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I myself have read a many Fem!Merlin fanfictions, from the innocent to the smutty. I’ve written a few, put one on fanfiction. In one word, I’m completely obsessed. So much that I find it hard to read Merlin fics that aren’t Fem!Merlin.

Fem!Merlin got me into (… Obsessed) the genderbending scene. I for one enjoy fictions where the male character(s) is born a female, and the fic shows how it affects the series. For some reason I hate fem!Arthur. It just has no clickly clackly brain obsession feel to it for me.

Before anyone starts to think I’m somewhat homophobic, I assure you that it not the case. I like slash (even more so femslash) sometimes. But it isn’t my cup of tea. Such as some fangirls would say het isn’t theirs’. Also, I don’t enjoy Fem!MErlin for the lack of slash. I enjoy it for seeing how Merlin being a girl would affect the series.

But I’m getting slightly off topic here. I’m going to give you a list (in no particular order) of, personally, my favorite Fem!Merlin fanfictions.


1. The Golden Effect (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7071703/1/The_Golden_Effect)

“No. You’re just naturally irritating,” Arthur corrected. And distracting. He didn’t know why the vision of her in her masculine clothes was such a desirable look on her to him, but it was. He wished she wasn’t attractive in any way, so that he wouldn’t have these taboo thoughts about her.

“Well, you - you are a clotpole,” she hissed quietly.

He rolled his eyes. “You’ve used that insult already, I’m afraid. Would you like some ice for that incredible burn of yours?”

“No, because that will just make the burn worse. Using cold water is more effective,”

-Chapter 21, Le Morte D’ Arthur: Against Time



A wonderful epic fanfiction about… Fem!Merlin. Of course. Merlynn here is just as spunky and sarcastic as her male counterpart, if not a bit more badass. Currently her romance with Arthur is fucked up, because of certain reasons and a bitchy Morgana who broke up my OTP. Includes a bit a sexytimes and talk of sexual intercourse. But not nearly enough for my perverted female brain. The author adds just enough to the series without taking anything away. A slightly Game of Thrones-y adaption of the series. It is rather long, so I warn the faint-of-timed, you will get sucked in. Series ongoing, updated every Sunday.

2. What Need Means

Merlin broke her stillness, and advanced rapidly towards him. He grinned broadly at her. When she was right in front of him, Arthur decided to drop all pretense, and he kissed her squarely on the mouth.
Instead of leaning into the kiss and reciprocating, Merlin hastily pulled away and snatched the baby from Arthur. Holding the child on her left side, Merlin wound her right arm back, and before Arthur knew what was happening, her fist was colliding squarely with his face.

-What Need Means (11b/?)


In this series there is quite a lot of sex. Which I personally enjoy. In a nutshell, Merlin and Arthur are in a purely sexual relationship at the beginning. Arthur falls in love with Gwen (and flat out tells Merlin… As if she was a guy and they weren’t fucking each other) but they keep up their sexual based relationship. As if friends with benefits ever turns out wrong. This fanfiction makes you want to cry for Merlin (she falls in love with Arthur), kill Arthur (he’s oblivious and treats Merlin like shit) and slap the two of them for being oblivious to their feelings. Merlin falls pregnant (When an attractive asshole and a pretty idiotic girl who cares nothing about herself love each other very much without realizing it…) and just before she tells Arthur, she loses her nerve when she find out Gwen and Arthur are to be married. Not wanting to ruin their happiness, to goes to Ealdor and sulks like a pregnat woman in love with the wrong guy should. Then shit happens… Arthur finds out he’s in love with Merlin… Goes to find her… Baby boy has a weird dragon-esque name… Series is ongoing.

3. Fucking Tradition (http://hermette.livejournal.com/263599.html)

This would never happen, Arthur thinks, if Merlin were respectable, if she were of the peerage. It would never be allowed to happen, because she would have a chaperone with her, an aunt or a married sister who would sit demurely in the corner and keep Arthur’s hands off of Merlin’s skin, but it’s not just that. It’s that, if Merlin were titled, raised for society; if she pruned and painted, she would never speak to Arthur as she does. She would never raise her voice and point her finger at him, would never poke Arthur in the chest and demand so much of him. She would never inflame his passions as she does.

Except — except that she does, and every time he is in her company, Arthur finds himself wondering how to get her alone, and what to say, how to tell her.

-Fucking Tradition

What happens when you take bodice ripping, love, Fem!Merlin and a possessive Arthur? Lots of finger fucking that would make me blush if I were normal. Completed oneshot.

4. Beneath the Skin (http://medie.livejournal.com/1605865.html)

He knows.

