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Dude loves his “curvy wife”’s body so much he not only thinks her deserves vast praise for it, as though it’s something brave, but he makes sure to keep talking about how many other people would find her unattractive.

I also love how he fully acknowledges that people are shitty to his wife, but thinks that’s a problem that should be made all about him, how hard it is on him, and how amazing he is for actually being with her. Which by the way, implying that you’re doing some kind of good deed by dating/being with someone is a huge insult to them. So is the underlying implication that she should be greatful to him because so many other men wouldn’t do it. 

Men; do better.

Because of this post about what showering with your significant other is really like.

“Chris,” Cait hisses from her end of their joint sea of textbooks spread across the bed. “Chris!

“Hmmm?” he hums in acknowledgement without looking up from his laptop, which apparently isn’t enough for her, because she beans him in the head with a stuffed shark. “What?”

“Nursey and Dex! They’re…” she waves a hand at the door to the bathroom.

Now that he’s paying attention, he can hear them getting ready to shower. “Yeah?” This really doesn’t seem like a cause for alarm.

“Should we go downstairs? To the library? I like them, but I don’t actually want to listen to them have shower sex at 3 in the afternoon!”

Chris grins and shakes his head. “You really don’t have to worry about that.”

“But you caught them kissing the other day…”

“Oh, they’re dating all right. But we don’t have to worry about shower sex.” He holds up a hand. “Wait for it… 3… 2… 1…”

“You take that back, Captain Kirk was a feminist!”

“He just wanted to sleep with every woman in the galaxy.”

“First of all, Kirk is pan, so jot that down, but also, Original Series Kirk treated women with more respect that Spock ever did.”

“How dare you!”

“I can prove it. We are having a marathon after we get out of the shower. Hand me my shampoo.”

Chris turns back to Cait and shrugs. “Every time. I think Dex might be doing it on purpose because he’s convinced Nursey would slip and kill them both if they ever did attempt anything sexy.”

“Huh.” Cait tilts her head in thought. “Do you think Kirk really was a better feminist than Spock?”

It turns into an all-Frogs marathon.

if this season just ends up solely blaming sana for ,,,assuming things,,, which led to ,,,misunderstandings,,, so the perfect white girl is propped up to be always ,,,kind,,, and ,,,right,,, despite showing her true hypocritical colours for the entire season 2… i will be worse than unpalatable i assure you

If you care about disabled women please read this lol

It’s funny that this is my most popular post, and yet all of my posts calling out specifically ableist behaviors are ignored for the most part, and I still see y’all throwing around the words “delusional”, “neurotic”, “basketcase”, “narcissistic”, “psychotic”, making fun of shut-ins and people who hallucinate, I’ve even seen the r slur used at one point. I see y’all just letting that type of language slide and not calling anyone out for it, I see y’all supporting people who say that people with personality disorders are inherently abusive, I see y’all demonizing mentally ill people.

All right listen up, I wasn’t gonna dive into this shit but it looks like I’m going to have to.

I’ll keep this as short and summarized as possible, because if I get into details or try to make this comprehensive, this post will go on forever.

I grew up low class. Bad neighborhoods where fights and shattered glass and loud domestic violence and arson cases etc. would be the regular. I’ve been molested, my house has been egged, our stuff has been stolen, etc. Our house would regularly be infested by multiple species of bugs, we’d get bitten constantly and always have itchy bumps all over ourselves, bugs would crawl all over my homework and into my textbooks and belongings. There was a point where we were damn near homeless, and we were always on the verge of going hungry.

The reason I grew up low class is because of the combination of ableism and misogyny. My mom is one of the lucky disabled people who actually managed to get on Disability, and we’re lucky enough to have supportive family who offered a hand where they could, and it was still barely enough to keep us afloat. I won’t get into details, but the way she’s been consistently treated by ableists and misogynists, and the way the government and society works, has kept her unemployed and unable to recover.

My mother had DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and was autistic. She was treated like absolute SHIT for having these disorders.

