Nome: Elizabeth Switch | Idade: 17 anos | Pais: Desconhecidos | Quadribol: Não joga | Pure Blood | Irmãos: Não | Sobrinha de Jannet Switch | FC: Anna Speckhart | Ocupada

Bio: Effy cresceu separada da tia e de toda sua família. Foi criada em um orfanato com pessoas que nunca desejou conhecer. Sempre foi muito rebelde e az vezes até mal educada. Entrou em Hogwarts contra sua vontade, não ligando então, para os estudos ou matérias dadas. Descobriu que era sobrinha de Jannet por uma carta de sua mãe, ficando então, mais próxima da mulher. Sempre sentiu algo a mais por pessoas do mesmo sexo, apesar de não demonstrar.

the current hilariously stupid maverick third party leader this election is gareth morgan, leader of the equally stupidly named the opportunities party or TOP he’s been ranting about femo-fascists and thinking he’s better than everyone else because he’s a gazillionaire or something

new zealand’s politics are some quality shitpost material right now even winston peters, leader of new zealand first, a man born in 1945, is owning him on twitter

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OMG DE-AGED!OBI-WAN IS THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER READ!!! Please, continue it!! I want to see Qui-Gon reaction to the kidnapping and how Xanatos and Feemor will try to get out of trouble xD

Something was off.

Qui-Gon knew that the moment he woke up, tightening his arm around the soft thing on his chest as he frowned drowsily.

But his tired mind couldn’t quite connect the dots as he laid there, snuggling Obi-Wan to him…no, wait, Obi-Wan was a soft little thing but not THIS soft?

Blue stormy eyes snapped open to stare at one of the couch pillows in his arms instead of the fluffy copper head of his padawan as he sat up quickly. “Obi-Wan?” He called out, swinging his legs and sitting properly as he looked around, his heart leaping to his throat at the lack of answer.

His little one couldn’t have left their quarters could he?

Had he woken up while Qui-Gon was still asleep and decided he was bored?

The master Jedi stood quickly and made his way to check on each of the rooms while calling out to his padawan through the bond. ‘Obi-Wan, where are you?’

'Xana and Femo took me to dinner in Xana’s rooms.’ Came the soft response, stilling Qui-Gon as he turned to the data com to note it was flashing with a message.

'Really now…Xanatos and Feemor took you to dinner. You can tell both of them they are in trouble.’


Qui-Gon snorted at the innocent question while opening the message from…of course, Xanatos. 'Because they stole you while we were asleep. Now stay there until I get there little one.’

'Uh-oh, okay mastah.’

'And you are not in trouble Obi-Wan.’ He quickly soothed while throwing on his robe and making his way out through the door, grumbling to himself. “Blasted former padawans…talk about giving me a damn heart attack…” He muttered to himself as he stormed through the halls.

A thunderous frown on his face and the lack of a padawan on his arm made others jump out of his way until he was finally outside the quarters of Xanatos, giving a sharp rap on it with his knuckles and then crossing his arms over his chest, raising a severly unimpressed eyebrow at his former padawans.

“Ah, master! So good to see yo-” Xanatos meeped a bit as Qui-Gon swept past him and over to Obi-Wan, picking up the toddler. “Yes, I’m quite sure you are happy to see me. That’s why you woke me before taking Obi-Wan with you.” He leveled a calm stare at Feemor who smiled sheepishly in return. “And I expected better of you at least, you seem to be Xanatos impulse control usually.”

“Puff?” Obi-Wan blinked at Qui-Gon and held up a half eaten puff cake.

“…No thank you Obi-Wan. You enjoy yours and I’ll find something else after I had dinner.” He smiled at the redhead before smirking at Xanatos and Feemor. “Now, would you like to see a two on one sparring battle little one? I’m sure your older padawan brothers would be willing to give a demonstration…or perhaps two on two, I’m sure Mace would be more then happy to help me.”

Xanatos paled and Feemor dropped his face in his hands. He KNEW this had been a terrible idea.

“I’m not su-”

“Pwease!” Obi-Wan gasped, giving everyone his biggest eyes, staring at Xanatos while Qui-Gon continued to smirk smugly. “I wanna see!”

Xanatos hesitated for a second longer before giving in. He knew the look on Qui-Gon’s face meant he couldn’t escape. And how could he say no to Obi-Wan’s adorable pouty face!

“We’re so kriffed…” Feemor whispered into his hands. “So sith kriffed.”

“Mastah, Femo said a bad word!”

“I know little one. I’m sure he’ll regret them soon.”


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I don't know if this has been brought up before, but my headcanon is that if there were female classes, 1) they would be entirely different characters than and even look different from the canon male mercs, and 2) they would be almost as insane (if not PRECISELY as much) as the canon ones.

Yes, exactly. 

AND FEM SPY WOULD NOT WEAR A SUIT ONTO THE BATTLEFIELD. It really annoys me, because she’d be the kind of woman to wear the most impractical kind of dresses and masks into the fray, but still manage to get around without any trouble. (Like Spy is with his suit.) 


I don’t know why people think she’d suddenly be sober is she was a woman. 

AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, FEM SOLLY WOULD STILL ACT MILITANT AND YELL AT EVERYONE AND MAKE NO SENSE HALF OF THE TIME. As much as I love the idea, she wouldn’t suddenly become this super-mature, completely sane, Veteran. She’s still Soldier, not a different person just because her gender is different. 

AND THEY DON’T ALL BECOME PROSTITUTES BY BECOMING FEMALE. If I see another femo fortress stripper design, I’m going to throw my computer out the window. 

There are some things that would be different depending on if they were raised a girl or a boy because of social things and such, but not so drastically.

Se llama Charlotte Plask y la llaman Charlie. Tiene 16 años y es estudiante de secundaria. Tiene un increíble parecido con Kaya Scodelario y está OCUPADA.

☆ Historia ☆

Charlotte nació en una casa llena de peleas, alcohol y regalos sin sentido. Siendo la segunda hija del matrimonio Plask, Charlie siempre pasó desapercibida. Su hermana siempre fue buena en todo; tenia buenas notas, era popular y tenia un novio distinto cada semana.

Charlie no lo hizo por llamar la atención, simplemente necesitaba una familia, y ellos eran lo más cercano a una familia. Sin pensárselo dos veces Charlie cayó en las drogas y el alcohol.

☆ Personalidad ☆

Charlie es un chica callada y reservada. Es inteligente y perspicaz. No le gusta mucho hablar, pero cuando lo hace es por que tiene razón. Es una muy buena amiga que sabe escuchar y se llevará los secretos a la tumba.

Es sarcastica, la ironia es su mejor arma y no dudara en usarla si le tocas las narices o si le caes mal. No tiene problema en meterte un puñetazo, si le caes mal no intentes hacerla cambiar de opinion o se cabreara de lo lindo. Charlie es una persona muy protectora y si le haces algo a ella o a los que quiere te rompera la cara, Charlie ni perdona ni olvida.

Femo Galaxy Ring by Glamour Twinkles. Another early Twinkle.  I wanted to do something with the collection of Femo I had.  It turned out to be quite a technical little ring, as Femo skrinks when you bake it.  I’d mixed up the colours, added some twinkling glitter, cooked it, then made the copper rng to encasethe femo-tastic marvel.