“You might want to tie yourself down, because this is going to be a rough ride.


So this is BREE MARTIN. She is currently FIFTEEN and a SOPHOMORE. She currently identifies as SEXUALITY UTP and is currently SINGLE. People say she looks a lot like ERINN WESTBROOK but Bree says otherwise.


  • Bio Point TBD by Player
  • Bio Point TBD by Player
  • Bio Point TBD by Player
  • Bio Point TBD by Player
  • Extra curricular activities include Cheerios


  • Kitty Wilde: BREE MARTIN: While it’s clear that the two are best friends, they also have an affinity for being at each other’s throats.
  • Jake Puckerman: They’re a typical like/hate type friendship. At times they want to wring each other’s necks, but other times they absolutely want to be affectionate towards one another even if he’s clearly got a thing going on with Kitty. 


  • WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE GLEE CLUB AND WHY? In character response goes here
  • WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST REGRET? In character response goes here
  • WHAT IS YOUR PLAN FOR AFTER HIGH SCHOOL?  In character response goes here
  • DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE CLASS? IF SO, WHY IS IT YOUR FAVORITE? In character response goes here


✓: UTP
✘: UTP

Bree is currently OPEN  and available for auditions.

Let's get it on | FEMMALLY | OPEN

She sighed as she lay back against the grass in the backyard. The sweet scent of the roses filled her nose as the gentle summer breeze blew in. Her blonde hair was sprawled out across the grass. With her shorts she borrowed from Alice and t shirt she borrowed from Tarrant as he quickly made up her a set of clothing for when this happens again. She was about to doze off when she heard the quick approaching footsteps.