fen williams

State of affairs

Alice still hates being human but Quentin reminds her about good stuff - food sex, touch. And just as she adjusts to herself again and old not-enemy reminds her of all those she crossed for the lulz as niffin. Some of them still have magic and she doesn’t.

Julia is fully human again and gets the full PTSD of all the things that happened to her and all the things she did. She still gets the pocked world formerly known as Cuba to Fillory and stands up to Ember. And makes a god killing sword - even though that didn’t work out that well. Those consequences of killing gods Persephone warned her about are severe.

Eliot borrows Julia’s invisibility to gods amulet. Then gets his future husband to human form, Meanwhile, Margo and Josh are trying to get Fen back but she doesn’t want to go without her daughter. Margo comes back without the eye (but with Ember bait) and is even more bloodthirsty then ever without magic. She has the heart of a dictator. Eliot wants democracy. Neither happens because Faeries invade. Now that humans have no magic it can all be theirs. I feel bad for Fen - not only she lost her daughter but she sacrificed her toes for few seconds of heads up.

Kady is so pissed at Julia she can’t even talk to her. She got fully into the cause but all she got is her boyfriend dying of magical radiation poisoning. And now he has been taken by Library because dying, or death, but that’s not any reason to not work. So she makes a deal with that Internet magician for the cure for Penny. In exchange she promises to milk Penny for information from Library. She’s going to be a spy to save him. I wonder what turning off the magic did to that deal? I’m hoping that without magic Penny’s poisoning solved itself.

It looks like Penny was wrong - you can’t change your destiny. Now we know why the books went blank. They are magic and the magic is gone - there is no way to write what happens any more.

Still, Ember promised Quentin’s blood he gave away will come back. That didn’t happen yet and with magic gone how can it? Unless… spoiler?