Somehow, when Merlin disappears, Arthur just knows where she’s gone. He wakes to the pull of it, his name whispered through the window on the breeze. It slides along his skin like the touch of her hand, pulling him up and out of bed.

He rides out before dawn, his horse saddled and ready when he reaches the stables. Merlin’s scent tickles his nose and he breathes deep, picturing her standing there in her manservant disguise and grinning up at him.

The sight of her, standing on the Isle’s shores, hair loosed and beautiful, bare toes peeking from beneath her gown, steals his breath.

-Beneath the Skin

Far too short for the chemistry and love it shows. From the chunk of it above you can tell how much he loves her, and you can almost feel it yourself. If your an author and you can accomplish that, then you’ve won the battle. Completed oneshot.

5. The boy Next Door (http://ladyreapermc.livejournal.com/19938.html)

“So? Is she hot?” Owen prompts curiously and all the boys turn to look at Arthur expectantly.

Arthur is not sure how to answer that. Sure, he had checked Merlin out once or twice when they were in the pool, but the blonde had never taken time to consider if he actually thought the girl was attractive.

His mind conjures a picture of Merlin. Dark, dark hair, bright blue eyes, huge grin; Pale skin that seems to glow, small frame, but with all the right curves…

“Yeah.” He says with a coarse voice. “She is.”

-The Boy Next Door Series Part 41

A reincarnation fic with the characters in high school. Who could go wrong with that? Merlin is a slightly geeky (but attractive, as Fem!Merlin is often rightly portrayed) teen who can use magic and remembers her first (of many) past life. Mordred is Merlin’s younger half brother who she didn’t know existed until later. Morgana is an adorable seventh grader who also remembers the past, Arthur’s younger sister. Arthur is a jock who moves next door to Merlin. Certainly a fic for you if you want more happy endings than death, angst and swords. Keeps the chapters short, sweet and to the point. Completed series.

But now I’m getting a bit tired of giving descriptions, so I’m just going to give a ton of links.











http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7582026/1/Merlin_A_Girl *snicker*









And while I find it rather conceited to list my own fanfiction here, somebody might want to read it so…



If you are awesome enough to have written a Fem!Merlin and it isn’t listed, it isn’t that I didn’t like it. Most likely I forgot it… So…




Merlin found the day-to-day business of Arthur as tedious as it had been before she had left and for a moment she contemplated just bringing a book with her, but it was far more difficult to see threats to the crown over the parchment and cover of a book.

And every so often she’d glance towards Percival’s direction to find him gazing at her in a way that made her cheeks flush and she’d look away with a slight smile on her face.

She caught up with him after Arthur dismissed her.

“You are very distracting,” Percival told her.

“Me?” Merlin laughed and he smiled. “I could never be! Who would dare to distract a knight when he needs all of his attention on the moment of here and now?”

“You underestimate your ability to be distracting,” Percival said, his deep voice sending tingles across her skin as he leaned down to whisper the words in her ear, grinning at her.

Merlin’s lips curled upwards into a smile that had long not been present on her face as he pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles, a soft kiss on each one. And Merlin ignored how several maidservants openly gaped at the pair of them.

It was one thing to be a maidservant who had vanished shortly after the Citadel had been retaken only to reappear nearly a near later, but it was something else entirely to earn kisses from a knight.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, “for convincing me to come back.”

“It was a joint effort,” Percival said modestly, and Merlin laughed, kissing his cheek lightly before freeing herself of him and skipping off in the direction of where Gwen was working in the castle.

Chapter 1 - Dragon’s Call - Pt. 1

She woke with a soft groan. Small tufts of hair had slid over her face during the night. A lone strand of ebony had moved with the light brush of air that had entered the room and had given her nose a light tickling. Shifting slightly, the young woman opened bleary eyes to find that her makeshift pillow was rising and falling at a rhythmic pace, matching a breathy snore that was disturbing the silence of the room. The events of the night before ran quickly through her mind. She gave a small smile at the recollection.

It had been her last night in Ealdor and she had meant to make it memorable. After her mother had gone to bed for the night, the young woman had headed to the village tavern. She had taken her last chance to see her childhood friends over one last jubilation with mead. The thud in her head was verification enough of the amount she had partaken in, as was the handsome stranger that was her pillow.

