(Context is they’ve both gone back in time keeping their memories, not just Jowd like in the game)

“…I haven’t missed mine, you know.”

“Don’t tell me. I’ve made it all worse again.”
“As you do.”
“I could’ve shut up. Just now.”
“You could have.”
“I could’ve shut up. And it would have gone away… in time.”
“If it helps you feel worse, darling. But no.”


((Or, no matter how many universes there are and how differently things unfold, there shall always be an abused Cabanela giving names to his or her broken ribs.

Based on the events described here and here, namely the showdown between the detectives and our Yomiel! This is my contribution to the whole plot, since I didn’t write the RP posts proper. I’m having lots of fun with this, as it was literally years that I didn’t sit for so long, or for so many times in a row, at my drawing board. This is a fandom of miracles. Now the only thing left would be the colouring, but I quite like this b/w look.

And now, on to part 3 (as soon as it lands), and some extra after that :3))


((Illustrations for part 4 and part 5 of the femtectives’ showdown with Yomiel! I also managed to Yomiel, I’m so proud of myself XD These two parts have less drawings each than the others. These sets have rekindled my drawing spirit, so now I feel like sketching a million others and this doesn’t sit exactly well with my schedule but =| Stay tuned for follow-up bonuses along this same plot!))