~Companion Poppet~

Hi guys, so today I made my very first poppet! This poppet is actually a gift to a friend for their birthday but I thought I would share this new experience with you all!

So, this poppet is made from polymer clay (sculpey and femo) and includes runes for protection,abundance, and joy (located in the note I attached to her)

But a poppet can be made from almost any material for any purpose, I usually see people utilizing poppets for specific rituals/deities/curses or people similar to a traditional voo doo doll. I personally like the idea of creating an entirely new “being” or helper so that’s what I did! These are the steps I followed;

1. Pick my intentions and how I was going to best represent them.

2. Decide or get a feel for “who” this poppet is, their purpose, attitude, even their style! Personalization can be a great way to really put your energy into your creation

3.Pick a name! (or you can decide at the very end)

4. Create poppet, for me this meant I needed to sculpt,bake,paint, and polish. You can create a poppet from paper or anything you have around this was just my preferred material!

5. Bring your little friend to life! For this I repeated the following three times, and each time I blew into her face (visualize your energy or breath becoming the poppets). “I breathe life into you (Name).”

6. At this point you can either be done or cast a spell to really make their purpose clear, I like to use the following as an ending;
“As long as it hurts none, by my power, so mote it be” (use whatever you want)

7. Enjoy your new friend (or prepare them for their new home).  I recommend that once the poppet is settled that it be put in a central/easy to see place. 

Hope this helps someone! 

(if you have any questions please don’t hesitate asking me)

~Caffeinated Pagan

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Se llama Charlotte Plask y la llaman Charlie. Tiene 16 años y es estudiante de secundaria. Tiene un increíble parecido con Kaya Scodelario y está OCUPADA.

☆ Historia ☆

Charlotte nació en una casa llena de peleas, alcohol y regalos sin sentido. Siendo la segunda hija del matrimonio Plask, Charlie siempre pasó desapercibida. Su hermana siempre fue buena en todo; tenia buenas notas, era popular y tenia un novio distinto cada semana.

Charlie no lo hizo por llamar la atención, simplemente necesitaba una familia, y ellos eran lo más cercano a una familia. Sin pensárselo dos veces Charlie cayó en las drogas y el alcohol.

☆ Personalidad ☆

Charlie es un chica callada y reservada. Es inteligente y perspicaz. No le gusta mucho hablar, pero cuando lo hace es por que tiene razón. Es una muy buena amiga que sabe escuchar y se llevará los secretos a la tumba.

Es sarcastica, la ironia es su mejor arma y no dudara en usarla si le tocas las narices o si le caes mal. No tiene problema en meterte un puñetazo, si le caes mal no intentes hacerla cambiar de opinion o se cabreara de lo lindo. Charlie es una persona muy protectora y si le haces algo a ella o a los que quiere te rompera la cara, Charlie ni perdona ni olvida.

Femo Galaxy Ring by Glamour Twinkles. Another early Twinkle.  I wanted to do something with the collection of Femo I had.  It turned out to be quite a technical little ring, as Femo skrinks when you bake it.  I’d mixed up the colours, added some twinkling glitter, cooked it, then made the copper rng to encasethe femo-tastic marvel.


this is a custom jar, made by (me, @stashjars )

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Violeta, 17 años. Estudiante. || Signo: Cáncer. || Relaciones: Amiga de Alexy, Iris y Kim.

Es muy tímida y callada, pero siempre está dispuesta a ayudar. Tiene un peluche que lleva consigo misma a todos lados, incluso al instituto aunque le avergüence y lo esconde en la mochila, con el propósito de mantenerlo en secreto. Hasta el momento nadie se ha enterado de ello. Fue un regalo de su padre para que le diera confianza, algo de lo que carece notoriamente. Le gusta escuchar a las personas y dibujar. Es muy difícil llegar a conocerla, pero si se logra, no habrá sido un desperdicio de tiempo.

(+) Dibujar, la costura y los peluches.

(-) Las fiestas.

  • Violeta está OCUPADA

Nova Hartwin | 15 | District 9 | FC: Chloe Moretz | OPEN

>> Nova Hartwin is a ticking time bomb that’s ready to blow at any second. All her life, people have overlooked her because she’s small and appears to be weak. She doesn’t talk much, which makes her a mystery to many. She knows who she is, though. She’s smarter than anyone could ever think. Her parents exposed her to the Hunger Games as soon as they became relevant, and it’s all that’s been on Nova’s mind since she could remember. 

Something terrible may have blossomed in her mind along the way, but at least everyone will learn to know her name. <<

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