Slowly, the young woman inched herself away from the snoring man, stealthily removing his arm from about her stomach as she rose from the pallet, glancing around the room in search of her clothes. A rush of air left her skin chilled as she quietly worked her way into her clothing. Her attire hardly ever changed, as it was all she had, save for a small selection of tunics and a dress her mother had fashioned for her. Tan leather breeches covered her legs and a brightly dyed blue tunic accompanied it, covering the light cloth undergarments she owned. The young woman found her dark brown leather boots by the wall of the hut, along with the leather corset she had been able to piece together herself. She slipped on her boots, tucked in her tunic, and began tying her corset as she crept quietly out the back door and off into the woods.

She had learned the hard way when she had exited via the front door once, when she had had one of her encounters from the tavern before. It had resulted in a severe punishment from her mother—three weeks of chores plus several “educational” speeches from her mother. The young woman had been forced to read a book on such matters, and while it had been very informative, it was not a process she wanted repeated. Since then she had made a point to not do the deed as often, despite how enjoyable it was. The prior night had been an exception.

Treading lightly through the underbrush, she made her way to her home in the early light of dawn, praying that her mother had not roused as of yet. The thought of leaving Ealdor saddened her, but it had been something she and her mother had agreed upon, as her gift would eventually bring trouble to her if she did not get more knowledge on how to control and use it. Hudith, her mother, had done what she could, giving her books that she had managed to trade for from smugglers that passed through the village. As the woman grew older, the magic that had been born with her developed as well, and her mother feared what outcome would occur if someone were to find out. So she was leaving, to save her own neck by hiding in plain sight, as well as that of her mother’s.

The books she would miss as well. They had served as a basis on which she could control the power welling up within her. The tomes were familiar, and comforting - the scent of them alone was enough to calm her on the most troubling of days - but she knew she couldn’t be caught with them once she reached Camelot. Magic was outlawed throughout the kingdom, and she had an inkling that if King Uther’s guards found a commoner with books of magic with the walls of the city, they would receive accusations of sorcery and would be put to death. She would have to keep her magic a secret.

The youth stepped through the threshold to her home, only to be welcomed to the clearing of her mother’s throat. Bright blue eyes rounded in surprise, almost giving a similar likeness to a startled deer.

“Merilyn, where have you been?” Hudith’s tone was accusatory, but soft. Her accusation didn’t reach her eyes, saddened and red as they were, moist from the tears that were still present upon her cheek.

Merilyn’s eyes moved to anywhere but her mother’s, “Walking in the forest, mum.” Once her eyes met those of her mother, she knew that her ruse has been weak. She still didn’t admit her misdeed, not wanting to worry her mother, whose main worry was that of disease and unwanted pregnancy. The young woman had never told Hudith of the research she had done to prevent such things in the very tomes she had been given. She had the basic knowledge to create a medicine to prevent such infection, and her magic helped keep her womanly anatomy dormant, a skill she had learned by mistake - what a shock that had been - but had nonetheless proven useful. Such knowledge would have been too awkward for her mother’s ears.

“Well, you are a proper adult now, lass. What you do in your spare time is nothing for mine mind.” Merilyn’s eyes widened at this. ““No matter whether I approve or not. You are still my daughter after all.”

Hudith placed a bowl of warm porridge in Merilyn’s small hands. “You should eat up before you go,” Hudith said with a heavyhearted smile, placing a hand on the young woman’s shoulder as she sat to eat.  She tended herself to her own bowl, and they sat in silence. Merilyn’s eyes roamed over the small cottage, taking in every detail to memory, afraid that she might never see it again. A worn leather pack sat ready by the door, bow and quiver leaning neatly beside it, her daggers lying across the top of her pack. That explained why Hudith had been awake already; she had packed Merilyn’s items for her. After her last bite, she gave a small sigh, and leaned into her mother.

“I wish I didn’t have to go.” Her eyes began to moisten; her mother began to sob softly. They brought each other into an embrace, one that was tighter than either had thought possible of the other.

Hudith gave a muffled reply through her hair, “I know, my dear, but it’s for the best.” She withdrew, cupping her daughter’s face in her hand and placing a kiss on her forehead. She eyed the window. “The sun is brightening the day, and you’ve a long trip ahead.” She blinked a tear away, a frustrated hand wiping it from her face as she motioned Merilyn towards her items and watched as her daughter shrugged into her light tan jacket.

Merilyn unhitched the cord from her bow and placed it in her quiver before placing it on her back along with her pack. She placed a dagger in the pouches she had fashioned in each boot, positioned in such a way where she could not cut herself and so that it would be snug while she moved. As she had grown, she had always been chastised for knowing how to use such things. She was female after all, and it was the way of things that women not foray into weaponry. But ever since she could remember she had not had a father, or any siblings to speak of, so she made do. Her knowledge of archery came with time through hunting, and her skills with a blade from the numerous onslaughts that bandits and outlaws had brought upon Ealdor. Years of experience had given her a lengthy list of skills, none of which she was sure she would be able to use if she would be confined within the walls of a city. The prospect both excited and frightened her.