Other than the ableism and maltreatment she faced from the people around her, and the system itself (including welfare, therapy, case management, etc) which should not be the least bit understated in how severely it’s damaged her recovery, she faced a shit ton of abuse in hospitals. She’s been forced on harmful medications, strapped down in a room alone for hours with straps so tight they were cutting off her circulation, gaslighted and harassed and mocked and ignored, been watched while on the toilet, had her things stolen, had her clothes taken while she was still wearing them, been violently threatened, been beaten up, been preyed on, etc. And all of this has been consistent.

And the people who treat her like shit, delegitimitize her, gaslight her, scream at her, lie about her, ignore what she has to say about her own body and treatment, lock her up, beat her up? They’re the same people who talk shit and make assumptions about people with Borderline. They’re the same people who talk about “the crazies”, “the nutcases”, who see a psychotic person existing and see them as inhuman basketcases to make fun of and abuse. They’re the same people who claim that DID doesn’t exist and try to misdiagnose patients based on their own personal bias (which has resulted in all her DID symptoms being ignored and untreated and made worse, more gaslighting and assumptions that these randos who met her for like five minutes know her better than she knows herself, court ordered to take the wrong medications which are typically very harmful to her, etc.). They’re the same people who use casually ableist language and use arguments that “they must be mentally ill if they’re a bad person!!!” that I’ve seen all over this community.

And you know what?


She was the nicest person in the world, she was so enthusiastic and vibrant and wonderful and imaginative and creative and if I go on much longer about her I’ll start crying, but I can not possibly overstate how incredible a person she was and how much she meant to me.

And when I see y’all refusing to look critically at your own ableism, when I see y’all talking night and day about the language and casual misogyny that supports rape culture and keeps women in chains–and then proceed to not give a damn about ableist language / talk about how it’s just a word or try to fucking DEFEND that shit? It’s so clear that the only women you care about aren’t disabled, or at least, aren’t mentally ill. Mentally ill women are some of the most vulnerable women and throwing them under the bus is the opposite of feminist!

Saying “disabled women deserve better” or “we need to do more to help disabled women” is easy as shit, but when it comes to actually taking action to do it, y’all are sleeping.

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Dear future daughter,

I hope you don’t struggle with the things I struggled with growing up as a Latina girl in a society where being white and thin is considered the ideal beauty. I will try my best to prevent you from feeling like this. I will find you books and movies for you that have diversity and ones that you can relate to. I will teach you feminism from a young age so you can stand up for yourself and others when they are being treated badly. Also, according to my women’s studies instructor, the wage gap will close in the year 2050, so I hope it comes sooner so you can grow up without being looked down on by men and getting paid less just because you are Latina and a woman.  I also hope we have had a many women presidents who showed that a woman is capable of running a country where more than half the population are women. I hope that Congress is made up of an equal amount of women and men of all races. I also hope that Donald Trump did not become president because that is just taking America backwards instead of it moving forward. Remember it is a privilege to be able to vote that many other people in the world wished they had, so vote as soon as you are able to!

I hope my generation has raised their children to be more accepting of others who are different that yourself. I hope racism is almost non-existent and that gun violence is rare. I hope people do not look down on you or the rest of our family simply for being brown. I hope the issue of immigration gets resolved. America is a land of immigrants, and currently, the “bad guys” are Mexicans. I hope all of America can be more accepting of Mexican or immigrants from other places. I will also talk to you in Spanish so you won’t forget the language of your grandparents. I have started struggling with my Spanish at the moment since I do not speak it every day anymore. I don’t want there to be a language barrier between you and your grandparents and the rest of our Spanish only speaking family. I will teach you about Mexican history, and culture because even though we live in the United States, it is important to celebrate your background. I have only recently been learning about Mexican history, and I wished it was taught in school when I was younger. I hope for you to be a feminist who helps make the world a better place. I will do my best to raise you in an environment where you feel safe and confident. I will accept you no matter what. I hope you have role models that look like you, and who you can look up to. I also will work hard to be a role model for you.


Your Mother at age 20

Honestly it’s kind of sad. Women and girls are so desperate for badass power fantasies that they’ll buy clearly hurtful and sexist crap just because it’s marketed as “feminist”. 

We need to do better. If we all do better, writers like SJM won’t be as influential because people will have much healthier stuff to read.

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How do i make myself a better feminist?

