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Hi, at this time Jared's solo panel hasn't been uploaded, but I read the summary. And apparently he brought up G of his own free will and sent her a text saying that he missed her. It's stuff like this that keeps me on the fence because it seems, I guess, genuine and no one was forcing Jay to speak up about her? Thank you in advance c:

Hello, dear anon!

I apologize for the delay with this response, but I have been awfully busy. I hope you’ll forgive me for saying this, but if you take the J’s at their face value and believe everything they say, you’ll be sitting on the fence for a very long time! I hate to tell you this, but so much of what they say is just not the whole truth.

So many of their stories have turned out to be different than how they originally told them. G becomes Jensen over time and D isn’t the one doing the bad accents that make Jensen laugh - it’s Jared! There are so many examples of this happening that I just can’t take their words at face value.

I mean, why would they place their wives in a story they were not even a part of? Are there really no good stories that have come out of their interactions with their wives? If their marriages are genuine, how is that even possible? They’ve supposedly been married for 7+ years - you’d think something funny would’ve happened during that time.

So, sweet anon, please forgive me but I don’t really buy that Jared was texting G. I don’t buy that he missed her either. A little quip like that is easy enough to compose and he didn’t even make his “wife” look good in the story. The J’s often volunteer small mentions of their wives, but they also often look downright depressed when the fans ask about the ladies.

Urgh! Sorry about the wall of text. I’m not really in the business of turning people into believers, but if you want to examine more of those stories, look here - I compiled a small list on a short notice a while back. I hope you found my response satisfying enough, dear! Have a relaxing Sunday. :)

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