asked you: ageshugs requests? Um um um could you draw Athens and Sparta? (Or their femselves if you prefer) atfheislgtsdrhl if it’s not too much trouble. *rolls away into the sunset*

I like drawing the ladies here’s my attempt at them. (I have no idea what’s going on with Attica’s hair, here.)  I’d like to take a swipe at the guys someday too though.  The beard compels me.

So for no reason I was thinking about these two a lot.

idk watching Troy and Hector and Andromache and blah blah blah you know

This morning I started poking around the internet on my ever persistent quest to find out what exactly Spartan women did all day (and was pleased to find that Spartan women actually did spend some time weaving, but not very much. It was still considered slave work). I stumbled across an article on young feminists who are interested in Spartans because they were also perceived to be feminist (although that is highly debatable!). The article described the “loveless” marriages and families of the Spartans, and it was an interesting perspective.

Anyway it led me to think about my personal headcanon of Sparta and Laconia being super mushy and lovey-dovey at home, so I’m going to continue trying to justify, refute, or modify their relationship.

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so I was just reading my Classics assessment page to prepare for my exam Thursday while waiting for water to boil so I could eat food and dive into my Canadian History essay

and it reminded me that we were talking about Hector and Andromache in class today and that always makes me saaaad gshilgsd The Iliad has never been sadder before today why whyyyy.

yeah they always remind me of these two why

maybe because if I were to give them human names Laconia would be Andromache

even though the Spartans were the enemies of Hector and co. That’s the point though, the Iliad evokes the most sympathy for the Trojans.

arflishlifs why I am in such a sappy mood I really want some raspberry sherbet or better yet chocolate cherry ice cream omggg

don’t mind me I’m just upset over all of my midterms except one and a half plus this damn essay I’ve had to go through so much trouble for before I could even start writing it which I’m about to do ahfrile.

oh look Sparta without a helmet

DOODLE BEFORE BED TIME. >:3 As far as “Hetalia OCs” go, these gals are pretty lame but I just love them so much fgeshilfhseli. I feel like such a loser randomly attributing landmasses to characters that were originally just created to show the differences between men and women in different bits of Ancient Greece, but… I’m figuring it out a bit. PLUS I have a couple of excuses for these guys. :P

Anyway I’m still working on character differentiation and how do I anatomy and stuff… and then I obscure it all with ridiculous drapery how do I cloth wrinkle howww no logic at alll Spock is cryyyingggg

but yeah I’m getting more familiar with how women’s bodies work since uh technically I have one and I should know. And also because I am extremely jealous of Artemisia Gentileschi who made these amazing flipping masterpieces when she was only 17

Attica hides her pudge very well with all her ridiculous flowy drapey chitons hahaha. After all that time I spent figuring out her hips and tummy fit together afheislghs I guess I should draw them in like
modern clothes
or something
what would they wear oh god I have no fashion sense ahesfifgseih

what is foreshortening what is proportion 

OKAY GOOD NIGHT. :3 It’s like -40 C here so I’ve got to huddle under the covers and mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. ;w; I don’t like being outside longer than thirty minutes in weather that takes less than thirty minutes to cause exposed skin to freeze, even if I am a pasty yet hardy Canadian with the common sense to wear long johns or whatever the kids call them. >w<;;

Here are young Laconia and Sparta with masks from the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia. It was an effort to do something Halloween-y although as far as we know these masks have nothing to do with Halloween (not that we know what they’re for)

I wrote a paper and did a presentation on the site. My focus wasn’t on the masks but I did mention them briefly to explain that scholarship on these masks tends to unanimously assume they were only worn by men for some reason… which is ridiculous to me given that they were a found at a temple to a goddess who is associated with guiding girls into womanhood and protecting women during childbirth. There is nothing obviously gender specific about these masks beyond what the scholarship enforces. but yeah i got an A on that project you can trust me xD

anonymous asked:

How did Athens and Sparta meet their wives? ( Yes I want more Athens comics!! I am OBSESSED with them!

Hmm, well they didn’t exactly “meet” since they would probably have grown up together. In fact, you could say that both of their wives are older than them since they represent regions rather than cities. But it’s hard to say for sure.

I can sort of tell you about how they might have gotten married, though…

That’s a basic summary of their relationship. Attica spent more time in the city with Athens after a while because Athens got bigger and started absorbing other Attic cities. They both still spend some time in the country farming, although Athens does as little work as possible now that he can afford more slaves.

