femslash february

i need more femslash aus
  • fake dating my best friend to have someone to vent to on family gatherings. meanwhile pissing off my conservative uncle i never liked anyway and then pretending to date even though noone is around AU
  • my new neighbor is smoking hot and i didn’t even like women until now and she has a garden and plants flowers in her bikini and i am dying inside AU
  • the obligatory coffee shop story in which i buy my hot chocolate with cinnamon whenever i feel bad and the cute barista starts drawing little pictures on my cup to make me smile and it always works so i come on days when i don’t actually feel sad AU
  • excuse you you are sitting on my seat in this lecture and who are you anyway i never saw you before hey wtf are you checking me out? AU
  • body swap with height difference and lots of awkward ensuing clumsyness AU
  • we are the only two girls left after all the partnering-up stuff in this heteronormative dancing lesson so let’s dance together i didn’t like any of the guys anyway AU
  • can i sit with you during this trainride bc the guy over there is giving me the creeps and oh my god are you reading a song of ice and fire? AU
  • you found me drunk and crying in a bathroom bc my ex dumped me and then you brought me to a taxi and insisted to give me your number so you’d know that i got home safe and then we start texting a lot AU
  • we bump into each other in the supermarket every friday and we always buy the same ice cream maybe we should eat some ice cream together AU
  • my mother brought her new partner home and i am slightly pissed off for no reason and then it turns out her partner has a daughter my age and i’ll probably hate her but then we team up to rant about our horribly lovey-dovey parents and it’s delightful bc you are so full of rage AU
  • i went to a museum to get some inspiration to draw and then i saw you staring at one of the paintings in awe so i drew you and then you saw my picture and i am dying of embarassment AU
art school au prompts
  • you’re a life model and i’m an artist
  • hi i need to draw someone for an assignment
  • i keep coming back to the print shop because my colours aren’t coming out right but also you’re really cute
  • you’re the opinionated one who always has a lot to say during critique but when i ask you out on a date you just blush and say yes
  • you’re trying to get your giant canvas into the elevator and you better watch out before you knock someone down, here, let me help you
  • in any public place: i could swear you keep looking at me, hang on are you drawing me
  • i borrowed some of your paintbrushes in class bc i forgot mine but i accidentally left with them
  • as part of an installation you’re doing you stand in the main hall dressed in white from head to toe with a sign inviting people to draw on you, so i leave my number on your back and you actually call
  • i’m new here can you help me find the printmaking studios? what do you mean you’re lost too
  • help me out while i paint this mural? someone’s got to hold the ladder
  • so we’re the only ones in the kiln room, huh
  • so we’re the only ones in the darkroom, huh
  • i bumped into you and your paint box fell and your stuff spilled out everywhere, oh god i’m so sorry
  • i need to make a plaster cast of someone’s face/body part, any volunteers
  • they painted over that one wall in the main staircase again so i was going to paint some cool graffiti on it but you got there first
even more femslash aus
  • I always hear you singing/playing the piano through the ceiling and i’m pretty sure I liked and reblogged all your songs on tumblr but I’m too shy to talk to you AU
  • I always hear you fighting through the walls with your mean boyfriend and sometimes you cry when he leaves so I play Taylor Swift rly loudly and leave cookies at your front door to cheer you up and one time you open the door AU
  • We are captains of rivaling football teams and of course I hate you but you’re also rly hot AU
  • We got screwed by the same asshole and now we’re teaming up against him AU
  • You are the lady who always does my nails and you keep calling me sweetie and I think I am dying bc your eyes are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen AU
  • We are doing a first aid course together and have to team up bc we’re the only ones who came here alone AU
  • You are my best friend’s other best friend and I never met you but I’m a bit jealous and then our friend introduced us and you made a Sailor Moon reference somewhere along the way and now I am hopelessly head over heels AU
  • I accidentally dialled your number when I was drunk and we talked for about an hour before I started throwing up and you send me a rly nice text the next morning to hear if I am alright AU
  • I am the person you hired to babysit your four year old child and somewhere along the way I think I stumbled into sth like a romantic comedy AU

anonymous asked:

i had a lot of respect for you as an artist but i'm pretty disappointed in you doing femslash february and your recent obsession with yuri. don't you think that's kind of fetishizing lesbians?

maybe it would be, if i weren’t a lesbian myself?

i’m actually going to answer this seriously because it’s something i want to talk about. 

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