She turned to her mother as she drew her long locks into a tight braid, tying it closed with a flexible strip of leather. Hudith dangled a corded necklace from her fingers. Its cords were of blue, red, and black leather weaved together, with a small clear crystal at its center. “To remember me, my dear.” Merilyn accepted the gift, and tied it securely around her neck; the crystal resting just above her bosom. As soon as her hands were free, her mother swept her into an embrace again. Withdrawing, they nodded to each other, and Merilyn stepped through the front entrance to begin her trek towards Camelot trying her hardest to not glance back.


Merilyn had made it about halfway, or what she hoped was halfway based on her mother’s directions, before she stopped to make camp. After a small fire had been created with but a whisper of a spell. She munched on some dried fruit as she stared at the few stars that peaked through the tree canopy.  What would it be like living in the city? What purpose would she find for herself? Would she meet anyone? Or rather, would she find anyone worth pursuing? She chuckled at the though as her imagination swept her away as she tried to imagine who this Gaius man was, what the castle looked like, how people would treat her. Eventually she succumbed to sleep.

As dim light began to trickle through the gaps in the canopy, Merilyn was jolted awake as some stranger forced her from her slumber, rolling her face into the leaves of the forest floor. A rough hand pinned her hands to her back and brought her to her feet. She felt the cold steel of a blade press upon her neck. A filthily dressed man stepped in front of her, greed apparent in his eyes.

Those eyes traced their ways along her body she rather they’d not go, and it was obvious that his greed was not the kind like gold lust. The shoddily dressed bandit stepped forward, pressing the rough pads of his fingers across the flesh that was visible above her tunic. “What is a beauty such as you doing alone in our forest?”

Her eyes narrowed at the man. “You mean King Uther’s forest….that is unless something has happened to promote your position to that of royalty.” Her retort resulting in the blade pressed harder against her throat as the bandit grabbed her chin, unclean fingers digging into her cheeks.

“No king rules us little lady. We say who goes through here. And we say what happens to those who go through here.” The rough hand left her cheeks, leaving them red, as it traveled down her body, touching her in places she didn’’t want touched. “You wouldn’t know of a way of convincin’ us to let you go, now would ya, lass?”” She could hear sniggering from behind her. There were more than two of them.

Merilyn’s face became heated. “Oh, I know of a way, but there’s no chance in hell I would give that to you.” The blade dug deeper, lightly cutting the skin of her neck. She squirmed slightly, her body protesting to what it was feeling.

“Oh, we’ll have it whether you want to give it or not.” He grabbed at the crevice between her legs. ““You only need choose on whether you’ll be alive when we do it. Consider it a tax for crossing our territory.” The bandit gave her a toothy grin as he started to fumble with the laces of her breeches.

Enough of this shite.  Merilyn’s eyes flashed a bright gold as she threw the men away from her in a pulse of magic. A light cut was left on her neck as the man with the knife was knocked away from her. Small droplets of blood began to trickle from the cut as she kneeled, withdrawing the daggers from her boots.  She glanced quickly about, finding that there were only six of them, and they were starting to get up. Fair enough odds for me.

The leader roared at the others as he got back to his feet, blade in hand, his intent clear to kill her. Two men charged her from opposing directions. Merilyn darted to the side, eyes flashing gold as she threw one man head first into a tree, sweeping her legs into a kick that knocked the other down, giving her enough time to slash at the flesh of his throat. The brute that had held the knife to her throat was next to attempt an assault, coming up from behind her and trying to pin her arms. A swift kick to his groin rendered him dazed as she spun with her blades ready. He crumpled to the forest floor. Three down, three to go.

Two more charged at her, only to be met halfway as her daggers stuck snugly in the flesh of their necks, as she had thrown both towards their charge, her powers to keep the aim true. A sucking sound came from each body as she pulled her blades from their bloody throats, blood bubbling from the newly opened gashes. She wiped both blades on the clothes of the dead bandits before she rose, turning to the leader. And then there was one. Merilyn gave him a smirk.

The leader’s eyes were sparked with fear and shock at this woman who had so quickly and brutally killed his men. “W-Witch!” He gulped as she stepped towards him, unable to move from the fear that rendered his body useless.