I ask myself this question everyday! But to be honest I don’t think there is a way to be a “better” feminist because that would assume that there is a way to be the “best” feminist and I know that isn’t really a thing. There are way that we can become more informed and more involved and that is by listening to other women, volunteering in your community in women centered groups and activities, calling your politicians, and helping to create safe spaces for women! Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist

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Taylor Swift actually is trying to learn. Her friend Todrick Hall said that he, Taylor and some family and friends sat and watched the movie 13th (a movie about racism in America) on thanksgiving and had a conversation about racism and he said "it was one of the most beautiful conversations [he's] had in awhile". I'm not saying this is enough in any means but I was pleasantly surprised when I read the interview. At least she's trying you know?

i mean ……….. wow she watched a documentary. i’m not saying she needs to be out here making political statements, i understand that it’s not a celebrity’s job to be educating people so if she doesn’t want to she doesn’t have to. but the fact is taylor in recent years has tried to use the rise of feminism to her advantage without actually doing anything to show that she’s making herself better feminist. we all start somewhere, so clearly she is going to make mistakes, but she doesn’t learn and she tries to hide behind the fact that she’s a woman. whenever she’s called out on stuff she’ll resort to the “what happened to women empowering other women!!!! let’s not bring each other down!!!” and it completely misses the point. like yes kanye is a misogynist and a horrible person, but why doesn’t taylor instead use her privilege as a white woman to talk about the fact that kanye’s abuse towards her garnered MUCH MORE outrage than all of the abuse he threw at amber rose. instead taylor makes an album all about her own victimhood and calls it feminism and empowerment.

Well, fuck. Here it goes.

I’ve been having a very hard time with this #metoo campaign/ social media trend and It has taken me a few days to process what the hell I am feeling as a result of this hashtag, but before I continue, I’d like to share my story, because i feel like I can no longer bare this burden. Tumblr is perfect because I can be intimate without the shame associated with what I am about to discuss, and sharing sensitive topics like this on Facebook, is not my thing.                                                                                       

When I was 4, I was raped by my 17 year old cousin. My immigrant parents could not afford daycare, and worked heavy hours to make ends meet, so like typical Hispanic families, there was plenty of Family to sit for them while they worked. This particular day, I was being baby sat by my uncle. He was gone for whatever reason, and my cousin lured me with toys to his room and locked the door. He told me we would play a game, and I had to pull my panties down and hop on his bed. I would not comply, for whatever instinct I had as 4 year old child told me this was not okay. I ended up how he pleased anyhow, for whatever strength I had as a 4 year old child could not possibly compare to his. He tried to penetrate my tiny body, and when he realized he could not, I fell victim to his mouth. I still can’t get the fucking image of his fucking head in between my legs. I still can’t…                                                                                                            

When I was 7 years old, I was molested by my uncle. We were on one of our many visits to Mexico. We always stayed at my grandfathers ranch, where family from all over town would gather/ meet and make an even of it for the couple of weeks while we were there. On this particular night, all my cousins, aunts and uncles stayed to spend the night. I ended up on the floor in a cozy pile of covers with 7 other cousins, and one of my very young uncles who was also 17 at the time. I remember not being able to sleep that night, and for whatever fucking reason, my uncle somehow ended up next to me. I remember him reaching under the covers and grabbing my hand. Fear overcame my body within an instant, and before I could say anything, his hand was manipulating a caressing of his penis, with my hand. I immediately jolted upright and ran to the next room, where a massive cross hung over the middle of the centered wall. I kneel’ed in front of the cross, where I silently sobbed and prayed for the remainder of the night… back when I believed in God. He continued to make disgusting sexual advances like these until I was 11, when I called` him the fuck out during a game of hide and go seek.

When I was 15 I was molested again, by a different uncle. This particular incident occurred in my own home. My parents were hosting a baptism after party. As the night progressed, the adults drank more and more, and became incredibly intoxicated, so much so that half of our guest ended up staying the night. I let my aunt and uncle sleep in my bed and took the living room couch. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night to my uncle laying next to me with his hand in my pajamas. Again, I jolted up and ran to the restroom and locked the door. I laid on the floor that night and silently sobbed uncontrollably. 

