“Our work isn’t finished until every single person is treated with equal rights and dignity that they deserve…” -Hillary Clinton ❤️
Ok so I have some stuff to say:
This week some incredibly ridiculous stuff went down. The LGBT community has worked so hard to get the basic human rights that they deserve. When it finally looked like we were making steps in the right direction we started walking backwards. Transgender people are people, they are no different from you and me. They still have a heart, they still have feelings and a life of their own, and they still have the functions of a normal human being. The fact that a person cannot use the bathroom they feel most comfortable using or the bathroom they should be using, because they are women and they are men, is ridiculous. The government is trying to suppress this community, taking away rights as basic as being able to use the bathroom in public, but ultimately it’s not about bathrooms. It’s about being equal. By taking away their rights to use the bathroom you are making them out to be less than human and less than everybody else. You’re letting everyone know that since they aren’t human, that since they are unnatural, that since they are less than them that it’s ok to harass and bully and beat them down. Well, last I checked, they are human. And last I checked we were all ensured basic HUMAN rights. So stop trying to suppress the LGBT community, because it is a very real and a very human community. Instead start looking at everyone around you, no matter what gender they identify as, or who they love, or what God they pray to, and look at them with love and compassion not hate because we are all human and none of us are better than anyone else.