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Hello! I know you're not really a rec blog, but do you know of any good hp fics out there with an f/f pairing as the main pair? I've been struggling to find any in this fandom, which as a wlw myself is kind of disheartening :/ thank you and I hope you have a great day! 💕💕

Hey! sorry for how late I’m responding, I’ve been traveling and haven’t had much time to use my laptop and make recs. 

as a sapphic woman, I find it quite disheartening too. I’ve only ever found good fics with side f/f pairings. Try filtering your ao3 search as follows: Harry Potter – F/F – most Kudos – English and Completed. I do that and while MOST results can be extremely odd, either fics with dozens upon dozens of odd or even underage pairings, fics where they were side pairings, fics with crossovers (the 100/hp and more), you can find some gems like these:


Dyad by holyfant (3170 words)

Dyad (noun): 1. something consisting of two parts. 2. a pair, partners.
Luna and Ginny do a little moon magic.

God, this one just made me feel so serene. I loved it. I loved Ginny and Luna’s characterizations. It’s gorgeous and sad and beautiful and happy all the same. I recommend listening to calm instrumentals as you read. 

The Rumour Mill by such_heights (3045 words)

People really do focus on the strangest things.

So gorgeous and so them, ahhh. I love it. 

Grazed Knees by montparnasse (5483 words)

The war is over, except that it isn’t, and Ginny is done fighting, except that she’s not.

God, so adorable. I love post-war fics. 

Gabrielle Delacour/Pansy Parkinson

Paris is Big and We are Small by holyfant (5784 words)

It’s interesting how it’s easy to meet yourself, even in a city of this size.

So hot and beautiful … it had me grinning non-stop. 

and this Pansmione fic rec I’ve been going through. 

Happy Reading!