You know, I didn’t… really notice the static, for a long time. It was just how everything looked, around here. T-then when Stove came over, I noticed that around him, it all looked… I dunno. A lot clearer? L-like the static wasn’t affecting where he was. S-same with those anons w-who came to visit earlier… so I think, I think it only applies to my surroundings, not just w-what I’m looking at.

F-from my perspective, anyways, I’m not sure how or w-why y'alls view is always so distorted. Maybe it’s because it’s w-what I’m… I dunno, projecting for y'all to see? S-so… so it all goes through my filter a-anyways. Hmm. But then it always looks worse, from my end, b-because I’ve got d-double the static on it! H-ha ha…. hrm.

A-anyways, I don’t control it directly, n-no. B-but it seems to be affected by me? L-like, when I’m more distressed or w-whatnot… then it always looks worse. T-to me, and y'all. It seems to respond to my moods, I guess. L-like it’s an entity of itself, w-watching me as well.

K-kind of creepy, w-when I p-put it like that. H-ha… h-ha ha….


Oh, uh… s-sure, I guess. H-ha, it’s funny that I get to answer this one w-when I’m like this. I s-suppose I should be f-feeling some sort of connection to h-her, but…..


She… well, all of our m-mamas are pretty similar, aren’t they? S-so that’s a good basis to go off of, a good starting point. She’s very materialistic, very eager for money and wealth. We kind of didn’t see eye-to-eye on that, I guess; I didn’t really get why she always wanted to buy new things when the old ones were alright. B-but I suppose I might’ve learned my… I dunno, pack rat mentality? From her, because she never threw anything away, either, even after she had replaced it. We moved around a few times when I was younger, and I remember it was always a nightmare trying to decide which of the fridges to take! 

She was a hugely sentimental person, l-like me as well… w-when I was younger, she used to pin my drawings and tests up, w-with my brothers’, and she’d never take them down, until our entire fridge was just covered in papers. It was a funny sight. She stopped doing that when I got older, y-you know, b-but it’s a fond memory I have of her.

…uhm. It’s always kind of thrown me for a loop, t-that unlike the rest of my brethren on here, she… she never really pushed for me to grow my business? I’ve seen others with mothers who were very involved in the process, but mama.. she tended to stay away from it all. B-but I know she still supported me! And h-had faith in me, and b-believed in me, too!!!  ..even if she never did absolutely anything to show it!

….. ………… …..

I remember, when I told her I was going on my Thneed quest of sorts, she just… she just sighed. She had a very worn look on her face… just said “alright”. When… when I told her my business was starting to take off, that’s what she said then, too. 

….. it’s funny, that with all I’ve f-forgotten, I still can remember that, clear as day.