boba-femme  asked:

are you still doing requests? if you are, you should draw Dipper and Wirt! i love your art and your drawing style btw, you make me want to get back into art again.

I sorta have a feeling that they would rant about their traumatic experiences together maybe?


Request for: @dpqssmdd

Pairing: Reader x TFW, mentions Reader x Chuck

Word count: 320


You stuck your hands in your coat pockets defending them from the harsh winter winds and looked around. The park where the Winchesters told you to meet them was empty. You had no idea why they picked this park, but nonetheless you showed up, ready to help them with a case.

Shivering, you took your phone out of your pocket and checked it before looking up and coming face to face with Sam, Dean, and Cas.

“Sorry,” Dean stuck his hand out. “Baby was having some trouble starting.”

You took his hand and shook it. “No worries. Hope she’s alright.”

“I’ll fix her up when I get home, no big deal.” Dean told you before adding, “Well, actually-”

“Y/N doesn’t care, Dean.” Sam cut in. “Sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s all good.” You laughed quietly at the two brothers.

“Anyway, we need your help to track down a pack of werewolves.” Sam told you.

“What do you know about them so far?” You asked.

“Only that they hunt in fours.” Dean sighed.

“And that they’re crazy good hunters.” Sam added.

“Sounds dangerous.” You smiled softly. Ever since you married Chuck, he wouldn’t let you take the more dangerous cases. This case would be a nice break from your usual ‘salt and burn’ type of case. “Count me in.”

“Do not worry, mother, I promised Chuck that I would take of you.” Cas cut in.

“Mother?” Dean looked at Cas weird. “Dude, you don’t go around calling chicks mother.”

“But she is married to my Father.” Cas told Dean, equally confused. “I do not understand why I wouldn’t call her mother.”

“There’s a fine line Cas.” Sam shook his head. “And you crossed it.”

“It’s okay, Cas.” You reassured the angel. “But we should probably get going.”

Dean held his hands up in defense. “Whatever you say, mother.”

You groaned and rolled your eyes. They would never let this one go.