Sparta and Laconia were officially founded together in a way. Sparta was named after a beautiful woman, and Laconia was named after her husband, Lacadaemon…

I’m so glad you like my silly comics, Anon! :D I just started writing chapter six of Athens and Sparta Adventures, so hopefully I can start posting it soon. ;)

Bibasis, a Spartan dance and exercise. :D 

…I should be asleep or at least reviewing for my Greek test tomorrow but instead I decided to record myself attempting this exercise and making a quick animation. :’D My priorities are good priorities. 

So here’s Fem!Sparta/Laconia doing infinite bibasis on your dash for your enjoyment. :B Basically, the gist of bibasis is to jump as high as you can and kick your heels back to touch your buttocks. Supposedly at Spartan festivals there’d be contests to see who could do it the most/longest. A Laconian woman in one of Aristophanes’ plays was quite proud of being able to do so many of these (which play, I don’t know. I’ll find out someday. :B). Anyway I’ve been wanting to draw Laconia doing this for the longest time idk. >w<


Good night everyone. Remember to do your bibasis 300 times at sunrise tomorrow, okay? >w<


I am being bullied into uploading my Greek notes today.

I’ll leave you to decipher them I guess. :P

Also my Greek prof is awesome and I don’t have to memorize principle parts anymore. :’D

well, not the unimportant ones.
and she’s taking the principle parts off of our midterm mark since we’re all stupid and hate them. >:I 

I’m taking 20th century Art this year and even though I was worried it would all be angst and incomprehensible abstract (don’t get me wrong I still think it’s interesting and I am actually really looking forward to coming to an understanding with it) I was glad to learn about Matisse- a guy who didn’t give a damn about colour theory or academic style- he just wanted to paint scenes that made people happy and offered them an escape from the anxiety of modern life. I kind of want to adapt some of that into my paintings.

My reading for art history class was “Notes from a Painter” by Matisse about his work and I was really moved by his thoughts on colour. I’ve been mucking around with colour theory hoping it would magically improve my work but I think it’s time I loosened up and just chose colours based on my feelings for once.

So here’s Attica and Laconia in more modern clothes being bosom buddies or something? idk

One thing more for today, kids. It’s Fem!Sparta, AKA Laconia or Lacadaemonia or whatever you wanna call her. Click through to dA for full ramble if you like. :P 

Yup, her pose (and her character design) was inspired by this sculpture:

External image

Seriously, what else would I base her off of? As I said on dA, she’s doing a lunge instead of running mostly for stylistic reasons. XD;

I realized I never draw Laconia with her shoulders covered haha I thought I would try it out. 

I’m about to read the chapter on Spartan women in my book (yeah I survived the pederasty chapter) so yaaay =w=; I’m re-evaluating Sparta’s relationship with Laconia now, initially I based it off of a social relationship between Spartan citizens but I think there’s also a political relationship between them that’s a lot more tense than they care to admit. It’s especially funny because Attica and Athens have the opposite relationship- awkward socially but excellent politically. 

Laconia’s body shape is a challenge for me. I by default call it an apple, but compared to this illustration I feel like she is more of a goblet- all shoulders and chest but no waist. XD I sort of tried to combine the two shapes. 

I could have given her other body shapes- ones with bigger hips (since Laconia as a land mass is like a zillion times more fertile than Attica) but I opted for a top-heavy shape because it’s something that isn’t really seen much of because it looks masculine. And that is how Spartan women are portrayed. I thought it would be fun to see more of those interesting shapes without trying to shame them for being “manly” (although that will probably happen since… well, you can imagine Athenian jokes about Spartan women… XD but that’s Athens, not me). 

The only other “apple” shaped character I have so far is Inca, and that is specifically because the apple shape was considered desirable in that culture.

I should have given her more props like Attica XD

oh well these are trial illustrations, maybe I’ll do better ones when I figure out what the heck I’m doing.

So sadly I had to give up “Sparta and Her Social Problems” for my book report since it was out of my date range, so I picked up the edgy modern “Spartan Reflections” instead. It’s slow going but I think I’m getting a good feel for Spartan history here too.

Before I gave up ‘Social Problems’ I did read one interesting quote from Xenophon (Hellenica 3.3.7 if you want to check)

that the helots hated the Spartans so much they wanted to eat them raw.

Actually now that I think of it everyone wants a piece of Sparta

he must be really tasty

I should mention that the perioikoi and even some Spartans were included in the “want to eat the Spartans raw” quote so that means Laconia is included

I’m horrible sorry Sparta

(the kryptes were boys who were given nothing but a knife and then were sent out to survive on their own- they were allowed to kill any helot they came across in order to continue to strike fear into the helot population

Sparta got his organs gnawed on by a fox when he was younger. He doesn’t like to remember it.)