“From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king”

Castiel Graphics Challenge | stardustsam
Theme: throwback | Round 14: movie quotes | Prompt: lord of the rings


My Burton-esque Castiel post became my first post to ever break into the Four Digits Club in notes on Tumblr! I was shocked yet extremely excited❤︎
I uploaded it on my Society6 and RedBubble, just in case ;)
Your “likes”, “reblogs”, and creative, encouraging, and sometimes hilarious tags made me smile like an idiot… and YES, I go to EVERY. SINGLE. REBLOG.

With the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, I decided to study the Burton-esque style in depth, trying to come up with a coloring style to match. 

This is still my “study” in drawing/coloring the SPN characters Burton-esque.
So far, I think Death and Castiel are best suited for the style.
I’m currently watching Tim Burton movies on a loop to get a better grasp on the overall aesthetics of it.
There will be more from me in this style, I can promise you that.



Castiel is still #2 but we jumped from being behind by 15k to only 9k. We are gaining on the DW Fandom!

Come on SPN Family! I see it like this, Castiel is up against 3 characters that are the MAINT characters of their show. The shows are about THEM. Castiel isn’t even the main character and he’s has 12k more votes than a main character. THAT’S AMAZING!

Not only does it show that the SPN Family can and will destroy other fandoms, but it shows just how much we love our angel and that we don’t see him as a side character but an add on to the 2 main characters. WE LOVE CASTIEL!

Let’s prove that love by banding together and getting a “non main character” the title of Greatest TV Character of the 21st Century, a title WELL deserved for Castiel and Misha!


VOTE VOTE VOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD. BLOW UP FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and any other social media that I can’t think of. Find all our spn communities (avoid the Cas and Misha hater ones) and let’s do this! GO TEAM! lol


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“Hey, Cas?” you said wondering as you laid in his arms on your bed together, lightly tracing your hand along his chest. “Yes?” came his deep voice as he put you under his intense blue eyes. “I’ve never….. You’ve never” you stopped with a light blush, choosing your words carefully.

“You haven’t showed me your wings” you blurted our biting your bottom lip nervously, looking up at him.

He tilted his head to the side and gazed at you curiously. “I usually show my wings to intimidate my enemies or to give proof of me being an angel of the Lord. You need neither, then why?” he replied making you chuckle at his innocence.

“Dean and Sam have already seen your wings and I haven’t. Being your girlfriend, I believe I have more right don’t you think? Besides I can’t see the real you, at the very least, I’d love to see half of you” you smiled and sat upright, making him sit as well. “Alright” he closed his eyes.

There was a small ray of light making you unintentionally close your eyes for a second and when you opened them you saw it. Beautiful black shadow, on the wall behind Castiel, showing the length and width of the magnificent projection before you. It stretched wide over the wall, long and beautiful, making you stare completely awestruck.

You could see it vividly through the shadow, the feathers of the wings of Castiel. “Beautiful” you mumbled, wanting nothing more than to stroke those extraordinary feathers, to feel their texture and softness.

“You think so?” he whispered looking at you and only you, as if he could never have enough, even if he spent an eternity staring at your angelic features. “Yes” you lightly said still in daze, after seeing his wings.

“Thank you, Castiel” you looked at him and grinned. “I’m glad you showed them to me” you smiled. “Anything for you” he said as his wings disappeared again, as did the light and he opened his arms for you again with a small smile.

You gladly accepted his embrace and laid with him in contentment.