When I was 18 I was sexually harassed by a fellow college student. This ones pretty common. I met a guy at a dorm party, and somehow ended up partnered with this dude for a game of beer-pong. After our game, I volunteered to walk this guy back to his dorm room hall for some CD’s he wanted to grab for the party. There had been recent PI cases around campus so I didn’t want him walking alone after how much drinking we had done. Kid could not understand the meaning of “No.” and, “I’m not comfortable with this.” I literally ran for my fucking life, out of this kids dorm room, in tears. 

Annnnd most recent, me at 24 years old, and my previous Executive Director. I started working for this Doctor, whom I care not to expose for obvious reasons, when I was 21. I immediately worked my way up this man’s Healthcare Management Company. During this time, this man became very close to me. I seriously considered him like a second father, which is what fucks me up the most. I went through some difficult times with my family and he was there for us, he was there for me in my times of need. It wasn’t until I was 24, when began the process of my divorce and got my breast augmentation surgery that his demeanor towards me started to change. I no longer felt protected around him, I felt violated by his stare. One particular business trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, we had just had a very successful consultation with some potential investors, and so after work, we went out to the bar strip to celebrate. 6-7 tequila shots in, and after a long conversation I feel his hand going up my skirt… I drunkenly look down in disbelief. He was a married man, with 4 kids, and I knew every single member of his family. I was in absolute fucking shock. I look up for a split second as he leans over for a kiss, and right before his lips are about to touch mine, I put my hand on his face and manage a broken, drunken “No.” I make up some excuse to leave and he insists on walking me to my hotel room. As I stood up, I could barely manage one foot in front of the other, and half consented to him walking me to my room. I was scared for my fucking life, but what in the actual fuck are you supposed to do in that situation? I managed to get him to leave before I got to my room, but I ended up on Skype, with my now fiancee, sobbing all motherfucking night, trying to make sense of this fucked up world. The sexual advances persisted and I made the decision to go to HR, whom did absolutely nothing because duh, he owns the goddamn company. I became depressed and my health dramatically declined. I became very adamant about were I stood in my relationship with him, and after it got through his thick skull, the shift happened. He became hostile, and found any opportunity to belittle my efforts, to belittle my work. I became drowned in his assignments, and found myself working week nights, and on weekends. Luckily, I managed to find a better job and left.

Now, I’m 27, and I share this because this recent #metoo social media trend, has unintentionally opened up a lot of wounds. I have fought my whole fucking life, literally tooth and fucking nail, to avoid the victimization of my life, the victimization of myself. This IS the problem, that we continue to force women to bare the burden of their own sexual abuse trauma. There is no accountability, I saw it in my family, I saw it on college campuses, and I saw it in the workplace, I see it every fucking where. I’m so done carrying this burden for ya’ll, I swear with every fiber in my body, I’m dropping the burden. Get your shit together, men, or I’m pointing the finger right at you… unapologetically. I’m tired of the shame, I’m tired of the anxiety, I’m tired of the debilitating pain and anguish that over comes me some nights. 

I am a rape survivor, and I am fucking tired…

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Why are you against feminism? From what I can see of your blog you are just as judgmental and rude as you accuse feminists to be. I don't know much about your fundamental beliefs but at least feminism is built on the basic idea of equality and justice. I think you might feel like feminism is obnoxious? Or maybe that feminists attack people to much? But my issue with that is that it seems like you are attacking feminists with just as much fervor and less of a moral basis.

I’m going to go easy as you’ve probably only just discovered feminism and you admit in your other messages that you have only read a few of my posts. But why didn’t you read more before asking why I’m against it? 

If you did bother reading any of my posts, you’d understand my critique goes a lot further than “feminists are rude.” I can tell you are used to debating people who really don’t know what they’re talking about, so all you have to do is throw around the whole “supporting feminism is the moral thing to do and if you don’t then you are immoral” tactic and you’ve won. 

In your second message, you affirm this by saying, “Feminism is about equality between men and women, and if you claim to be a moral person, all of those are objectively good things.“ You did the same in this message as well, saying I attack feminism with little moral basis. Well, you asked why I’m against feminism and you’ve just provided a perfect example. 