“I am not one for killing unless it is necessary. But you,” She thrust a finger at his chest. His flinch was obvious. “You were a bloody ass, coming up upon a woman while she slept, and trying to have your way with her. I don’t doubt you’ve done that very thing before, to another woman, or family, or…” Her words left her in the rage of her anger, apparent in how her magic almost sparked in the air around her. “You won’t be doing it again. Not if I have a say.”

Merilyn placed her daggers back in her boots, and grabbed her items quickly, all the while the man sobbed against the tree. He seemed relieved, as her daggers had been put away, obviously assuming that she was leaving him. A soft “Thank you” was muttered in the the stillness of the forest. Merilyn simply turned to the bandit leader, with a sad smile on her face. ““You’re not getting away with it that easily. Consider it a tax……”

The gold flashed across her eyes as fire leapt towards his body from her outstretched hand, a tear running down her cheek at the scream that escaped his lips before she turned to gather her things from the camp.


A small spell was all that was needed to heal her cut nicely, but it had done nothing for the few splatters of blood that had found their way to the inner collar of her jacket. Proficient at magic as she was, she wasn’t as adept at cleaning spells as she could’ve been. It would need to be cleaned the first chance she got to do so. Merilyn hated what she had had to do earlier that day, guilt ripping at her for the six lives she had taken, but it had been deemed necessary, if only for protection for herself and others that probably would have been attacked after her. The reasoning seemed sound enough, but it didn’t shake how uncomfortable she felt with killing six men with ease.

Nimbly choosing her footing in the forest, she found herself reaching a field full of wavy grass and scattered wild flowers that swayed with the breeze. In the distance, she could see the outline of a castle, and her heart jumped with excitement at the sight of it. She quickened her pace, effortlessly putting her troubles to the back of her mind as she neared the stony walls that enclosed Camelot.

Merilyn paused as she reached the entrance to the city, awed by how large and splendorous it was. The walls were all awash with white stone, battlements could be seen here and there, citizens scurried about on their daily duties. She eagerly joined the crowd of scuttling people, moving with them as she took in the various vendors and stalls, the merchants carrying their wares along the street, and the occasional children playing or chasing chickens. Merilyn hoped that following this course of movement would eventually take her to the castle, where she could begin her search for the court physician, Gaius.

As she neared the castle, she could hear the trumpeting of horns and the slow beat of drums. Curious, she turned a corner to find a large crowd gathered in the courtyard in front of the castle. They were circled around a wooden platform, where a hooded man stood with an axe. Never a good sign. Merilyn made her way into the crowd, vying for a better view of what was going on.

The drums continued their cadence as two armored guard,s sporting red tunics with a golden crest, escorted a man in simple leather clothes to the platform. A deep voice came from a balcony above; Merilyn turned to see to whom the voice belonged to. It could only be the king, if the outfit and crown were anything to go by.

“Let this serve as a lesson to all,” King Uther turned to face the entirety of the crowd, his expression stern, “this man, Thomas James Collins, is adjudged guilty of conspiring to use enchantments and magic.” Merilyn felt the blood in her face drain; her palms grew sweaty as she fidgeted with the straps of her pack.

The king drew a breath, and continued. “And pursuant to the laws of Camelot, these practices are banned on penalty of death.” A low murmur spread through the crowd. “I pride myself as a fair and just King, but for a crime of sorcery…there is only one sentence I can pass.” Merilyn drew a quick breath, having realized that she had been holding hers throughout his speach. Uther nodded to the guards to bring the prisoner forth.

The drums began to roll as the king paused while Merilyn regrettably moved to get a better view. It was obvious that this was an execution, but the curiousity within her vied for a better spot to view the event. Why? She watched in fear as the executioner raised his axe, waiting for the king to grant him the command. Uther raised his hand, and pointedly brought it down. The executioner, taking his cue, swung his axe down, and with a wet crunch, the aforementioned Thomas Collins was no more. Merilyn sighed as everyone in the crowd gasped in disgust at the sight. This is what she had to look forward to if she were ever caught.

“When I came to this land, this kingdom was mired in chaos. But, with the peoples’ help, magic was driven from the realm.” The king seemed to smirk, raising his hands to the crowd, as if offering them a great service. “So I declare a festival to celebrate twenty years since the great dragon was captured and Camelot was freed from the evil of sorcery.” He paused. Merilyn felt revolted at his glee. He chops a man’s head off and wants to celebrate?! “Let the celebrations begin.” Uther turned to leave the balcony.

The crowd began to move to disperse, but a shout of despair stopped their movement. Merilyn found herself once again vying for a spot to see what was occurring. People were stepping away from an old woman near the center of the courtyard, her hair disheveled and gray, her clothing but mere rags. Her cry turned into a sob. Uther turned to see who made the outcry.

