feminized aesthetic

you know how there are moonbeam girls? the soft ones with curves and a smile that makes everything feel safe. the ones you could hug all day and be warm forever. the ones who have those eyes that feel like coming home and a voice like a warm cup of tea and a blanket

and the sunshine girls? the ones who know themselves inside and out and are just comfortable in their own skin and make you feel wanted and beautiful because them even looking at you makes you feel special because they’re so amazing and how could someone that radiant even exist

and then the stardust girls? they’re just so ethereal and every way they move makes the world a little more brilliant and everything they do is perfect and makes you gasp because they’re too good for this world and they can’t possibly be human and there’s just so much in their mind and all you want is to climb inside and revel at their brilliance

and the galaxy girls? their laughter is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and when you make eye contact and they start to come towards you it’s like you finally know where you belong and they’re colorful and amazing and god how are they even here

and the sunset girls? all you really want is for them to hold you and sing to you and tell you stories because they have so much art in their souls aching to come out and all you want is to see them shine like you know they can because the world doesn’t deserve to see their creativity but god does it need to

girls are amazing and i love them

A consequence of feminism merging with pop culture is that it’s becoming commodified. Teens are buying feminist etsy patches and are putting ‘intersectionality’ into their twitter bios, but are failing to engage or critically think about how the sexism woc face is often racialised (i. e i n t e r s e c t i o n a l i t y) I mean i’m all for visual representations of your feminist praxis, but f e m i n i s m is much more than some cool quirky watered down tumblr aesthetic



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