It’s these sly, sneaky manipulations which feminists have successfully used to shame and silence opposition for years. If you don’t agree with feminism, you hate women, equality and morality. If you don’t agree with Black Lives Matter, you hate black people. If you don’t agree with illegal immigration, you hate all immigrants. It’s all the same and it it only ever comes from one side. So for someone who believes feminism is the epitome of morality, what exactly is feminism doing that justifies this belief that supporting feminism makes you a moral person? 

You repeat over and over that feminism is about equality for men and women which I’m sure you often whip out the cute dictionary definition to prove it. Though you have to realize the gig is up, that used to be a convincing way to pull the wool over eyes, “how could you possibly be against equality between the sexes” but forty years later and we’re still waiting to find out what exactly feminism has done that benefits both men and women. Years of crooked actions cannot hide behind a dictionary definition. 

Let’s look at feminism’s most common grievances, better known as lies, and you tell me why you think we are immoral for not playing along: 

  • Wage gap myth: Where misogynist businesses are deliberately breaking the law and losing billions in profits by paying men more than women, simply because America hates women. Also, you’d think if women were being unfairly underpaid, they would sue their employer since there’s already two major laws that are enforced to prevent pay discrimination and they would be perfectly in their rights to sue, yet they can never find evidence of it once facts and honesty become a requirement, I wonder why that would be? The myth also collapses the moment you realize the entire framework of it is not comparing an apple to an apple, it’s the obvious difference in wages between a male accountant and female cleaner instead of comparing a male accountant to a female accountant and a male cleaner to a female cleaner. 

  • Male privilege myth: Where despite the fact men are less educated, less graduate, have shorter life expectancies, commit the most suicide, the majority of victims of all violent crime, make up nearly all workplace and service deaths, nearly all those incarcerated, have less legal rights, do society’s most disgusting, dangerous and backbreaking jobs, expected to give up their life for a woman and receive little to no support or charity for men’s issues and diseases, no shelters or protection, no grants or gender-based scholarships, males are still born into a world of privilege where they can sail through life with a breeze while being responsible for women’s oppression by merely existing.

  • Toxic masculinity: Where the behavioral differences and the core identity of being a male is toxic and not only affects all boys but it’s also responsible for harming women. This framework allows feminists to contextualize all of the bad experiences they’ve had with men under a broad umbrella of “toxic masculinity.” It’s the best way to blame men as a whole without directly pointing the finger. If masculinity is really toxic, then what’s the remedy? We already know the answer. Stripping, or feminists would call it liberating men from their masculinity and then they go on to encourage women to be ass kickin, beer drinkin bosses who’s life is work and having onenightstands with a whole bunch of weak men. 

  • Rape culture myth: Where America supports and tolerates a “rape epidemic” known as ‘1 in 5′ (which is a myth itself) and the only way to overcome it is to pull young boys aside in class and tell them over and over that they are potential rapists and rape is wrong. Have you noticed all of these injustices perfectly sums up life under Islamic law by the way. Instead rape culture in America is statues and Blurred Lines. RAINN, the largest anti-rape organization in the country, says “In the last few years, there has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming “rape culture” for the extensive problem of sexual violence on campus. It is important not to lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.” 

Then we have manspreading, mansplaining, the male gaze, heteronormativity, crush the patriarchy. Does any of this scream “equality between the sexes”? Or does it have a nasty whiff of deceit, lies and attempts to demonize men and provoke an oppressor-victim paradigm that helps give feminism the power it needs to continue to entice more impressionable young women and continue to rake in the masses of donations and funding? 

And yet you still pretend to have the moral high ground. You have to understand, most people who oppose feminism were once a feminist. You’re under the naive impression that we have no real reason for not supporting it and we “just don’t understand.” Here’s the problem, the majority of women aren’t feminists and it’s because they do understand feminism. Indoctrination only works on an empty mind. That’s the problem. There’s nothing you can “teach” or “explain” to us that we didn’t once say ourselves. 

I understand you’re probably used to arguing with anti-feminists who just shitpost and troll feminists as they have nothing better to do. But the next time you spam my inbox with dumb messages saying I’m immoral and I don’t understand feminism, please come equipped with something a little better. 

