feminists of colour


• Trans women
• Trans men
• Intersex people
• The LGBTQ community
• Queer people of colour
• People with disabilities
• Autistic and neurodivergent people
• Sex workers
• Immigrants
• Women of colour
• People with mental illness
• The Black Lives Matter movement
• The poor and homeless
• Male advocacy
• Sexual assault survivors (men and women)
• Muslim women (with or without the hijab)
• Jewish women
• Sikh women
• Mothers

I want to see more big girls as the stars of mainstream films, and owning every single person in the movie with their “I don’t give a damn about what you think, I’m beautiful and I know it” attitude. More shows with leads that are transgender women showing us how incredible they are in what they endure from society and conduct themselves with such admirable pride and strength. More women of colour centric tv shows highlighting all the struggles they must survive growing up. More autistic girls being protagonists of movies and showing people that autism can also mean kindness, intelligence and beauty if you take the time to understand that it’s a different system. I want more differently abled girls becoming superstars in tv shows with their positive attitudes to life, their incredible spirit and their immense compassion. I want mainstream films and tv shows to start making them the heroes they deserve to be. We need to show our children that heroes come on all kinds of bodies, all kinds of minds and that is something we should love and respect as a society. We need to make tv shows and films as diverse as they can be so our children and their children can understand themselves, love themselves, and treat each other with empathy.
—  Nikita Gill, On TV Shows And Movies And True Female Inclusivity
Hexer | Pilot

Here it is, finally, Hexer’s Pilot! 

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Strong Language 

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important message

Girls, please, support girls.

Regardless of race, nationality, social status.

Support christians, muslims, buddhists, hindus, jewish, girls of other religions and faiths. Who has only one god or many. Atheists, agnostics, apatheists. Who found hope in religion, and who lost hope because of it.

Regardless of height, weight, type of body.

With endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph class of physiology. Who are above 170 cm, and who are below. Who weighs less than 50 kg or more. With any size of breast. Without breast at all.
With long, medium and short hair. Bald. With colored strands or natural color. Who has fashionable hairstyle or disheveled hair. Those who shave, and those who do not.

Girls of color.

Regardless of their sexual or romance attraction.

Support heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and others girls. Support heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, panromantic, aromantic, and other girls. Those, who can feel sexual or romantic attraction, and those, who can not.
Cis-girls and trans-girls.

Regardless of their marital status.

Those, who is in marriage, in unmarried cohabitation or in free relationship. Who has boyfriend, girlfriend or non-binary partner. Who is in monogamy or polygamy relationship. Who is in another type of relation. Who is single.

Regardless of their job.

Support workers, students, pupils. Those, who work with people, and with technology. Military-women, teachers, waiters, nurses, musician, lawyers, policewomen, doctors, politicians, and others. Unemployed and housewives.

No matter what they are. In any case, they are beautiful and important.

In any case, you are beautiful and important.

Girls, please, support girls.
Because no one will support them except you.

Aren’t you tired yet of raising your daughters like they are treading a battlefield made of society’s rules for what it means to be a woman? Isn’t it time we train them to be soldiers of pride in their own identity?
—  Nikita Gill
You're getting it a bit wrong, Tumblr

Not all white people are racist.
Not all straight people are homophobic.
Not all cis people are transphobic.
Not all men are meninist.
Not all white people are from America.