ever approach someone about being allegedly straight.

But even the straight shippers have plenty of agency to enjoy writing about teenagers having a relationship which may include sex. That brings us to the next answer, though.

Answer B: women have a lot of unpacking to do in this damn world about sex, and in nearly every culture they are saying, over and over, romance between male same sex pairings helps them do this work. Including young pairings.

This answer comes with a ton of controversy and has taken me eight years of being published to come up with, and my way of speaking to it is ever evolving. While it is true that I have many gay male readers and nonbinary readers for my books which are largely about gay males falling in love, I also have many female readers of all orientation, though a large chunk of those are straight. This phenomenon has been the butt of jokes and point of ire depending on who is writing the article or asking me questions over my years as an author. 

This is a whole other essay, gnarly and deep, but the main gist is that women’s sexuality is so fraught and politicized that many women–worldwide, across cultures–feel more comfortable exploring issues about sexuality when the pairing is between two men than a woman and a man or two women. Now: personally, I want us to move beyond this and evolve, to move to two women as well as two men, to add in some heterosexual pairings but have the man be different as part of a trope–but we aren’t there yet, clearly, for so many reasons.  I think it’s important we keep pushing and trying, but it’s going to have to evolve there, not be shamed there or rammed there. 

We have a patriarchal culture; it’s no surprise that to undo this women pit two men against one another and attempt to undo the power structure by domesticating it, by rewriting it (literally), by remixing it on their own terms. Now–speaking as a queer woman, I do think we must, especially when writing gay men, be respectful and be aware we are writing about a marginalized group. However, this is a marginalized group writing about a marginalized group–women/gay men–and especially if the pairing is about white men, it’s an even power match. Gay white men in fact can seize more power than white women, if they want it–they must deny their orientation, but the choice is there.

It’s true that women writing about gay men can and have been sloppy, that descent into rape fantasy and feminization harm the relationship between gay men and women of any orientation. It’s also true that there are gay men quietly reading those same tropes the same way women in the 70s and 80s read rape fantasy and rescue fantasy in romance as part of their own evolution to claiming power (and yes, that is a thing). 

But wait, Heidi, you say, what the hell does this have to do with teenagers having sex?


Because we’re talking specifically about Otayuri, yes? Yurio having sex with Otabek, who is not an adult, but is for some reason to some people, and we’re talking about adults reading about this. They are a gay pairing. And unlike Victuuri, they are not canon, not yet, maybe not ever, and this is very important right now, because there is more power in a non canon ship when you are writing them yourself, because you are creating the link. When you write Victuuri you’re celebrating a couple the creators literally put rings on. When you write Sterek or Sheith or anyone else who is not in their actual fictional show a couple, and when you are taking straight men and queering them up in a pairing, you are claiming power. I don’t care what your orientation is. You are taking a big dildo and aiming at the patriarchal system of the world through fiction and you are saying, “I am going to fuck with this, literally.”

To do that with young men is another statement on top of that. I don’t know, do people bitch about Sterek? Are there people freaking out about TEEN WOLF, TEEN Sterek and the older guy, the mentor, the adult graduate jailbaiter who gets shipped with him? I don’t have a problem with it at all, but if you want to go legally by the show, those are the terms. Why do people do it? Because there’s something in that power play that speaks to them. Something specific about Styles, who appears weak and young and vulnerable, and Derek, who is older and powerful but has a vulnerable side. 

Derek is the patriarchy, and Styles is how you bring him down. It’s more complicated than that, nobody thinks like that, but if you want to get deep as fuck with it, and I do, that’s what’s happening, and why it’s important. Styles is a kid, technically. As an actor I get that he’s an adult. Maybe that’s why there’s no freak out?

Okay let’s go to Sheith. Shiro is 24 and Keith is 18. Legit no legal issues here, plus they’re in space and in the future, but still youth is on board, and we have an age difference. Age differences are powerful. May/December is a thing and they’re heady in gay romance. Boy do people love the idea of a younger man bringing an older man to heel through love. This is not May/December, 24/18, but that age gap is enough to make people feel the pull, and the power dynamic is another. Shiro is the leader. Patriarchy. Keith is the feisty underling. You want to know why that ship is hot? That right there. Staid patriarchy needing feisty youngling to fuck it from underneath and get it to unlace.

You want to know why gay romance is so alluring, why people love gay ships, especially with straight characters? Because we are so goddamned desperate to change our culture and it won’t change and we don’t know how to do it and we feel like we have no power, and materially we don’t have a ton, but what we do have are these stories and a few hours a night to read or write subversive literature.

So I did everyone but Yurio. Let’s talk about Yuri P. Yurio is fifteen, a baby, a precious baby. He is not a baby. He tells you over and over he is an ice tiger. He got an upgrade in the BD where he explained how he wanted to dress himself and do his own music and he got his friend boyfriend to help him get dressed and pick a song and choreograph a new skate overnight, and then when he saw Victuuri was going to one-up him he came up with something to top them on the fly and it was hot and sexual and not at all contrived. The boy bled sex all over the ice, and if he had skated that routine up against Eros and Chris’s ass grab he would have won the competition. The boy is not a boy, he’s a young man and he is aware of his sexuality. He gets to play with it and claim it.

And people get to play with it too. It is a real thing, it is there, and it is ripe for the exploration. It is valid and on the table. Which brings us to the last answer (except there are about fifty more, I’m just only going to give one more because this is long as fuck and I have a family and I”m getting bored of this)

Answer C: Sex is fabulous and it is okay to like sex (and okay to not like sex)

Okay at the moment I am answering this in the theoretical, as a hysterectomy and PTSD over a past trauma regarding sex and way too much work-related stress have made the actual having of sex not something I’m interested in personally, but theoretically I find sex to be a wonderful, beautiful thing, and I’m currently going to therapy once a week to get my shit straight so that someday I can have it again because I do like it a lot and I believe in the power and beauty of sex and everyone’s right to have it and enjoy it (or not) in whatever way that pleases them so long as it is safe, sane, and consensual. I’ve written books that open with a blow job (true story) and books that are described as about “fisting cowboys full of feels” and also books with nothing more than two kisses and make out sessions holding hands and books where the sex is awkward and books where the sex mostly fades to black and everything in between. 

This includes sex by and for teens, because they have it. It’s okay for them to have it and it’s okay for me to read about it (and watch shows where they have it) and find it hot if it is because there is not an age limit where this happens. It’s an amazing thing, but I read books and find things hot or funny or sexy or scary or happy or sad and I don’t feel they are happening to me personally. I don’t feel that I am now that person. I don’t think that I am entitled to that character’s life, and I don’t mistake that I am suddenly that age. 

Nobody, by the way, would ever say this of someone about a horror novel for teens, or anything else for teens, and amazingly, nobody would ever and has ever said this about men reading fucking Lolita, a “literature” book about a goddamned girl and the pedophile who ogled her. Well, women. But people usually tell them to shut up because literature. Nobody says this to Woody Allen or the other men who have done all kinds of nasty shit. We are talking here, in a coded way, about “older” women reading about young men having sex. Because that’s a dirty act.

It is not. I am not old. I am older, yes, and so much wiser, and I can argue like this all damn day

But I might not do it every day because I also have a lot of work to do. Really, to sum it up: if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Absolutely nobody on here is the morality police and nobody is entitled to protect anyone. The odds are really good you’re fucking up and hurting a lot of people if you try.

Just be here for the ships. Your ships. And everything will be fine.