“There is only one evil in this land and it is not magic.” She stepped forward, her sobs raking her body. Merilyn stood still as she watched. “It is you, with your hatred. And your ignorance.” Her sobs broke into her voice as she spoke.  Merilyn began to feel tears well up in her eyes as she felt the pain, remorse, and anger within the voice of this old woman.

The woman cried. “You took my son.” She pointed to the platform, and his head that still laid there. Merilyn heard the woman take a big breath, and her voice turned to hatred. “But I promise you…before these celebrations are over, you will share my tears. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” She paused, vengeance seething in her eyes. ““And a son for a son.”

At this, Uther pointed for his guards. “Seize her.”

Before they could do so, the mother clutched at a stone at her chest, and muttered a spell. Within seconds, she had disappeared in a whirlwind of magic and air. Uther stormed from the balcony, and crowd hurriedly began to disperse.  Merilyn’s eyes were round with shock at what she had just witnessed, but she began to slowly move away from the courtyard.


After meandering around a few areas of the courtyard, Merilyn finally overcame her nervousness and approached one of two guards that were placed on either side of an entrance.

She fidgeted. “Do you know where I might be able to find Gaius, the court physician?” The guard simply pointed to the door behind them. Fat lot of help you are, she thought as she went through the door. Upon entering, she saw a sign on the stone wall indicating where the physician’s chambers were. Well, I guess he was a little helpful. She shrugged silently to herself as she made her way down a hallway.

Merilyn found a door ajar at the end of the hallway; she gave it a light rapping, hoping this was the right area. She peeked her head in, her braid falling over her shoulder as she did so. “Hello?” Her voice came out softer than she had meant it to. She took a step inside, shifting her pack and quiver to her shoulder. The door emitted a loud squeak that made her jump.

A glance around made it apparent that she was in the physician’s chambers. Tables had bottles and herbs strewn about, she could hear bubbling, and the room smelt slightly of dust and lavender. Merilyn gave another quick “Hello?”” to the air around her, saying it a bit louder this time. She stepped around once of the overly crowded tables and continued to look around. She saw a staircase on the far wall leading up to a collection of bookcases, and she could clearly see the old man searching for a tome.

“Gaius?” She cleared her throat. “Um, excuse me, are you Gaius?”

The old man only then noticed her voice, and turned to see who it was, while mistakenly putting too much pressure on the railing behind him. The wood must have been weak, as it gave way underneath his weight, breaking way and taking the physician with it. A frightened gasp was all she heard as he began to fall.

On instinct, her magic sparked within her, and the time around her began to slow down. This shocked her. She had never been able to do this before. Staying focused, Merilyn looked around frantically as the physician continued to fall, looking for something to prevent his fall from causing him injuring. Finally, she saw a bed in the far corner, and with a flick of her hand, it instantly slid underneath the physician. Time sped up, and Gaius hit the bed with a sharp ““Uumph!” Merilyn let out a relieved sigh, still a little shocked that she had just used magic in such a way. Moving things was easy, stopping time however was new all together.

She heard a startled “Shit!” from under his breath as he looked around, trying to figure out what had just happened.

“What the…?” Gaius scrambled to get up from the bed, stumbling towards her with a frantic expression. “What did you just do?” Merilyn felt fear began to creep up in her stomach.

“Ummmmm….” She looked around frantically again, starting to wonder if she would need to resort to drastic means to keep this man she didn’t really know from making off with the knowledge of her magic.

“Tell me!”

“I – I – I – I don’’t know what just happened.” She stuttered. She wasn’t fooling anyone.

Gaius turned to look up at the landing he just been on seconds before. “If anyone had seen that…” He started to look around.

“I assure you that had nothing to do with me. Nothing at all.” Panic began to set in. Oh bullocks, I’m in trouble.

“I know what it was…” Wait….you what? “I just want to know where you learned how to do it.” Gaius looked at her insistently. “So how is it you know magic?””

“I – I don’t know magic.” Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone.

“That’s bullocks, child. I know magic when I see it. Where did you study?” Shit, I’m going to have to kill him aren’t I? She began to mentally prepare herself, not answering his question. “ANSWER ME.””

Merilyn flinched at his insistence and began to babble. “I’ve never studied magic or been taught. I’ve read a couple books, but that’s it. I swear. No, no. I’m not lying to you.”” She insisted after he interrupted her. “What do you want me to say?”

“The truth!”

She hesitated. Well, he did already know she had magic. And Hudith had sent her to him, so he couldn’t be that bad could he? She decided it best not to kill him. “I – I was born like this.”

