Here is the 600 prize we owned you all for donating for Flew. Once again, thanks everyone so much for all your help. Now we will work on the 800 prize, which we would like to have more ideas for. Send us suggestions of what you’d like to see. 

Sorry for for the huge delay in having this picture ready, but we had some issues with time and Bronycon, but finally it is here. Thanks everyone who helped Flew. Right now he is getting accustomed to a new home and living a lot happier, so hopefully he can start working with us again soon. Now that this is done, we can finally go back to regular updates and shenanigans, but keep your eyes open for something else that’s about to come. You’ll all see~

-insert Doctor who theme here-

Sorry I haven’t been updating as often, life has been being bumpy and other things have distracted me. Hopefully I’ll get back on track as soon as possible, but for now, thank you for sticking around with me for this long, and hopefully you guys will stick around for more!

Again, thank you for 4k+ followers!


wow its dinosaur mAN fIVE TIMES

ok, i tried to draw some emotion artwork for leafy/calvin. turned out pretty good and im proud of this to be honest. took awhile, but worth it. :0

i don’t think he’ll see them, but it was still nice to have myself busy-oh and, it was fun too. also on my twitter!

okay i made a follow forever. i did this super quick so i know im forgetting some people probably im really sorry

this is just friends or people/blogs i think are way cool. the header image is “A Pile of Crowns for Jean-Michel Basquiat” by Keith Haring

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quinn it wont let me @ you. its probably your sexy url