quick shoutout to all the lesbians who wish they could be femme but think theyre not allowed to bcs theyre too fat or loud or tall or muscular or hairy or generally dont fit the femme stereotype, who wish with every fiber of their heart they were allowed to be femme: you are. you can be femme if you want to, and your body isnt stopping you from it, your behaviour isnt stopping you. femmes arent all frail and dainty and quiet and petite, femmes can come in every shape and form and no one has the power to stop you from identifying as femme. theres no femme council or anything, the only person who can determine if youre femme is yourself

this counts doubly for trans lesbians

hi i made a new lesbian flag, since some of the others new proposed never caught my eye and some were kinda eye strainey


meanings from top to bottom:

violets - historical meanings, lesbians have been here for a long time, and we can’t forget our history!

blue violet -for butches, a somewhat mix between violet and blue, based on leslie feignburgs book “stone butch blues” the blue mixed with violet is the complicated relationship between gnc some butches experience and their for other women.

lilac - trans lesbians, based off the trans lesbian flag, which is a somewhat lilac purple color 💜

cream - for all lesbians, our unity. whether you’re trans, nb, ace lesbian or aro lesbian, disabled, a person of color, mentally ill/neurodivergent, chronically ill, butch femme or neither, etc. this community is a place for everyone (except for terfs)!

light pink - nb lesbians, based off the pink in the nb lesbian flag!

raspberry - for femme lesbians. it’s a somewhat cloudy color, representing even us femmes complicated gender relationships.

dark pink - the sensuality, romanticism, sexuality, love, friendship, freedom, and everything good and amazing about healthy lesbian relationships, friendships or romantic!

why’d i make a new flag?

as a latina asian lesbian i felt uncomfortable with the original creator of the lipstick lesbian flag as she is biphobic, racist and fetishistic to women of color, and she hates butches. these go against what many lesbians believe; butches are the reasons we are femmes, bi girls are out sisters, our friends, our wives and girlfriends, and if not for (trans!!) women of color we wouldn’t be where we are today.

terfs don’t touch :)

EDIT: thanks to @cheezyeen i now have a CMYK version of the flag and the lines have been straightened up!