I’m ready to fall in love

I’m so happy for other couples, I am, but I’m so ready to experience that. I’m so sick of the game play, the “I wonder if she likes me”, the “should I text first?”, and not having my person. I don’t date for fun - I date because I see something in you. I want to know you, grow with you, and see if you could be the one I spend my life with. I’m pretty pissed at my future wife because clearly she is taking her sweet time showing up. Lets go. 

To be clear, these gender misconceptions hurt gays and lesbians, too. Many people automatically assume butch women are lesbians because of their masculinity, and those same people show surprise when feminine women identify as lesbian. For gay men, any expression of femininity can lead to regressive associations with sexual preferences (a more masculine guy is presumed to be a “top,” while a more feminine guy gets cast as the “bottom”). In these ways and many others, gender stereotypes hamper everyone in the queer community—but there are some distinct ways in which they hurt bisexual men.