All you’re doing is proving my point: Feminism is an emotion-driven scam with no evidence, no facts or credibility. It’s a girls club where only those who agree are allowed membership, if you’re a conservative woman, Trump supporting woman, a pro-life woman or a woman who even slightly steps out of the ideological party line, you join the straight white men as the enemy. Feminism stopped standing for equality a long time ago. 

I already have a feeling you’re not going to reply so I won’t go on. Though if you want to talk more or you’ve managed to find a solid argument against anything I’ve said, please feel free to message me at any time :) xx 

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Never trust a man who's afraid of himself. There's depression, anxiety, and self-loathing but sometimes, there are guys disturbed with the gross things they do by themselves or learn of feminists teachings and "want to get better" but keep failing and failing and failing. Abandon them. They're either weak or they're liars. Even if you somehow genuinely think they're "good", abandon them and don't look back. They're gonna collapse in on themselves and you shouldn't subject yourself to that mess.

I think this is a harsh truth, but one that definitely needs to be considered. Women use up so much of our emotional labor on men in general, but add on top of that a male who is trying to change but keeps failing. Why is it your responsibility to guide him through it and help him change? How did you come to feminism? How did you grow? Usually, women do it on our own, or with other women. So why can’t he do the same? Figure it out on his own, or seek out resources from like-minded men to help each other through this. It’s tough, but I don’t think women should be using up our energy on saving men, when we should be helping women. Men can save themselves, they have the intelligence and wherewithal to do it, I know, I’ve seen some good examples.

Emma Watson is a feminist and she’s also 1 of my bimbo role models. But I’ll get 2 that l8r.

First, I wanna talk about this whole topless business. There r sum ppl who r saying that “Emma’s not a feminist cuz she chose to show everybody her tits” and there r others that r saying “she’s being the perfect little feminist cuz girls should be able to make choices about there bodies” and then theres a whole nother group whos sayin “OMG like thats hella cute but Im to busy edging and worshipping cock 2 look rn” (that was me beeteedubs).

The thing is, both of these sides think that Emma decided to be topless. That she either thought: I am a feminist or im not and this will show ppl wear I stand. Thats obv not tru.

And why it isnt it tru, and its not because women r more than there bodies. They rnt. U r what u look like.

Why it isnt tru is that Emma didnt rlly choose to go topless. That choice was made by a lifetime of conditioning. A lifetime of men and women making her subconsciously think that being the exact thing shes fighting against (being an object 4 men) would be freeing or fulfilling or make her happy. So that either way, when she has made her choice men end up happy because there wasn’t rlly a choice, there was only an illusion.

We pretend that we can think for ourselves, we pretend that women invented feminism. We pretend that we can be more than objects. Emma doesnt no that her feminism, that her smarts, that her choices rnt rlly hers 2 choose. And shes pretty enuf to b an object as it is.

Thats what makes Emma a good little dummydolly and a great bimbo role model. And that’s y this “controversy” doesn’t matter. I just wanna no how big she’s gonna make her bolt ons, or how fast gonna get lip injections, or how bootilicious she’s gonna get when she makes the “choice” to be an even better feminist object.

What do u think? What kinda bimbo dolly is Emma gonna b when she grows up?

Why ‘Better Call Saul’ is One of the Most Feminist Shows on Television

“Here’s something about Kim that shouldn’t be remarkable, but is: Since her introduction, there have been precisely zero moments of screen time devoted to the fact that she is single, childless, and unconcerned by her biological clock. As a general rule, a thirty- or forty-something woman on screen is allowed to be single only if she’s unhappy about it, or else if she’s an icy, withholding career woman who’s sacrificed everything for her work. Kim is neither…

“Because in many ways, Kim this season is Jimmy from last season. Where Jimmy has walked right into a partner track gig at Davis & Main, Kim is still uncertain of her future at HHM. She’s like Jimmy in Season 1’s “Rico,” facing down a haystack of shredded Sandpiper documents and piecing them back together one by one, tackling an impossible task one step at a time – and then getting slapped in the face for her hard work…

“Kim is the hero of her own story, not a supporting character in Jimmy’s, and as the show gets bleaker she may end up being our ray of light, the hopeful contrast to Jimmy’s moral decline. She has all of his best qualities – scrappy, smart, charismatic, ferociously driven – without his essential weakness, and she can succeed where we know he will fail.”

