Haunting Porcelain Busts by Juliette Clovis

At first glance, Juliette Clovis’ porcelain busts are striking, peculiar, and, to some, quite possibly grotesque. However, the interweaving of flora, fauna, and  spikes into her busts create a wonderfully bizarre and beautiful series of art work. I found myself enveloped by her spiked-adorned busts, entranced by the gold tips that conveyed a sense of beauty, danger, abnormality, and vulnerability. 

Drawing on the female identity, as well as the representation of women in contemporary society and its history, the French artist creates busts of the female form that transforms into hybrid beings. Her use of cut-up butterflies, birds, vegetables, as well as her use of spikes, help bring to life her vision of the female identity. For more of Juliette Clovis’ work, follow her on Instagram

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Photography by Prue Stent

Prue Stent is a 21 years old Sydney-based photographer, currently studying a BA of Photography at RMIT in Melbourne. The themes of her photography center around femininity and the struggle of identity in women. The color pink is used to represent femininity either physically or emotionally throughout her work via

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posted by  Margaret

Respect all girls.

Respect girls who are virgins. Respect girls who suck 8 dicks at a time. Respect girls who don’t like dick. Respect girls who have a dick.

When I was 8, I was told that I shouldn’t run so fast. Boys would be intimidated. I was supposed to stop. I was supposed to sit and be pretty for boys to look at.

When I was 11, I was told my skirt was too short. Boys would get the wrong idea. I was supposed to be grateful, I was supposed to conform for a man.

When I was 14 a boy would only stare at my chest. I was supposed to be unfazed, this is what boys do.

When I was 17, a boy kissed me even though I didn’t want him to. I was supposed to be flattered.

Because my beauty, my self worth is dependent on the opinion of a man. Because when a man tells me, my self worth he’s:

romantic, sweet, selfless.

Yet if I even think of muttering my own, self worth, I’m:

conceited, egotistical, a bitch.

Because those opinions aren’t validated unless they leave a man’s lips

I was supposed to be excited. I was supposed to revel in the fact that a possible suitor gave me the time of day.

I wasn’t supposed to say no.

—  Julie

Because feminism is important when people don’t understand sexual harassment and criticise the person calling this shit out.

If skinny jeans and a t-shirt is too revealing for men to handle, god knows what showing some leg or shoulders would do to their control.

And if shouting ‘Damn’, yelling 'Nice’, following a girl for 5 minutes and bugging her to give you her number isn’t harassment then I don’t know what is.