Photography by Prue Stent

Prue Stent is a 21 years old Sydney-based photographer, currently studying a BA of Photography at RMIT in Melbourne. The themes of her photography center around femininity and the struggle of identity in women. The color pink is used to represent femininity either physically or emotionally throughout her work via

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posted by  Margaret


Because feminism is important when people don’t understand sexual harassment and criticise the person calling this shit out.

If skinny jeans and a t-shirt is too revealing for men to handle, god knows what showing some leg or shoulders would do to their control.

And if shouting ‘Damn’, yelling 'Nice’, following a girl for 5 minutes and bugging her to give you her number isn’t harassment then I don’t know what is.

Once an ex-partner told me “You look better in jeans and a tshirt. Why do you wear dresses? Why do you wear make up? You don’t have to dress up to impress me.” That moment led me to so many realizations. It made me realize that most people think femininity is an act to impress men. It was then that I was 100% sure my dressing up wasn’t for him at all, I didn’t at all care if a partner disliked my dresses, or makeup. I was wearing them for me.
There are males and females, and gender is the system that either privileges or subordinates them by teaching them masculinity (dominance) or femininity (submission.) Because [gender] is a social construct, the concept of men and women is also a social construct, but they are also lived realities in that being a “woman” is an active and lifelong experience of socialization, expectations, limits, and dangers
Why I Need Feminism

We need feminism because when I was 5 years old I was told playing with my brother’s toys wasn’t very ladylike. When I was 9 years old, I was denied a cupcake because my grandmother told me that it was “a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” The cupcake was given to my brother, who of course didn’t have to worry about his body at 9 years old. We need feminism because at 11 years old, I kept a journal to count calories. At 11 years old, my internet search history was “How to get a flat stomach fast” and “Ideal body measurements for 5'2” After only 11 years of life, I was determined to do anything to be as thin as the beautiful women that the role model women in my life strived to look like. When I was 13 years old, I came across an article that told me “Men don’t find women with extra fat attractive.” The article told me the only way to be thin FAST was to throw up. Beautiful models always had the stigma of never eating and throwing up, so I decided to throw up. We need feminism because at 13 years old I stuck two fingers down my throat and developed a year long eating disorder to become beautiful.
We need feminism because in 7th grade, I was called a “slut” “whore” and “skank” by classmates because our society has taught my classmates that any female who is open about her feelings is disqusting. I was 12 years old. We need feminism because my legs have been sexualized to the point where I have been told my shorts are “too short” at the beach on a 90 degree day by a complete stranger. We need feminism because I am scared to go anywhere at night alone. We need feminism because my cousin was raped at 15 and her mother told her she shouldn’t have worn such a “slutty” shirt. We need feminism because my father refers to gay men as “fags” but has no problem accepting feminine lesbians. We need feminism the only google image results for “beautiful women” are white, thin women. We need feminism because women are people too.


Georgia Grace Gibson - I Dont Only Have Glitter In My Veins 2013

Art installation about menstruation but she takes a positive take by making the blood ‘pretty’ with the red glitter - in a way to show that women shouldn’t be ashamed and disgusted by a natural thing

I was looking at this piece because some of my work recently uses this 'pretty’ blood by using red glitter so look forward to those posts!