– Emma Dibdin

In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.

Quote by Alice Walker.

It has been quite a week! I started this blog thinking it would mostly be something my friends laughed about, and now it’s being shared and enjoyed by people all over the world. The positive responses I have gotten to this silly idea have been heartwarming and humbling, and the negative responses have been hilarious. Thank you to everyone who has laughed, shared, commented on, or simply enjoyed these rainbow pictures expounding on equality. It’s nice to feel strongly about something and see that feeling reflected in thousands of friends and strangers.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Lisa Frank, Inc. is not as excited about this project as the rest of the internet, and has sent an intellectual copyright infringement to Tumblr to take this blog down. I tried reaching out to them both before and after the infringement since I am crediting them for their artwork, not claiming to be affiliated with the company, and not intending to make any financial profit from this, but I’m not very optimistic about hearing anything back.

So, enjoy these posts for the day or two they’ll still be up, and I will wipe the dust off the personal tumblr I never use so if you want to follow whatever project I do next, it’ll be on snarkwithasmile.tumblr.com. You are all wonderful, and strong, and inspiring, and you deserve the entire world. I will shout it from the rooftops until society agrees.

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I don't think Mashima js a feminist but a lot of people on tumblr do. What's your take? Apologies if you've received a similar ask before.

It’s cool!

So, here’s the thing. I’m not saying that Mashima isn’t a feminist, because I straight up don’t know the dude, but I will say that he’s given us no reason to believe that he is. I also understand why people might get the impression that he is one: Fairy Tail is unusual amidst non-harem shonen manga for its large female cast, all of whom have their own powers and tend to fight and win instead of getting continuously sidelined. So it’s pretty easy to see why people would assume that Mashima’s a feminist and pro-equality when he’s doing better than everyone else.

Buuuut… that doesn’t mean Mashima’s doing well. He has a large female cast, but tends to degrade most of them at some point or another. And I don’t just mean fanservice – fanservice is fine in moderation – but actually degrading them, forcing them through a lot of unnecessary pain and humiliation that he never forces his male characters through. With huge emphasis.

Then the way he actually writes their characters comes up, and… well, Juvia and Levy kind of speak for themselves and all Erza’s done this arc is fight whoever she’s pointed at and wait for Jerza to happen. Even Lucy’s Big Arc Moment for Alvarez is about Natsu, and Mavis’ entire arc revolves most prominently around Zeref. Basically all of them have to do with men instead of them standing on their own feet.

There’s the fact that Mashima treats his female villains and opponents - almost all of them get broken down on some level. Almost all of them have emotional breakdowns and get revealed as not so bad and get at least semi-redemptions, unless they’re extremely minor characters (such as Ikaruga and the Avatar girls) - the most notable long-lasting female villains who don’t get redeemed after some level of emotional turmoil are the lesbian demons, amazingly enough. Mashima always tries to make us feel sympathetic for his female villains and prove they’re not totally evil, because… what, women can’t be evil unless they’re actually demons I guess???? Plus there are zero female villains that aren’t working for a man, none of them do anything on their own merit.

Then there’s the fact that there’s no female wizard saints we know of and only one current female guildmaster that’s not depicted as particularly strong (Lamia Scale’s). When creating a fantasy world Mashima made it an extraordinarily sexist one - seriously, the fact that Mira vs Jenny in the GMG was permitted in a tournament speaks volumes of this world’s culture.

None of these writing habits really scream “feminist” to me - more that he just includes a lot of women so he can, what, hurt and sexualise more of them? 

So, like… I want to say Mashima initially had good intentions with his female cast, but so much of his stuff over the years has been tinged or outright soaked in misogyny that, like… I can’t buy that he’s a feminist at all. Saying that he’s trying to be one but has no idea how to do it is absolutely the kindest and most generous I can be, using Fairy Tail as my only source of information and not knowing him as a person but, like, I still doubt it lol

I kinda talk about my thoughts on how he treats women a LOT in my fanservice tag, if you’re interested! I have a few big pieces on the matter.