Gaius raised an eyebrow. “That’s impossible.” He paused, a quizzical look spreading across his face. “Wait, who are you?”

“Oh!” Merilyn slid her pack off of her back. “I have this letter from my mother.” She handed him a worn letter. She knew what it said, as she had read its contents while she had traveled. Hudith had sent her here with the intent that he would serve as a mentor. Yeah, probably not okay if I kill him to keep my secret safe.

Gaius took the paper hesitantly, but shook his head. “I…don’t have my glasses.” He looked at her expectantly.

“I’m Merilyn, sir.”

Recognition dawned on his face. “Hudith’s daughter?”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded encouragingly.

His eyes roamed across her face, looking a little confused. “But you’re not meant to be here until Wednesday.”

“But, sir, it is Wednesday.” Merilyn took a quick look around, awkwardly fidgeting with the laces of her corset.  To this he gave her a quick “Ah!”” and just nodded.

“Well, you can put your items in there.” He nodded to a door past a short flight of stairs.

Merilyn grabbed her bag, but paused giving a worried look around at the mess that was result of Gaius’s fall earlier. “Are you going to…say anything about this?””

Gaius gave her a reassuring smile, and she instantly began to relax. “No…but I should say thank you.”

Merilyn returned his smile with an awkward one of her own and turned to enter her new room. At the sight of a bed of her own, she instantly brightened. She was so accustomed to finding comfort with some straw on the floor of her mother’s home. This would be a welcome change. Merilyn plopped herself on the bed, placing her pack beside her to unpack it.

When night settled, her room was aglow with the golden flickers from the various candles that were strewn across her new room. She found herself entranced with the view of Camelot as she looked out of the window. Her heart filled with the prospect of the new adventures she would come across tomorrow.



A voice not her own disturbed her mind, rousing her to the new morning. Glancing around, she found herself alone in her bed chambers, confusing her all the more. A shaft of light from her open window greeted her groggy eyes, and she instantly put thoughts of the mysterious voice in her mind away. A new day…

She put on her normal clothes, brushing off her corset as she fitted it over a teal tunic for the day.  A few minutes went into smoothing her hair into a series of intricate braids that met into a braided bun at the base of her neck. Fingering the crystal from her necklace, she wondered if being here would help her at all and found herself afraid, just slightly, of the unknown. Merilyn made to grab her jacket, and then remembered momentarily the small flecks of blood on the collar. After a few minutes of rubbing with a  damp piece of cloth, relief swept over her over not having a blood stained jacket. She slipped it on, and stepped out to meet Gaius in the chamber downstairs.

Merilyn found him preparing a bowl of what appeared to be porridge. Please let it be porridge. Her stomach protested at the lack of food she had consumed since her arrival. Gaius placed the bowl on the table beside him, and then motioned to a bucket of water.

“Please help yourself to some water. You didn’t wash before you slept last night.” Merilyn nodded her thanks and sat, grabbing the spoon so that she could dig in. She didn’t notice Gaius push the bucket of the edge of the table with a nudge of his elbow, but she did notice it begin to fall, and instinct set in like it did before. Everything around the bucket slowed to stop as she focused intently on it, the water that had been spilling from its mouth stilled with it. Gaius gasped, and she released the power, allowing the bucket to fall. Water splashed as it hit the floor.

“How did you do that?” Gaius asked. “Did you encant a spell in your mind?”

She shook her head and hastily replied, “I don’t know any spells. Well, I mean, I now some spells. But none that can make time slow down like that.” Merilyn shrugged.

Gaius looked exasperated. “Well, it must be something. What did you do?”

She sighed. “Look, Gaius, it just happened.” Merilyn without food on her stomach, she was very much cranky. She grabbed a few bites and then grabbed the mop to sop up the water that had spilled.

“Well, we better keep you out of trouble.” Gaius said pointedly. “You can help around here until I can find you a position that is paid.” She perked up at that. I really didn’t give much thought to being paid.

“Here.” Gaius put down a small pouch and a phial filled with a yellow liquid. He gestured towards the pouch, “Hollyhock and feverfew for Lady Perceval. And this,”” he gestured to the bottle. “is for Sir Owain. He’s as blind as a weevil, so warn him not to drink it all at once.” Merilyn nodded to indicate she understood as she grabbed both items.

Gaius handed her a sandwich, which was accompanied with a smile. “Off you go.” Oh sweet food. She immediately began to munch on it as she walked out the door, wondering how she was going to find these two people to deliver these to.


