Know Your Super-Weird Rogues

1. Too much hair gel = EVIL (7475/ Anna Marie)

2. Oops, got changed into a dude by an evil chimp called Bubbles (1007/Anna Marie)

3. The femme fatale (X-Men Noir/90214/Anna-Marie Rankin)

4. Now I’m Feeling Zombified (Marvel Zombies/2149)

5. Magneto in Rogue’s body, and not in a sexy way (1033/Max Eisenhardt)

6. Rogue P.I. (1025/Anna Marie)

7. Punk Rock Thor (What If? 66/941066)

8. Rogue the Nazi?!? (Weird War III/597)

9. (S)he’s a macho macho man (Executive Action Committee/TRN037)

10. Super-strongx2 (Mutant X/1298/Anna Marie)