What I say: i’m fine

What I mean: I hope femmy is doing well today, she is just so cute with her cute little pink polka dotted bra but anyway I hope she hasn’t been harassed by calvin today and that she is enjoying herself even though she is literally a fictional character she still means so much to me and I relate to her on a personal level, thank u femmy for always calling calvin out on his shit. u say so much shit to him that i want to say to him in real life even though you come off a little crazy but that’s okay because i like my women crazy pLEASE MARRY ME YOU SEXY PINK AND PURPLE THICC ASS REPTILIAN.


Here is the 600 prize we owned you all for donating for Flew. Once again, thanks everyone so much for all your help. Now we will work on the 800 prize, which we would like to have more ideas for. Send us suggestions of what you’d like to see. 

Sorry for for the huge delay in having this picture ready, but we had some issues with time and Bronycon, but finally it is here. Thanks everyone who helped Flew. Right now he is getting accustomed to a new home and living a lot happier, so hopefully he can start working with us again soon. Now that this is done, we can finally go back to regular updates and shenanigans, but keep your eyes open for something else that’s about to come. You’ll all see~