This was my special effects final at school. It started with a concept sketch and back story of an evil prince who needlessly killed a crow. Little did he know that the crow was actually the transformed son of an old gypsy woman. To punish the prince for his wickedness, she tricked him into accepting a cursed cloak which turned him into a crow. The design is half way into that transformation. 

I sculpted this  out of chavant on my partner’s face cast. Then we made it into molds so we could make appliances. This ended up being three pieces; the face, the top beak, and bottom beak. Also all of the little bumps on the head were individual pieces that had to be glued down.

I was pleased with my concept but my paint job was not the best. 

Appliances made out of Foam Latex. Painted with PAX, rubber mask grease paint, and an airbrush.


This is the interview dress I made for my wonderful friend Unwinona. I designed this based on the description in the book and making it was truly a labor of love. So many people helped with this dress, which is good because it was quite tedious. Each diamond was hand sewn to the base dress. Every diamond is three layers of fabric surged together and we cut fifty diamonds out of each kind of fabric. Someone else can do the math on that.