Merilyn had been directed to a hallway to find Sir Owain. She knocked lightly on the door, swallowing the last of her sandwich as she did so. An old man opened the creaky door, squinting. “Uh….I brought you your medicine, sir.” He stuck his hand out and waited.

Oh! Yeah! Blind! She stuck the bottle in his hand and was just about to tell him to not down it all, but he had already immediately done so. She let loose an exasperated sigh.  “I’m sure it’s fine…” Merilyn mumbled to herself, shaking her head in shock as she turned to leave.

She couldn’t help but grin as she walked out into the sunlight. The sun’s rays heated her skin, despite the slight chill to the air. As she moved to wander the city, she overheard a slight disturbance nearby. It definitely sounded like bullying. Merilyn watched, unsure as to why it was happening, as she approached.

A circle of knights were surrounding what appeared to be a servant boy and chiding him. A particularly handsome one, with sandy blonde hair, began to chide him. As soon as he opened his mouth, she wished he hadn’t have.

“Where’s the target?” The blonde knight asked the servant, who happened to be awkwardly handling some shields. The knight’’s voice was so matter-of-fact. “There?” the servant motioned to an area. He was cute up until he opened that mouth.

“But that’s too close the sun,” the knight noted. The servant gave an exasperated sigh.

“But it’s not that bright, sire.”

“A lot like you then.” The other knights sniggered at the blonde’s comment. Merilyn only rolled her eyes as she leaned against a nearby fence post.

The servant lowered his head. “I’ll place it on the other end then, sire.” He put down the shields that he had been carrying and picked up the wooden, green target to be moved to the location this pompous git wanted it.

She heard a low “This will teach him.” Suddenly, the blonde knight threw a dagger at the target, startling the servant.

“Oy, hang on!” he said frantically.

The knights were chuckling and blondie had a wide grin on his face. “Well don’t stop! Keep moving!”  

The servant was then forced to keep moving around, while this pompous ass proceeded to throw daggers at him. Merilyn itched to show this knight what for.  The servant stumbled around, frantic to keep from getting hit by the knives, finally dropping the target and stumbling to the ground at Merilyn’s feet.

“Hello there.” She grinned down to him, stooping over to help him up. Merilyn looked over to the knight who had harassed the young man. “Come on, now, that’’s enough,” she felt the need to defend this servant.

A glowering glare met her relaxed stare. “What?”

Merilyn stood her ground. “Look, you’ve had your fun, friend,” saying such in a tone to clearly indicate that he was no friend of hers.

Blondie strode over to her, his armor rattling as it shifted around his shoulders as he walked. “Do I know you?” She crossed her arms.

“No, and I’m rather glad of that to be honest.” He looked slightly offended. But only slightly.

“So I don’t know you.”


The blonde night gave her a look. “And yet you called me….friend.” The way he said it meant he had caught her intonation. The corner of her lips began to rise.

“Caught on, did you? Friend?” She intoned it again. He frowned at her, which only made Merilyn’s grin grow wider.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Merilyn took it a step further, shrugging sarcastically. “Yeah, I don’t think I could ever have a friend that was such an….oh what’s the work for it….ass.” She was having fun here. Merilyn gave a quick nod to the servant, and turned to walk away.

“Or I one who could be so….idiotic.” She turned, an eyebrow raised. Oh, he’s going to get a beating.


“Are you deaf, too?” Her ears began to turn red, but she kept her calm. Blondie was intentionally trying to rile her up. “Tell me, friend, can you walk on your knees?”


Blondie sauntered over to her, still glowering. “Would you like me to help you?”

Merilyn took a step closer, matching his stance. “Get on my knees? Wouldn’t that be highly inappropriate? But I am such an innocent young lady….” She mocked with scandalized tone, her hand pressed against her chest. She laughed, and then suddenly grew serious. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Why, what on earth could you do to me?”

Merlin huffed. You have no idea, mister.

He must have sensed what was on her mind, because he took a step back, welcoming her to try. “Well, come on then!”

She took a step forward, cautious. Merlyn tentatively balled her fist to make for a punch, and watched as he moved to counter. Instead she spun and locked his arms behind his back. He gave a quick gasp of surprise, but before she could knock his knees from beneath him, Blondie flipped her over his back, making her thud on the ground in front of him. For a quick moment, she lost the air in her lungs.  He quickly grabbed her arm and pinned it to her back.

“I could have you in jail for that,” he told her, almost gleefully, as she tried to squirm out of his grip.

She retorted, “Who do you think you are? The king?”

“No….I’m his son.” Oh holy hell. “Arthur.” Her heart sank. She was in trouble now.


Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. These will be episodic (so yes, I will use some dialog from the show).