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wow, nonny, way to be an asshat. YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE MERRILL/ISABELA. THAT’S AS UN-CULLEN AS POSSIBLE, RIGHT? Something with rain.

 I first read this as ‘as far away from Cullen as possible’ and so, fic resulted:

Merrill/Isabela - in the rain - as far away from Cullen as possible

They run along the shore of the Wounded Coast, shadows streaking at their back clouds low overhead.

Isabela’s boots press hard divots in the grey, fine sand. Merrill is unused to the stuff, shifting from glass-hard to sticky and tricky and easy to fall through, her calves aching from the suck and pull of it. She trips over her friend’s footsteps. There is rain in her mouth.

“I think he’s gone,” Merrill gasps. “Can we?—I think I’m going to—”

Merrill stops. The ground is lovely and still when you’re not running all over it. She lets her hand press into the sand. Lifts it away and examines the pattern, swallowing cooler air. “Much better.”

Isabela’s laugh is softer than usual. It might be waterlogged. She crouches low, easy with her boots and her balance, and Merrill watches water drip over the spill of gold at her throat, heavier than the shirt that clings to her breasts and stomach in a way that makes Merrill want to reach out and touch, even though sand does get rather awfully in the way. Still, the sight makes Merrill smile, teeth pressing into her own lower lip.

“We lost him in the Rose, of course,” Isabela says, sigh almost lost. “Templars are so predictable.”

“Except when they’re not.”

Isabela’s eyes grow wide, just for half a breath. Wide and bright as beach glass. Her hair tangles over her face, water-dark and water-long, scarf lost halfway down her back. She watches Merrill and Merrill watches back.

“Except when they’re not, kitten,” she says. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“You have other things to worry about,” Merrill says. “You carry so many knives—”

Isabela leans in and licks a raindrop off the tip of her nose. Merrill breaks off in a squeak.

“That tickled—”

“—do you forgive me?”

“—but there isn’t anything to—”

“—yes there is,” Isabela says, cupping Merrill’s cheek, fingers playing with the beads in her hair until she’s smiling, and teasing the edge of Merrill’s ear until she shivers. “Why were we running away from the the Knight Captain, by the way?”

Merrill blinks. “I was shopping for…um… mirror things,” she manages, mouth twisting on half a lie. “But he had so many questions, and I wasn’t—” she holds out one palm, the skin shiny and new and still a little sore at over a small cut at the centre. It’s harder than she thought, doing it. She watches her friend’s face. Waits for a hiss of sympathy she doesn’t need or disapproval she could not bear. But Isabela’s face is as smooth as the sand beneath their bodies.

“I didn’t feel like I could lie well,” Merrill said. “Not right then.”

“So you ran.”

“And you ran with me!”

“Of course I did.”

Isabela’s fingers dance from her ear to her lips, and Merrill is grinning, delighted at the small noise the pirate makes as she sucks one fingertip into her mouth. Bites down just enough for friendliness.

“But—” Merrill says, breathless, mouth full of warmth. “If you didn’t even know what—”

Her lips are stopped. Two fingertips this time. A sharp tap. Something bright and sweet in Isabela’s eyes.

“—That doesn’t matter a bit, kitten,” she says. “Do that again.”



❖ lucy/jo au →rock band

the only thing better than being a rockstar goddess is getting to share the spotlight with a singer who can reach the highest octaves and knows how to keep up with her rhythm  that’s what lucy always said, wrapping an arm around jo’s shoulder and squeezing them together. jo always blushed, and tried to cover it up with a dismissive hand, followed by a snort.

she didn’t fool anyone, though.

» in which lucy is the guitarrist and occasionally sings, jo is the lead singer, they have the greatest band of all time, and, most importantly, they’re head over hells in love with each other.

Harry Potter Femslash: Cho x Ginny

(modern muggle au)

Cho and Ginny never got along at school, so it surprises everyone, including themselves, when they team up to take care of an orphaned seal pup that Ginny insists on calling Sedna (which Cho thinks is entirely ridiculous and not at all cute). However, as the weeks turn into months, they become friends…. or something like that.

Some thoughts on femslash and tags:

(The main point is bolded for those who don’t want to read all my rambling.)

Femslash February was a really cool thing. Despite some of the drama that happened, I enjoyed it and it seemed like a lot of other people did too. I can’t wait until we do it again next year (I’m assuming we are doing it again because it was fantastic). One of my favorite things about the event, other than the obvious wealth of new fan material, was that I could go into a single tag and see all the different pairings that people were creating for. I wouldn’t have to specifically search “bubbline” to find works for that pairing, and I ended up running across a lot of new pairings that I really enjoyed.

