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Hexer | Pilot

Here it is, finally, Hexer’s Pilot! 

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Strong Language 

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We would really appreciate it. There’s so much more to come and we have the entire first series planned and ready to go. 

Also, to anyone who doesn’t feel like they’re represented in media we really hope you saw at least a little something here that made you say “Hey, that’s me!” because if so then that’s our job done. We promise that there is even more inclusion to come and we’re really excited to try and make it for you. 

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We hope this was worth the wait, guys! 

Thank you so much for watching x

Aren’t you tired yet of raising your daughters like they are treading a battlefield made of society’s rules for what it means to be a woman? Isn’t it time we train them to be soldiers of pride in their own identity?
—  Nikita Gill

People of colour. LGBTQ2SIA folks. Survivors of sexual violence. Folks with disabilities. People living in poverty. Undocumented immigrants. Muslim folks. Incarcerated folks. You deserve love, safety, and equality. We deserve better than this.

You're getting it a bit wrong, Tumblr

Not all white people are racist.
Not all straight people are homophobic.
Not all cis people are transphobic.
Not all men are meninist.
Not all white people are from America.


My Street Fighter Auntie Series! I’ve had the idea of this series for a while now, and I finally dedicated myself to completing it. I’m really happy with how it turned out!