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anonymous asked:

Hi! If you're not too overrun by requests, could you make a name aesthetic for my girlfriend? Her name's Audrey and she's got freckles, thick red hair and an adorable nose. She's funny and mean, and really smart but also immature and oblivious sometimes. Even though she's mean she can be really loving and sweet. She's lustful and she loves coffee. She's into witchcraft and gardening and punk/classic rock. Thank you <3

Oh, she sounds badass! Hope this does your gal justice. 💋

Audrey. She is the rose bush beaten by storms that refuses to cease it’s blossoms. She is the match striking the paper and the rings of saturn. She is a hidden garden and hands gripping a waist with unmatched fervor. She is the tiger’s sneer and an angel’s kiss. She is Audrey- the flames born from Venus. 


Look at this handy dandy thing I got! It’s by the brand “FashionSmart”. It’s for pills, it zips up and the actual pill buckets are really deep (so you can fit actual pills in there) and it has an “extras” box which is super duper nice since most don’t. Plus it’s cute as hell and comes in a bunch of different colors