Now, to some extent we still have that with the femslash tag. Obviously there isn’t going to be as much new content when we aren’t all rallying together to make it happen, but the tag is open for any pairing that falls into that category. However, I’ve got say: the femslash tag moves really, really slowly. And it’s not because no one makes femslash works outside of Femslash February. It’s because people don’t tag their works as femslash. Go into the korrasami, bubbline, or brittana tags and there’s new work on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure this is true for other ships as well. These works don’t show up in the femslash tag though. Now, you’re free to tag your works however you want. That’s cool–it’s your choice. I just think that it would be really nice if more people started tagging their femslash content as such so that the femslash tag could act  as a hub for those interested in it as the Femslash February tag acted for the one month.

Again, do as you will, but I think it would be awesome if people started doing this.


sleeping warrior au| in another life 
mulan and aurora went on a journey to save phillip, but it wasn’t so smooth as they wanted to. bandits, that captured them, had a few magical beans capacity of which they wanted to check out. unfortunately portals led girls to different places and they couldn’t find each other until now.


A Piercing Little Star: Official Soundtrack

[Available for download at sendspace]

The official soundtrack for my Dragon Age Big Bang story of the same name, A Piercing Little Star is a fanmix for Bethany Hawke and Leliana in a war torn, post DA2 world. Done for the Women of DA Challenge. Artwork provided by Epsifawnshawn (click pictures to embiggen!).

Download includes CD covers and lyrics.

1// The Storm by Elenowen //2// Don’t Fight It by The Panics //3// Starlight by Muse //4// Dying to Live by Poets of the Fall //5// I Miss You (acoustic) by Blink-182 //6// The Last Song I’ll Write For You by David Cook //7// Only If For A Night by Florence + The Machine //8// My Blood by Ellie Goulding //9// Lost by Within Temptation //10// Shalott by Emilie Autumn //11// Goodbye by The Spice Girls //12// Where I Stood by Missy Higgins //13// Call Me by Shinedown //14// This Is Not The End by Clare Maguire

"Of Their Labor" - (Cassandra/Leliana, for dreamerinsilico)

They ate so much birnefruit that Leliana began to taste like it.

She held out slices to Cassandra as they rode, stuck on the end of a small knife, the early summer juice of it vivid and dripping, studded lightly with shiny black seeds. Leliana smiled each time a piece was taken, chewing quietly around her own. Their horses matched in lazy strides, and there were trees enough to keep them occupied in the day and sheltered at night. Her mind calculated the taste that might forever be different now, the certain flavor they’d both taken on because of it, and Cassandra blushed where no one could see.

For weeks she led the tight contingent of soldiers and wagons toward Val Royeaux, and so no one saw.

Their discreet passage away from the Imperial Highway bore them west when it didn’t twist northward, and their days passed better as the yellowed fields above Cumberland surrendered to fruit trees and meadows. The wagon wheels whined over thick roots, upthrust to confound the old, hidden roads through Nevarra, and a month of snatching down every birnefruit they found left them hungry for newer things.

When there was more dust between them than conversation, stirred by the steady clop of hooves, Cassandra would prod Leliana about the new Inquisitor.

“Will she obey her directives, or will we be saddled with a rogue?” she asked, eyes on the brown braid of road leading through the thicket.

“But you have been,” replied Leliana, smiling down at the paring knife, voice thick as tanglevine honey. “Saddled by a rogue, I mean. To great satisfaction, if I recall.”

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Iron and the Changeless Sea

Vivienne/Adaar femslash D/s foot kisses Dragon Age: Inquisition art by me (quequieresmrmorden).

Yes, Vivienne tied the bow. Adaar has not yet noticed.

BioWare: where a game release date hasn’t yet been set, and already I have romantic BDSM headcanons about earnest service sub Inquisitor Saarebas Adaar (Vashoth but wants to be a reformist Qunari) and her gracious dom First Enchanter Vivienne, Madame de Fer.

oh my heathen gods I did the thing

For my friend girls-with-horns, who asked for a May-December thing, and who has been hounding (hounding, I say!) me for smut.

Lord Avaryss (Sith Pureblood) and her pet Agent, Venoxin (Zabrak).



* * * * *

Ven focused on the target. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, hold…exhale, pull the trigger. The blaster rifle stuttered and hot green beams of energy seared down the range, punching holes in the plasteel dummy. One, two, three. The first two holes were grouped nicely, but the third…

She sighed and set the blaster back down. She was distracted, and it was throwing her off her game.

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