Kisses in red.

Ahh, another comic strip. I’ve never drawn so many kisses before >///< but I’m super proud of how it turned out :3 

Oh yes… Knightwalker doesn’t like to share, so she’s marking what’s hers. I guess this happen after she has that nightmare? She wanted to show Minnie how much she loves her lol. Minnie seems very happy too with them, and more since she knew about the nightmare. 

Ahhh I want to thank my waifu @thelostkuchiki uvu for helping me with the colors uvu 

 @boogey56 I finish the comic strip! Guess Kara wasn’t there to throw something to them…. but… indeed there was people…


Grandma Irene saving her smol grandchild’s innocence. 

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Do you write Rose/Donna? If yes, then maybe an online dating AU? Thank you <3

It was during a night of drinking that Donna decided to swear off men for a while. Every single one she’d dated in the past few years had turned out to be utter arseholes and she was done.

With men. Not with dating.

So, it was with her fourth drink close at hand that she sat down to her computer and started updating her online dating profile to reflect the fact that she was now looking for women to date instead.

It’d been years since she’d been on a date with a woman. It wasn’t like she was ashamed of that part of her sexuality, she’d just always found it easier to approach men. But with online dating available, maybe looking for a nice girl would be simpler than trying to figure out if the cute brunette girl across the bar was flirting or just looking for a friend so they weren’t drinking alone.

By the time Donna woke up the next morning she had a pounding headache and nary a memory of updating her profile. So when she checked it out of habit a week later, she was surprised to see messages from a few different women.

Curious, she clicked through them, deleting a few and answering a couple. She was about to log off when she got a message back from Rose, one of the women she’d answered.

Donna clicked on the message and laughed at the flirty repartee she’d gotten from the blonde. Apparently, the cheeky smile on display in her profile picture was an accurate representation of the girl.

They traded a few more messages, flirting and getting to know each other a bit more. When Donna suggested meeting up for a coffee or a drink, Rose was quick to agree.

(They hit it off in person too and when Donna was able to kiss that cheeky tongue-in-teeth smile right off of Rose’s face, she almost felt like thanking all the male arseholes that had led her to this single moment of perfection.)

(Then Rose slipped her tongue in her mouth and Donna forgot all about them.)

Tale as old as time. A murderous, dangerous woman falls in love with an equally murderous, dangerous woman, and drama befalls them both.

But unlike many tales - there aren’t any guns in their ‘verse. (yeah. I said that).

Originally published in 2010 - so it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Bookmark it to read again and again.

Between Sacrifice. Duty. Primary

Fang/Lightning - warmth of tea light
(Hello I still write, sometimes, maybe. Being a full time worker is exhausting and I’m short on time every day lmao. Buut I try to still write, I still have so many ideas I want to do and I’m not letting go. Soooo, just a small thing, because I had free today and I really wanted to write something!)
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Drip. Drop.

Droplet by droplet the rain gathered at the edge of the umbrella before it dropped own the pavement, the rhythmic sound against the fabric drowning in the busy noises on the street – hurried steps, desperately trying to avoid the rinsing water flooding down the street, car beeping accompanied by angry shouting in the middle of a crossover, a child laughing while their mother sighed in exhaustion –

And in the middle of it, a tiny spot of silence, two people walking together under the safety of an umbrella, not caring of what was happening around them. With the noises blocked out, a comfortable silence occurred, mutual and on the same wavelength, that was the result of the previous happenings. 

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The Smallest City in the World
Chapter 7
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: M
Category: F/F
Fandoms: Marvel
Relationships: Maria Hill/Marina Renner, Sharon Carter/Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov, Kate Bishop/America Chavez (and a bunch of cameos eventually)
Characters: Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers, Maria Hill, Natasha Romanov, Sharon Carter, Pepper Potts, Marina Renner, America Chavez, Kate Bishop (and a bunch of cameos eventually)
Additional Tags: AU: Rock Band, Girl Band, AU: No Powers

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@blackpantherlady said: Dean/Fem!Cas

Honestly, I hate gender-swapping for the sake of it.

Like, as a kink or a crack thing, it’s whatever, but like gender-swapping for the sake of making a slash fic het (or vice versa) I don’t get it.

If the two characters are canonically men, just keep them male. (That goes for het, femslash, etc)

I think gender-swapping would only be okay if the character is actually transgender.